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adhd symptoms on side affects an also concerta tabs

A: The side effects can be different for everyone--I tend to base a few on the ''H.''  I have very little the ''H,'' as my dx is ADD Inattentive Type.  I don''t get so hyper.  However, I have Bipolar so that gives me my ''H.''  So, have you been given a definitive dx from your doctor? The basic symptoms are lack of concentration and focus, inability to pay attention for long periods, restlessness, feelings like you can''t get things done (or you just can''t get them done because you can''t focus.) That can make you feel like you are ''a failure'' which of course you are not! But still, then you can get depressed.  You can have a brain that races and just seems to go non-stop and you just can''t stop thinking about things--this can lead to some sleep problems.  You can...

adhd symptoms: Obesity

A: A recent study showed that adults treated for obesity who also had adhd have significantly more problems achieving weight reduction as well as a worse outcome in standard treatment programs.If one modifies the diagnostic criteria of adhd and defines the age of onset of adhd symptoms at 12 (instead of 7 years), then adhd is very frequent among obese individuals. 27.4% of all patients with obesity also had adhd. Severe obesity (BMI over 40) had an even higher frequency of adhd (42.6% of this treatment group). These patients with both obesity and adhd had more hospitalisation and longer...


Measuring improvement in adhd symptoms

A: roughly the same story here, different age, treated longer than that. buy a timer, to see how long you can stay focused before getting distracted again. I''m taking Concerta myself so I''m not an expert for your round-the-clock Strattera....


How can caffeine can reduce adhd symptoms?

A: Quote/ You’d think that coffee, soda, or chocolate would be the last thing a child suffering from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (adhd) needs. But according to new research, low and consistent doses of caffeine might actually be an effective treatment for childrens'' adhd symptoms like the inability to focus. Caffeine is known to increase alertness and concentration, while producing a sense of calm in adults and even animals. The concern, however, lies in the way it negatively affects short-term memory./End Quote. See the link below for full article. source(s): ...


What affect will Strattera have in an adult that has adhd symptoms, but does not have adhd?

A: You might as well go ask your question someplace else because this site rarely answers questions. Not even sure why they have questions set up. Lame site except for information. Well i am a 29 year old who was originally diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. I began taking lexapro and very seldom xanax. The lexapro helped greatly but i found that the xanax wasn''t necessary except to sleep. I now only have anxiety if i have missed a dose. however, that being said several months ago while looking up information on adhd for my son. i found some info on adult adhd and spoke to the doctor and found that i also have adult adhd.i was prescribed straterra at first and it had a remarkable...

adhd symptoms in Children

A: Common symptoms adhd can present itself differently in different people. Not everyone has the same symptoms. The list of adhd symptoms in children in this article is a comprehensive list of the most common symptoms, along with some of the lesser-known symptoms. First, let’s take a look at the most prevalent. Hyperactivity is probably one of the most common symptoms of adhd. For children that have this, they are unable to sit still and appear to be very antsy. Another common symptom is inattention. For children that have this, they have an extremely hard time paying...


is there a symptom checklist to give parents who''s child born in 1971,and never diagnosed,but has been as an adult of the adhd symptoms they may not have beem familiar with back then?

A: Thank you for your question and welcome to adhdCentral.com.   I am not a medical professional and would not be able to give you medical advice or tell you whether you have adhd.   However, the symptoms of adhd are the same for both adults and children. The three major symptoms are hyperactivity, impulsiveness and inattention. In adults, hyperactivity can show up as feelings of restlessness or being fidgety. Inattention is the inability to focus or pay attention for sustained periods of time. Impulsiveness is doing something without thinking and can also include things like blurting out answers during conversations,...


What Sort of Diet Can Improve adhd symptoms?

A: Can You Custom-Build Your Diet? Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (adhd) is an illness that affects both children and adults. This illness is believed to be caused genetically and shows signs of being connected to the brain. The average instance of adhd symptoms are often treated through a combination of medications and therapy. However, experts do admit there can be diets custom-built to alleviate symptoms. These adhd diet options are broken down into three categories. These categories include an Overall Nutrition Diet, a Supplement Diet, and an Elimination Diet. The following sections will discuss how each adhd diet is thought to...


Adult adhd symptoms Checklist

A: symptoms of adhd When determining if adhd is present, a doctor may provide an individual with an adult adhd symptoms checklist, which is used to measure the severity of symptoms and just how many symptoms there are. There is no physical test that can measure adhd, so medical professionals have to use checklists....


adhd symptoms: Resistance to Change

A: One very common problem for children, adolescents and adults with adhd is the problem to adjust to any new situation. While many adhd people love new things or tend to seek new stimuli they have big problems to adjust to a new environment, new homes, teachers at school or any other major changes in their daily routines. Even new clothes or changes of their favourite food or drink can cause severe emotional problems and frustrations.They need a very steady routine and a familiar, consistent environment because it helps them to get organized and to know what to expect or how to act. So they stick to old habits.Their rigidity can even establish obsessive and/or compulsive thoughts and behaviours....

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