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asthma symptoms...?

A: Stop drinking mlk! This plugs up your respiratory system. If you simply have to have milk get it direct from the cow, or buy some Rice Milk in the non dairy section in the store. Do not use soy milk, researchers have found that soy was not supposed to be used for food. They have banned it in Germany. If you want proof go to mercola.com and put in Soy. You can also do a Milk Detox and see the difference it will make. Detox From Milk: Seven Days Can you maintain this most important change in your life for just seven days? That is your challenge and goal, for during that seven day period of abstaining from all milk and dairy, one gallon of mucus will be expelled from your kidneys, spleen, pancreas, and other internal organs. If you still eat cheese, ice cream, milk chocolate, and yogurt,...


What are Some asthma symptoms?

A: asthma, a medical condition which causes a restriction of the airways, comes with a variety of signs and symptoms, many of which are very easy to recognize. Patients may experience chronic asthma symptoms, signs of a low-grade case of asthma, and some experience more severe outbreaks of symptoms known as asthma attacks. asthma attacks can be fatal if they are not treated. People who experience asthma symptoms or asthma attacks should seek medical attention to learn more about how their asthma...

Can caffeine help asthma symptoms?

A: The caffeine helps to open up the airways. I was told by a few people to drink black coffee when my asthma was bad. I had a cup this morning...helped somewhat...but then a few hours later I had to take my inhaler. I have asthma and i really haven''t heard of that, but thinking of it now, when my dad bought decaffinated Pepsi i couldn''t stop coughing and eventually puked the next morning whenever i drank it. This is possible so this could be true. I have asthma and caffeine does help (it opens the airways) but its temporary and gives you the jitters. but then again so does most inhalers. I drink a glass of water for each cup so I dont get dehydrated. I am a runner and the mornings where i drink coffee are also the...


Can ignoring asthma symptoms cause permanent damage?

A: Yes, it can damage your lungs permanently. Do what you need to do to control it, please. Hi ... me too. I''m glad you asked, since when I told my doctor about the cold-weather wheezing and coughing, he basically brushed past it, since I haven''t had a full asthma attack. According to him (and I suggest you ask your own doc too), he can give me an inhaler I use 15 minutes before the attack, which is kind of silly since one never really knows until one hits the cold weather. So he told me to avoid rushing in the cold. (Love the answer ... ) So I''m not sure if this helps, but some of these folks love to exaggerate -- just thought my experience might shed some light in a different way. Have a great day! asthma can cause emphysema, but your...


asthma symptoms and peakflow.

A: Hi Emily, You are in an adjustment phase, and this is normal as you learn all the aspects of what has positive and negative effects on your lungs. It wasn"t clear from your letter, but I hope you are taking the Singulair at bedtime. Lung function goes down overnight, and the Singulair helps to prevent the release of chemicals in your body that raise the level of lung and sinus inflammation. You need to also become more aware of how your environment plays a role in your asthma. First, you need to recognize the outdoor allergens: Tree pollens (March through May) Grass pollens (May through July) Weed pollens (July through October) Mold, especially in wet lowland areas, and in the fall. Also, stirred up into the air when mowing All of these can be...


Is prolonged expiration with mild asthma symptoms normal?

A: A normal i:e ratio (inspiratory to expiratory ratio) is 1:2 (as you can see here).  You should ideally be breathing out twice as long as you are inhaling.  A prolonged expiration is usually indicative of some sort of airway obstruction, however mild or severe.  Normally expiration should be completely passive, meaning it requires no muscle effort. If you are finding that you have to work to exhale, this is a sign of worsening asthma or severe asthma.   I''ve actually had similar experiences when exposed to my asthma triggers, where I feel as though I can exhale ''passively'' forever and yet have no other asthma symptoms.  This is actually...


Are their any natural remedies that will help asthma symptoms, such as wheezing, and enable you to breathe better?

A:  asthma is generally a chronic inflammatory disorder that involves the airways to the lungs. Over-the-counter medications and herbal remedies are not able to reduce inflammation in the airways to the extent that prescription medications are proven to. One example of an over-the-counter medication that some patients use for asthma like symptoms is Primatene Mist Inhaler is composed of the active ingredient epinephrine. The way that epinephrine works is to cause the muscles in the airways to relax which will relieve wheezing and shortness of breath. The most common side effects associated with Primatene Mist (epinephrine) are irritation of the throat, dry mouth, dizziness, headache, and tremor. A few studies suggest...


How Do I Curb asthma symptoms while Traveling?

A: Relaxed diaphragm breathing can reduce the tension in the thoracic area and help reduce triggers for asthma attacks. Be careful to continue to take your medicines as instructed while traveling. loosenupmassagecenter.com Millions of people are affected by allergies and asthma. Traveling can mean symptoms become worse with the introduction of new irritants. Follow some of these tips to keep your symptoms at bay while you''re away. Powered by 5min...


asthma symptoms changing

A: Hi Tee, Wow! I hope you"re not taking all of those meds at once, as there"s a lot of overlap between them. Are you seeing an allergist or pulmonologist? If not, I"d highly recommend it as they are the most skilled in treating asthma. You might also look into Xolair, which can be very effective in treating severe persistent asthma. As for the neck tightness, if it continues or worsens, I"d call your doctor right away. I"m not aware of that being a side effect of any of your medicines, and it could be a warning sign of something more serious. To your health, Kathi...


Can gabapentin cause allergy and asthma symptoms?

A: Gabapentin is an anticonvulsant (anti-epileptic) medication that is used in the treatment of some types of seizure disorders and certain types of pain. The common side efects with gabapentin include fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness, an unsteady gait, and weight gain. Any drug may cause, in any patient, an allergic reaction that could produce symptoms which resemble a skin rash or even an asthma arttack. It is critically important that one gets emergency medical help if they ever have any of these signs of an allergic reaction: hives; difficulty breathing; swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat. Gregory Latham, RPh...

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