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What Should I Do During an allergic reaction to latex?

A: allergic reactions to latex can range from skin redness and itching to more serious symptoms, such as hives or gastrointestinal problems. True allergic reactions to latex rarely progress to the life-threatening conditions such as low blood pressure, difficulty breathing or rapid heart rate. However, if left untreated, these conditions could potentially result in death....


Am I experiencing an allergic reaction to latex?

A: Sounds like a good idea. I would not put the bands back in and I would call the Orthodontist and ask for latex-free bands. I am sure that they do exist. If you are getting the rash and your cheeks are swelling up it sounds like an allergic reaction to me. Acne cream won''t cut it. You would need the Benadryl. You are lucky the swelling has not gone to your''e tongue and throat. When it get''s to that point and breathing becomes affected it is called anaphylaxis and it can be deadly. Other signs are being sweaty, blood pressure drops, and your GI tract stops working. You do not want


How to cure allergic reaction to latex

A: Antihistamine and/or corticosteroid medicines may be enough to treat symptoms, although there is no cure for latex allergies....

allergic reaction to latex bandaids?

A: There''s probably something in the glue you''re mildly allergic to. I have the same problem on and off. topical Benadryl ointment should help. I''m not familiar with Blue Star, but the point of Benadryl is that it has an antihistimine, which settles down allergic reactions. If it continues to bother you, take Claritin for a few days to squelch the allergic reaction.* *I am not a doctor; just talkin'' from personal experience....


What Are the Common Causes of an allergic reaction to Anesthesia?

A: An allergic reaction to anesthesia is extremely rare. If there is a reaction, it is usually due to the preservatives that are added to the medication to prevent the deterioration of epinephrine, a common ingredient. Some patients may have an allergic reaction to latex in the gloves used by professionals administering the drug. The drugs themselves can also cause many different kinds of side effects that are mistaken for an allergic reaction to...


allergic reaction to Tape?

A: My mom has an allergy to tape that the hospital uses.When you go to the dr today let them know as they have special tape for people who are allergic.If the itching stopped after you removed the tape then it was probaly the tape.Good luck and I hope you feel better soon :) Well i know for sure there is such reaction because my grandmother is allergic to it. It said it on the white board in her hospital room. She said they taped the , whatever it was , and she started to break out. [personally? no, i''ve not had such a reaction. at least not...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Avocado?

A: An allergic reaction to avocado can take on two different forms. The first form is known as a birch pollen allergy, and the second form also involves an allergy to latex products. Some of the most commonly reported symptoms of an allergic reaction to avocado include skin reactions, swelling, and digestive disturbances. In the most severe cases, a potentially fatal type of allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis may develop. Any specific questions or concerns about potential signs of an


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Kiwi?

A: An allergic reaction to kiwi may occur in anyone, although it is more common among children than adults. This allergy can take on a variety of forms, ranging from mild to potentially life threatening. Oral allergy syndrome is the most common type of allergic reaction to kiwi and involves symptoms such as burning, itching, and swelling of the oral cavity. Birch pollen allergies and latex allergies are closely linked to kiwi allergies and may become severe enough to cause breathing problems or even death. Any specific...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Silicone?

A: An allergic reaction to silicone is very rare. Because of its biocompatibility it has many uses including breast implants, needle coatings and many different household and commercial products. Allergies can develop in an individual to nearly any substance, causing signs and symptoms that range from mild to life-threatening. Avoidance of contact with an allergic substance and testing can help determine what type of reaction is present, and to what.. Medical grade silicone is an inert substance composed of polymers that are safe to use around...


allergic reaction to pineapple?

A: when you have an allergic reaction to fruit. your tonge will swell up. if it dose, see a doctor. No it isnt an allergic reaction. Here are the signs of an allergic reaction: Common symptoms of mild allergic reactions include: Rashes Hives (especially over the neck and face) Itching Nasal congestion Watery, red eyes Symptoms that may indicate a moderate or severe reaction include: Swelling of the face, eyes, or tongue...

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