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How Many Codes Are Needed To Correctly Code accidental poisoning By..

A: I think two codes are needed for the mushrooms poisoning. These are ICD 10 = T62.0 which is ingested mushrooms.ICD 9  = 988.1 which is specific diagnostic code and has 7 index entries.For more details visit mushrooms poisoning. Read codes on right side of screen in window....


When Should I Call Poison Control?

A: One should call Poison Control anytime one suspects accidental or purposeful ingestion of a substance that might be dangerous. Further, skin or eye exposure to certain chemicals should also result in a call to Poison Control. Although there are state Poison Control centers, these numbers might be hard to find immediately. One can merely call the toll-free US National Poison Control Center at any time of night or day at 1-800-222-1222. Since about 80,000 children are seen in hospitals each year for accidental exposure to potentially deadly substances, Poison Control is a valuable resource. Many parents accidentally err in taking action or waiting to see if the poison will have an effect prior to making the call to...

How To Identify a Case of Arsenic poisoning

A: Arsenic is an extremely poisonous substance that is mostly used in pesticides such as rat killer and manufacturing glass. Today, this toxic chemical compound has become available for human consumption such as food and drinks. It actually can be ingested in small doses through smoking (tobacco smoke), eating sea food and salt and drinking beer. If a person consumed too much arsenic, it can definitely lead to death. Many doctors and scientists believe that this dangerous substance is the main cause for most cancers. Exposure to this will directly affect your internal organs such as your liver, lungs, kidneys and skin. It is very important that you are very careful with what you intake or else, you might end up accidentally poisoning yourself....


Is strychnine used as rat poison?

A: It has been used as a rat poison for five centuries, and rat biscuits still remain a cause of accidental poisoning in humans....


What is Food poisoning?

A: When one eats food that contains agents not meant for consumption, the result is often food poisoning. It ranges from mild illness, which ceases on its own, to severe and life-threatening illness, depending upon the cause. One can get food poisoning from eating foods that are poisonous if improperly prepared, food that is prepared by someone with a highly contagious virus, or food contaminated with numerous types of bacteria. Some people may even contract food poisoning from eating foods that contain a high amount of pesticides, or parasites. In many cases, food poisoning can be prevented by appropriate handwashing and safe preparation of food.. A few items can cause


I accidentally ate some left over spaghitti sauce that was left over frome 3 wkks ago how long until I gey food poisoning

A: Some of the common symptoms of food poising that are prolonged and do not improve for more than a couple of days are: Inability of the body to hold fluids and prolonged signs of dehydration. Mild to High fever Cramps in the abdomen. Diarrhea that has presence of blood It is advisable that you consult a health practitioner as food poisoning can have serious effects on your health. However there are some cases of food poisoning that can be treated with the help of home remedies. The following home remedy guidelines will be helpful in the treatment of food poisoning: Drink lots of fluids to avoid dehydration. There is a quick lose of liquids in the case of food poisoning. Take fluids that...

how poisons work... for dummies

A: your stetement is almost correct beside that in some poisons that act as a competitors of the receptors leading to suffocation when the mitochondria are no working anymore and then the brain cells died or other important organ which lead to massive necrosis sometimes but it depend on which poison the botulism [which is in use in the plastic surgery ] in the other hand as tetanos will act more with toxin which block the nerves especially the resperitory one [diaphragm] leading to death. what I am advising you to do is to select either a drug or poison and see the mechanism of action to it as where it act and how and how for this specific one the patient will die from and how. as some poison will take years to destroy giving for example leukemia Understanding toxicology requires...

What Are the Symptoms of Antifreeze poisoning?

A: Ethylene glycol poisoning, or antifreeze poisoning, occurs when a person or animal ingests antifreeze, a substance used in vehicle engines. During the first few hours after ingesting this substance, a person may have gastrointestinal problems and act intoxicated. As the body breaks the substance down further, high blood pressure and muscle spasms may also occur. Kidney and urination problems are also common symptoms of antifreeze poisoning.. Antifreeze is a substance used in vehicle radiators to lower the temperature of the engine. Ethylene glycol is used in most antifreeze on the market today. If ingested by a human, either accidentally or intentionally, this compound can cause a variety of...


What is Iron poisoning?

A: Iron poisoning is an extremely dangerous condition and the leading cause of death among children under six who ingest a toxic substance. Iron poisoning happens when someone ingests an excessive amount of iron. This typically presents when children eat iron supplements, particularly those designed to taste good, like kidís vitamins. Such bottles are usually easy to open and donít have a childproof cap. Even when they do, they do not necessarily prevent a child from opening the bottle open. For this reason, it is extremely important to keep all supplements containing iron far out of the reach of children. accidental ingestion of iron can be fatal if not treated quickly. Thus, even suspected ingestion of iron should be...
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