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Does anyone know anything about allergic reactions to mayonnaise?

A: um yes. it is an allergic reaction to milk. she must be lactose intolerant. those cows are just too generous... It might be the eggs, milk, or oil in the sauce. It could just be that the sauce itself hadn''t been kept at the right temperature and was loaded with bugs. Mayonnaise (when made properly) is eggs, mustard and oil, but i wouldnt like to hazard a guess what extra goodies they add at Burger King. It sounds like a bit of food poisoning to me. She could have gotten a mild case of food poisoning or if she''s


allergic reaction to certain fruits, vegetables, & nuts?

A: It could be you are having an allergic reaction to something that was used in growing the food. A pesticide or a chemical they could be sprayed on it for growth enhancement and not the fruit itself. Wash the fruit or vegetable an extra amount. Could explain why you sometimes have a reaction and sometimes not, since some may or may not be treated while growing. Cooking the food more than likely has helped to remove the product from the fruit or vegetable. I have this, too! I did an informal study (by myself!) and learned that many of the fruits I am allergic to have origins


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Nuts?

A: The signs of an allergic reaction to nuts are similar to other allergies, ranging from skin rashes to potentially lethal anaphylaxis, a severe allergic reaction affecting multiple body systems. An allergic reaction to nuts occurs when the body’s immune system identifies a normally harmless food as a dangerous invader. This signals the immune system into action, causing a host of symptoms. Vomiting, cramping, problems breathing, hoarseness and other symptoms begin within...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Soy?

A: The most common signs of an allergic reaction to soy include hives, itching, and swelling of the facial area, tongue and throat, or other areas of the body. Gastrointestinal pain, tingling in the mouth, or difficulty breathing are other typical signs. In most cases, an allergic reaction to soy is not serious but may be uncomfortable. Rarely, an individual may suffer a severe allergic reaction to soy called anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is a medical emergency that often causes shock, rapid pulse, and airway constriction that makes it almost...


What Are the Signs of an allergic reaction to Formula?

A: There are several signs that indicate that a baby could be having an allergic reaction to formula. The most common is increased fussiness, although this can be difficult to separate from regular irritability in younger infants. The development of a rash or hives can also be an indication of a reaction, as can a diaper rash that does not go away with topical treatments. Changes in a child’s stool or increased spit-up may also be a sign that a child is experiencing an allergic reaction to formula.. While increased fussiness or irritability is one...


Have you ever had an allergic reaction to seafood or a medicine? I think shrimp made me sick.?

A: You probably will be fine in another day or two. I recently (last weekend) had a very similar reaction but I have no idea what it was from. I had hives very very bad and the same red patches you explained. It took a couple days after the hives were gone to see the red clear up. Keep taking the Benadryl for the itching it should help especially at this point when it isn''t as bad. I have had this happen off and on for years and still don''t know what I am allergic to exactly even after allergy testing. Try not to scratch and hang in there it will be gone soon! yeah,after i ate shrimps,i got itchy sores on my face and legs Sounds like a bad...


Does a skin reaction to milk warrant a further investigation into an allergy to ingested dairy products?

A: I seriously doubt this has to with milk. It''s entirely possible there was zero milk in the rinse. Have you contacted the spa to find out what the rinse was? But in answer to your question, sometimes. There are people who are allergic to, say, mangos, who can cut and prepare mangos with no ill effects whatsoever, and there are others who will break out in hives. But I''d find out what was splashed on my face, first. It''s possible you have suddenly developed a serious allergy to milk. It''s more like there were strong astringents or something funky in the "


allergic reaction to food mouth rash

A: Natural treatment for mouth rash Rashes caused due to allergies would ask for you to boost your immune system in order to get rid of them and not have them recur. This will also keep your skin generally healthy. Mix a teaspoon of Indian gooseberry (indian gooseberry) powder with a teaspoon of water and swallow this down with water every day. This will help tremendously in improving your general immunity. If the fresh fruit is available, it will work more effectively. Alternatively, you can also take Echinacea pills to boost your immunity. These are available quite easily. In order to sanitize your rashes, you can make a paste of baking soda and lime juice, dilute...

Why do I get allergic reactions to fruit?

A: It may not be the fruit. It could be the preservatives used to keep the fruit fresh. You may want to see an Allergist and be tested. I did and discovered i was allergic to the preservatives used on fresh fruits. bcasue fruit is something like alleergic. Lots of people have allergies. Some to milk or sh elfish, others to things like fruit. Have you been tested by a doctor to see if you are allergic? It may be that you are allergic only to certain types, or if you don''t wash yours before you eat...


allergic reaction to a blood transfusion... a year later? HELP ME PLEASE!!!?

A: Our bodies are weird..that said. You have been exposed to other peoples antibodies. You may have a new allergy source that didn''t bother you before the transfusions. I developed a severe allergy to my parrot after having her for 14 yrs. My allergy was apparently brought on by pregnacy/childbirth. Ask your doctor if you can take antihystimines for your symptoms. Claritin or clarinex worked well for me. That is just my opinion-I am not a dr. Good luck! Oh, I love all this detox stuff above ... really idiotic. Your doc can run some panels on blood to see what is going on as far as allergies, liver function etc. He might even send you

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