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Did my friend infect me with something through the bathroom sink? STD's, bacteria, viruses, etc.?

A: you can be easily infected because of your frined... VERY Doubtful that you got anything from your friends sink.....if anything...you could have had lotion or perfume or something on your finger and it iritated your eye...even though you cleaned the contact... uhh-maybe u just need new contacts. It''s highly unlikely. To begin with if the sink isn''t cleaned daily, you''ve got a whole cesspool of bacteria growing right there. Your toilet bowl is probably cleaner than your sink.Check with your eye doc if you want to be totally sure. Maybe you just need new contacts. The bathroom sink is the most disgusting of all places, right next to the toilet. If I dropped...


bathroom sink Drinking Water--Safe at work

A: Subject: Drinking Water Question: I"m writing because my employer wants to save 1 dollar a day by eliminating the bottled water they supply to us and instead have us get drinking water from the bathroom sink.  Years ago, we had a water fountain and that supervisor got rid of it and got us bottled water due to the rust that was coming out of the fountain.  It doesn"t seem right to have us get drinking water from a bathroom sink. Answer: Michele, having been in situations where the use of a bathroom sink to obtain drinking water was necessary, I would agree that such may not ?seem? right.  That said however, it is the...

Why do men use the kitchen sink instead of the bathroom sink to clean their mouth or wash their hand?

A: they do? I brush my teeth and do my general hygiene in the bathroom sink. However, if I''m preparing a meal, I will additionally wash my hands in the kitchen sink to avoid cross contamination of the foods being prepared. Studies have shown that there is the greatest concentration of bacteria and viruses on doorknobs and other places that hands will touch on the way from the bathroom to the kitchen, so it''s ALWAY recommended to wash your hands AT the kitchen sink, when making meals. BB, Raji the Green Witch They are a different species I think. I often wash my hands at the kitchen sink. So what? Because often it is closer and more convenient....


My father urinates in bathroom sink

A: Hi Richard Sorry to hear that. But this type of behavior is more common than you would think, and is related to age, although indirectly, as well as to personality. In our teens we are acutely aware of how we come across to others (especially the opposite sex), and might spend the morning getting our hair just right. The older we get, the more of a seeming immunity we develop to making impressions, and by the time we reach 80, we often become indifferent, not caring what others think. As another example, I bet he wears the same clothes all week if not all month. Second, the sink is an easier receptical for older men to use. No handling a seat, stooping, splashing, making noise, reaching for the handle, perhaps resetting the seat, and (often quite...


How can I unclog my bathroom sink?

A: if you know the cause, the p-trap under the sink has to be filled with the deodorant pieces. you would need to remove this p-trap ( large tubular pipe similar to the letter P) and literally remove the deodoarant. this is unless the pieces made their way down the actual drain, then a plumber''s snake would need to be used to push the debris of deodorant. or the pop-up as its called might of caught these pieces, then you can try a metal hanger to push them down or retieve them. worst case, a plumber needs to be called in plunge it good or get a plumbing snake if plunging doesnt work.might have to take the trap off if all else fails...


Why do women think it''s ok for a woman to wash dirty/bloody underwear in a bathroom sink but it''s not ok for a man to pee in it?

A: Think about it. Peeing in a sink when there is a toilet right next to you is stupid. Washing a delicate item such as underwear in the sink with blood stains is quite okay. I guess it all depends on how you were brought up. Most women wash their delicate lingerie in the sink or tub. As long as you both clean it out afterwards, I don''t see why you can''t do both. I wouldn''t recommend neither one. Plus peeing in the sink is just lazy, Why do that when it''s a toilet in the same room? That''s just nasty. As for bloody panties. Ive never done it but maybe there just too delicate to go in the wash. Peeing in the sink, that is so fking gross. Must be a cultural difference...


How To Get Hair Dye Away From A bathroom sink?

A: You can use a regular bathroom cleaner it might not totally remove it the first time but it will eventually go away....

I wonder if I''m weird because I usually pee in my bathroom sink ?

A: I do that some times. It saves on water. 1 pint down the drain vs 3-5 gallons down the toilet. Yes....


I went to take the pill for Day 5 of my Z-pack, and it fell down the bathroom sink. What do I do?

A: 16 Nov 2011 I would call my physician about this because with antibotics you have to take the entire amount of pills prescribed or you will build up a tolerance to antibotics which will make treating future infections harder to fend off. Best of luck to you. Votes:+0CommentVote upReportSearch for questionsStill looking for answers? Try searching for what you seek or ask your own question. Search:Similar questionsIs a 5 day pack of azithromycin enough to treat lyme desease for the first time?7 weeks after the tick bite? 1 answer • 10 Jul 2009 • Azithromycin - Can I drink a glass of wine at night if I have taken the medicine in the day?I have be prescribed azithromycin and it does not answer this question 1 answer • 17 Oct 2009 • I have been...


Drinking water from bathroom or mop sink

A: Subject: Drinking water from bathroom or mop sink. Question: I saw that someone else had a similar question and saw your response regarding as long as it is safe from the tap it is fine. That being said can you please explain this portion of that section of the CFR.  If you can not hang out and drink in the area of a bathroom or mop sink (exposed to chemicals) How then is it ok to drink from those sinks?  Thanks for your time. ?(2) Eating and drinking areas. No employee shall be allowed to consume food or beverages in a toilet room nor in any area exposed to a toxic material.? Answer:  As with many of the CFR?s I am at a loss to explain them...
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