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I am suffering from back pain from past 3 odd years , i consulted doctors, many medicines over, no results?

A: First stop any exercise if you are doing for some days. if any relief is there then stop completely the exercise. Slip on hard surface. do not lift any weight. there is also technique for lifting weight. Do not bend for lifting any thing on the ground. once you visit kerala and meet some good messager What is low back pain? Low back pain can affect the back anywhere below the ribs and above the legs. The lower back is the connection between the upper and lower body, and it bears most of the body’s weight. Because of these roles, it is easily injured when you lift, reach, or twist. Almost everyone has low back


back pain - Really scared that my muscles won''t heal?

A: 11 days ago The main problem with this sort of injury is the back is involved in just about everything we do. I would not have you stretching right now as you may cause further injury. You are young and will no doubt heal, you have to take it easy and avoid further injury through more lifting. Some say heat, some say ice it, some say alternate between the two every 20 minutes. If your Dr, finds nothing wrong you have to take it easy and give it time. Drink a lot of water, it really helps the muscles but mostly stop freaking yourself out with thoughts of it never healing. It will, it just is no fun in the mean time. 4 days ago is recent, it could take 2-3 weeks depending on other factors. Be patient and think positive! Votes:+1CommentVote upReport DzooBaby11 days...


Chronic back pain. 21 yrs old?

A: 23 Sep 2011 Hey Goober, If at all possible try to stay away from the opiates is my first suggestion. There are other avenues to try before becoming dependent on them. The cortisone shots may be enough. There are some other non narcotic pain meds you could inquire about such as Lyrica or a non steroidal anti inflammatory such as Celebrex. Don''t know for sure if these would be of any help but worth asking the doctor. As side from the medicinal therapy you could also try physical therapy to help alleviate stress on the sites of herniation. The doctor would be the one to advise and prescribe this type therapy. Best wishes, Laurie Votes:+0CommentVote upReport sweet lemon23 Sep 2011 Hi Goober! I just want to say welcome to this site!! I too suffer from chronic


Chronic back pain since c-section/epidural

A: Chronic back pain since c-section/epidural Part 2 I have had sooooooo much pain for 2 years now since my epi I have been on vicoprophen now referd to pain clinic they say its osteopenia n disc probs blah blah going for mri. nothing helps. now they think its a pinched nerve. I KNOW its from the epi! I want the dr to take responsibility. I understand it was an emergency c setion but they should know their job n not cripple ppl I am now disabled from working health care cuz I can not lift more than 10 lbs. i cant bent Its awful. I went from a decent salary to 12000 a year. its embarrassing to collect a disability check at 32. My neck now hurts as well because of the way Ive had to sleep and...

Does anyone know of any home remedies that help to relieve back pain?

A: Strengthening, Modalities and Exercises are your three best lines of defenses for taking care of your back pain. Using yoga postures to stretch your sciatic nerve, the large nerve fiber that begins in your lower back and runs through your buttocks and down the lower limbs, can help relieve tension and expand your range of motion. When an acute episode of lower back pain occurs, ice is the first line of defense to help reduce your pain. An episode could be a slip and fall, car accident, sudden twist, or picking up something heavy that immediately causes lower back pain. Please note, if you...


Can you get chest/back pain from Tylenol 3?

A: Personally, I haven''t heard of this negative effect. Depending on your age and health, it may be "just one of those things." Codeine is used for congestion, coughs too. It may cause a little "heavy" feeling with your chest, usually not pain. Be on the safe side, get a check up with your doctor. Chest pains are a serious symptom and shouldn''t be ignored. Wish you good luck and health. Chris Thank you, I felt terrible and figured it was the drug. No pain down the left arm so I thought it was a bad side effect. I did take your advice-I will be getting a stress test done soon. The ecg wasn''t normal. christineATUGlad to hear you''re proactive in your health care. I hope it all goes well for you....


Could metformen cause back pain?

A: 29 Jan 2012 Hi.. Metformin has muscle pain or weakness as side effect..but your problem does not sound normal,I would recommend checking with your doctor as well to see what He/She says.. good luck. Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsHi this is roy?my women suger is out of controll and run any ware from 160 to 500 and she talk the novlog 70/30 to times a day and on metformen 1000mg to times a ... 1 answer • 10 Dec 2009 • Does the back pain go away with time if taking ampyra?been on drug for 4 wks advised to only take one pill back


Is it normal to have severe lower back pain after having both hips totally replaced?

A: 22 Nov 2011 Hey Jaimelyn, I had to look up your problem. It is called avascular necrosis, and it means that the joint was being eaten away for whatever reason, yours both hip joints, so they replaced them. There have been hip replacement joints that have been recalled, so if you know the name of your hip replacement, look it up! If you don''t know the name, call your surgeon and ask. You have that right. If your hip replacement joint has not been recalled, I would again contact your surgeon..make an appointment, not the phone, and DEMAND to know why you are in such pain. You might need a second opinion as your surgeon might have screwed up, but you have a right to know why you are in such pain. I wish that I could help further, but you...


Hey... What do I do about my slipped disk back pain now ?

A: 17 Nov 2011 Drake123, Hi, You are a step ahead of me. And I want to acknowledge you for this. I am doing a taper off Opana ER 30mg 3X day. It is VERY strong medicine. So I will be in your shoes--whether I am able to get there on my own through the taper or whether I have to go to a detox program. I would love to hear how you did this. A doctor is trying to address the issue you are facing with me. He has put me on Sevalla and Lyrica to attempt to address the pain. He says it coats the nerves. I remember this doctor saying I could go up to 600 mg on the Lyrica. Also the Dr. told me that when pain is still bad without pain killers, this doctor prescribes Suboxone and Methodone. I know these are addictive, so I am not...


Is backache and back pain the same?

A: back ache and back pain are indeed one and the same thing. They are simply two slightly different terms used to describe the symptom of experiencing pain or an aching sensation in one''s back. back ache or back pain is not really a condition itself, but rather a symptom of some other underlying condition or disease. The pain that is experienced can be due to some problem with the spine itself or with the muscles or nerves in the back area. Sometimes back pain is not even due to a problem with...
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