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Does anyone know what is the basic first aid procedures for a given common injury in a given animal ?

A: You don''t say what given injury in what given animal! basic first aid principles would be ABC - i.e. airway, breathing and circulation. I imagine the same applies to any animal. Sorry are you asking a question, in code?? first of all you would need to tell us the injury and the animal. A dog with a cut paw would need different treatment to a mouse who''s had a stroke Never put your hand in the mouth of a great white shark nursing a wobbly tooth! canyou please explain the quetion a little better Human or animal - in any emergency, life means breathing, the heart beating and any bleeding stopped. Those are the basics of first


Where can I find volume discounts on basic first aid Kit supplies for my Girl Scout Council?

A: We can meet your need for first aid supplies, through first aid kits or with individual products. Just let us know exactly what you want and how many. Yes, we will happily do volume discounts for you. Contact us, gloveguy@palmerglove.com with your needs and we will be happy to assist you. Check out Emergency Medical Products. We carry an assortment of first aid kits at all prices, styles and sizes. We also do volume pricing discounts. Give us a ring at 800-558-6270 and ask for the quote department. If you need a quote on more the than one item sku get a list together and send an email to service@buyemp.com and we''ll be able to help you...


what is a basic first aid for spider bites?

A: first aid for Spider Bites Only a few spiders are dangerous to humans. Two that are present in the contiguous United States and more common in the Southern states are the black widow spider and the brown recluse spider. Both prefer warm climates and dark, dry places where flies are plentiful. They often live in dry, littered, undisturbed areas, such as closets, woodpiles and under sinks. Black widow spider The female black widow gives the more serious bite, but its bite is rarely lethal. You can identify this spider by the red hourglass marking on its belly. The bite feels like a pinprick. You may not even know you''ve been bitten. At first you may notice only slight swelling and faint red marks. Within a few hours,...

basic first aid list

A:  Hi, not sure where you are but in Australia, you an buy a first aid book from the Post Office with a magnet back, its got most emergancies in it: CPR, spider bites, snake bites, burns, choking etc... Hope that helps, when things like that happen to your babies, all commonsense flies out the window! I have 4 babies and I have mellowed out since the 1st two bubs but I would get hysterical whenever they were in harms way. Luckily, their father is more together then I am and only gets hysterical on the inside! lol Hope she''s doin alright. Peace, Hannah The last first aid course I did last year was basic Emergency Life Support (DECS) Course (BELS) for short anyway...


basic first aid.

A: Yes, if you removed the wad of towels if could have started to bleed again. It could have also pulled the clot formed to stop the bleeding away and reopened the wound. You did nothing wrong. I suggest that you get a small first aid kit to keep in your car and desk at work. They can be purchased at any department store for less than $10.00 (they also include gloves). Thank you for coming to the aid of your client. Pattie...

Why is it important to know basic first aid especially artificial respiration?

A: ANSWER: Because without it, the brain cells would start dying after 8 to 10 minutes after respiration stops from lack of oxygen. By knowing CPR (Cardio-pulmonary-resuscitation) you can keep a person alive till they can get professional medical attention. basic first aid can save someones life as well. Placing pressure on a bleeding site can save someones life. first responder courses and CPR classes are given in every township or county, some free of charge. Its a good thing to know and who knows, maybe you could save a life one day....


Where can I find out about basic first aid?

A: For basic first aid information, you can visit the St John Ambulance website or you might like to try an interactive first aid course (BBC). The best way to learn first aid is to attend a course run by a professional first aid organisation. Anyone can go on these courses, although if you volunteer to be a first aider in your workplace, your employer may pay the course fee. Different courses are offered, including first aid in the workplace and emergency


basic first aid

A: Hand and foot injuries both bleed a whole lot. This is nothing to worry about. Keep pressure on it and make sure to clean it and apply ointment twice a day. The bleeding should stop within 48 hours. Because there are so many small blood vessels in the hand, the bleeding will take a little longer to slow down and stop than in other injuries. If the pain and the bleeding don"t drastically decrease within 4-5 days you should go see your regular doctor to get it checked out. I hope this was some help. If you have any futher questions, feel free to ask.  -Pamela...

basic first aid for bleeding

A: Apply pressure and elevate the bleeding part. Keep the bleeding limb above heart circulation....


What is in the basic first aid kit?

A: You should definitely have: - gloves - bandages - sterile pads - medical tape - gauze - antiseptic (e.g. hand sanitizer, antiseptic wipes, alcohol swabs) - antibiotic - tweezers - scissors - two slings Some other good ideas: - breathing barrier (placed over a victim''s face when performing rescue breathing to reduce risk of disease transmission) - aspirin (good to give someone who is having a heart attack, if it is otherwise safe for them to take) - benadryl (good to give someone having an allergic reaction, if it is otherwise safe for them to take) - hydrocortisone cream (treats insect bites and stings, as well as rashes) - eye drops - antacid tablets - finger splints (look like popsicle sticks) - thermometer (you can get these inexpensively at most major box stores) -...

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