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What Is a Neutralizing antibody?

A: A neutralizing antibody (NAb) is a type of antibody that is produced naturally as part of immune system responses. These antibodies inhibit the effects of or destroy foreign agents that invade the body. Neutralizing antibodies can be triggered by infection or vaccination.. An antibody is a protein that is found in the blood or the lymph nodes. Foreign agents enter the body and take over cells to replicate. The immune system is triggered, and a neutralizing antibody is activated. Neutralizing antibodies then block the agents either by destroying them before they invade the cells or by blocking receptors of the virus.. A binding antibody and a neutralizing


What Is an HIV antibody?

A: An HIV antibody is an antibody that works against the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the virus that can cause acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). When a person is infected with HIV, his immune system typically produces antibodies against the virus. Production of antibodies generally occurs even if the HIV virus goes on to cause severe damage to the infected person`s immune system. The average person`s immune system can`t keep up with HIV`s frequent mutations, but, rarely, an infected person`s immune system can develop an HIV antibody believed to offer effective protection against most strains of the virus. Physicians usually test for HIV/AIDS infection by testing the patient`s blood for HIV antibodies...


What Are Autoimmune Antibodies?

A: Autoimmune antibodies are groups of immune proteins that can be damaging to the human body, as they target tissues and organs and cause deterioration. Sometimes their presence can be a signal that trouble is brewing in the body because they can be a harbinger of disease. These are also known as autoantibodies.. When the immune system becomes confused, it cannot tell the difference between `self` and `non-self` proteins. Autoantibodies typically attack the wrong targets, such as healthy organs, and this confusion often results in damage to the body. In most healthy people, the immune system is able to determine what is friend or foe, but when it cannot, autoimmune diseases and hyperactive responses to stimuli — such as food, allergens — may result.. People with chronic autoimmune disorders,...


Amphiphysin antibody (Paraneoplastic)

A: I don"t think you have breast cancer, and if you"ve had a good exam and mammograms, that"s probably good enough.  The antibody in question is indeed found in patients who have certain paraneoplastic problems, but its been seen in multiple sclerosis and a few other autoimmune neurologic disorders.  While you should make sure that cancer is not present (and I mean simple things like a good exam, a ct scan of the chest, some lab tests, etc# you might also see a neurologist preferably at an academic center.  I think one of the issues is that this has only recently started to be looked for in human patients, and we probably don"t know everything about it.  It seems to be an antibody produced by your own body, which recognizes...


nanocells mimic antibodies? quick detection?

A: Hi Kara-- In response to your question about nanocells, they could be used to mimic antibodies, but in a different way.  Antibodies are large immunoglobulin proteins that have regions that bind to specific antigens (a molecular shape on a bacterium, viral capsid, or an abberant protein prodcued by a cancer cell).  Unlike antibodies, nanocells (at least in the sense I have read about), would instead be more like shuttles--vehicles, if you will, that deliver specific substances to specific sites...  For example, researchers in organic chemistry and molecular biology are attempting to construct molecular shuttles that deliver chemotherapeutic agents directly to tumor cells (while avoiding tissue damage to surrounding cells). The potential of...


antibodies test

A: Dear Mr. Joe: Jambo! Asante for your reply and follow-up inquiry. I need remind you that I still have a way to go before you can appropriately call me "Doctor" - but thank you for the respect.  Now, on to your question. Yes, the two different tests would seem to indicate that you are not infected, but those who would argue for the greatest caution would say you should be antibody tested again six months from your possible exposure.   My opinion would be that you are not infected, as indicated by these tests, yet because expert researchers note that a small percentage of antibody tests don"t catch actual HIV infection in a small percentage of persons until six months from exposure, I cannot say at...


Is giving money to cancer research pointless?

A: No it is not pointless. Lives ARE being saved. My son is one of them. They literally, were preparing me for his death the first night he was diagnosed! They didn''t think he would make it through the next week. His body was shutting down. He was 15 and 6'' 2" and they were doing what the protocols for kids his age would call for. They completely came up with a new protocol and it worked! They now use my son''s case to treat new patients. Yes, lives are still being taken by this horrible disease, but MANY are living longer, stronger and healthy lives because of the research that has already been done. Even God did not create the world in a day. And we are making progress , just not as fast as we would like. Not giving money to cancer


Will there ever be a cure for Cancer? What research looks to be the most promising?

A: Cancer is not a single disease. It is a group of diseases characterized by two main features: --Uncontrolled cell growth. The normal biological controls on cell development are disrupted in one way or another, resulting in rapid cell division as well as changes in cell structure. --Metastasis. Cancer cells can break away from their parent tumor and travel elsewhere in the body, forming secondary tumors. Different cancers have different causes. For many cancers, the cause remains unknown. Others can be caused by: --Chemical exposure (lung cancer from cigarette smoking) --Infection (cervical and anal cancers from human papillomavirus) --Radiation exposure (skin cancer from excessive sunbathing) --Genetics (family history of specific types of cancer) --Hormones (insulin acts as a...


AMAS or AMA (Anti-Malignan antibody) blood test for cancer

A: This page has information on a type of blood test called AMAS. You can use these links to take you straight down the page to sections on What the AMAS blood test isresearch into the AMAS blood testIs the AMAS blood test available in the UK? What the AMAS blood test isThis blood test measures an antibody in the blood called anti-malignin. Antibodies are proteins made by the immune system that help the body to fight disease. Two American doctors discovered anti malignin in 1992. They found that anti-malignin antibody levels were higher in people with early stage cancer. They developed a blood test and named it the ‘AMAS test for Anti-Malignan antibody in Serum’. They thought that the AMAS...

research on testing

A: Response from Dr. McGowan Thank you for your questions. You are correct when you say that during acute HIV infection that the HIV antibody test can be negative. In someone who contracts HIV, the antibody test usually turns positive four to six weeks after exposure. During this ''window period'' the HIV antibody test can be negative but the plasma viral load will be detectable ususally to very high levels. Most people have symptoms during the acute phase of HIV infection (fever, rash, sore throat, swollen glands among other symptoms) and most present to medical care so the medical provider could perform both a viral load test and an HIV antibody test to determine acute HIV infection....

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