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What Are the Different Reactive arthritis symptoms?

A: Many indicators differentiate reactive arthritis from traditional arthritis symptoms. Usual joint enlargement and irritation may occur in larger bones. Reactive arthritis symptoms, however, can also encompass the eye, the urethra, and even the reproductive areas of both men and women. The skin and feet may be impacted as well through the presence of sores.. Infections are the culprits behind reactive arthritis. In particular, bacterial infections may cause immune cells in the body to destroy healthy tissue. This type of ailment is known as an autoimmune disease. Signs and symptoms of reactive


What are Some Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?

A: Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by damage to the synovial tissue, resulting in joint pain and reduced mobility. Since it is a chronic inflammatory disease, rheumatoid arthritis may go far beyond typical arthritis symptoms and are not isolated to the joints. In fact, certain rheumatoid arthritis symptoms may indicate advanced complications. For instance, inflammation may occur under the skin as well as in the lungs and the pericardium, the protective sac that surrounds the heart. Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms may even be found in the sclera, or the fibrous...

arthritis symptoms

A: Nikki, Sorry to hear about this condition. First of all you need to ask your doctor for a referral to a rheumatologist. A rhuematologist is better equipped to give you an accurate diagnosis. You doctor has done well so far and run many of the right test. With conditions like these many times you spend time ruling out conditions before you can get to a diagnosis. I would like to help point you in the right direction but I need some more information. Did the doctor perform a uric acid test? Do you have any rashes near soar joints especially you hands. Any fevers. This type of swelling is unusual in most types of arthritis especially if the hand x-rays were normal. There are several things it could be, the next thing to rule out is gout. Gout can cause...


How To Do Water Aerobics to Manage arthritis symptoms

A: Joint pain caused by arthritis can immobilize sufferers. The most common reason they give is that it is too painful to move. But experts recommend that arthritis sufferers should try to keep moving to keep the muscles relaxed and the joints less tender and more supple. Inactivity can actually aggravate the stiffness of the joints and make it more painful for arthritis sufferers to move about. Exercise can actually decrease the pain and keeping a regular exercise routine at the same time every day can develop into a habit and make it part of your daily activities that you do automatically. The exercises that you should do must be gentle, avoiding those that will jolt, jerk and bounce your body. Stretching and...


  am having arthritis symptoms in my right hand,fingers : stiff, achy, sometimesmmy ring finger joint catches at theknuckle..my arm aches also--is therenumbness as a symtom?--my finger tips are numb at times..

A: Hi,Considering your age and history - your symptoms could be due to nerve problems - neuropathy; or even due tobone issues - arthritis etc. This could be due to neuropathy - diabetes, vitamin deficiency - esp vitamin B12.It would help to eat a healthy balanced diet, loose weight if you are overweight. Start taking calcium andvitamin D, B12 supplements. If your symptoms persist - see a neurologist to get nerve conduction studies. Youwould need xrays to rule out arthritis and blood tests to rule out calcium and vitamin deficiencies. Regards....


In October, 2005, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal br cancer (largest dimension was about 5cm) with one positive node. I was premenopausal. Underwent 4 rounds of dose-dense A/C, 11 rounds of Taxotere weekly, a lumpectomy (clean margins!) and 33 radiation treatments. I have had great success, my healthcare team tells me, with positive responses to all treatments and easy tissue healing after lumpectomy. Here''s my issue: I feel newly-old and far older than my chronological age! Have had an exponential increase in arthritis symptoms, now have Herberden''s nodes, joint tenderness in hands, feet, hips, and knees. This would be within normal limits if I was 60, but I''m only 45. Does chemo effect the rate at which arthritis progresses? Can I expect a diminishment in my signs/symptoms of arthritis, or might my arthritis continue to race ahead of my chronological age? My onc says that chemo can mask s/s arthritis, then after chemo is over, arthritis can charge ahead. She thinks I should be grateful for successful treatment (which I am!) and really doesn''t want to focus on my other complaints! Thanks for your thoughts.

A: i''m not aware of it speeding up arthritis but it is very common for women to complain of joint pain for a long time after chemo is completed....

Should I consult a doctor for possible arthritis symptoms?

A: Patrica, Ouch, a little sprain is not supposed to do that. Unfortunately some times it does. I am sorry to hear about this. It is not unusual for arthritis to begin in an effected joint. It is not the norm for it to set in so quickly. There are different kinds of arthritis that can effect the hands and feet that can cause swelling. It is possible that arthritis was already beginning but not showing symptoms yet but this triggered a symptomatic response. I am concerned that the pain is bilateral, effecting both sides. I doubt it is anything extremely serious but it would be good to see your doctor. The sooner the better. If nothing else, your doctor will be able to treat the pain and...


Psoriatic arthritis symptoms: A Patient's Guide

A: Psoriatic arthritis is a type of arthritis that sometimes affects patients who suffer from psoriasis. In most cases, patients will first develop psoriasis, a serious skin disorder, and then will be diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at a later time. However, in less common cases, a patient may develop arthritis before they develop psoriatic skin lesions. Psoriatic arthritis symptoms vary from patient to patient, but most people with this condition will experience stiffness, pain, and swelling of their joints....


Basal Joint arthritis symptoms and Diagnosis

A: Also referred to as thumb arthritis, this condition occurs when the joint located at the base of the thumb and joint at the wrist, also known as the carpometacarpal joint, develops osteoarthritis. Being able to recognize basal joint arthritis symptoms may help patients to seek medical help faster, which can lead to a more timely diagnosis....


Does Lexapro help mask Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms?

A: Lexapro as a medication for depression and generalized anxiety disorder. As such, it does not appear to have any effect on RA beyond helping you cope with it. I would guess that the recurrence of your symptoms are coincidence - you should make an appointment with your rheumatologists as soon as possible to talk about treatment. Unless there is a specific medical reason why you are weaning off Lexapro, you may also want to not go off it right now, as it may help you cope during this flare....
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