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bladder neck Surgery

A: Rob: If you indeed had a good bladder neck surgery, then retrograde ejaculation is extremely likely.  While there is always the possibility that this will improve with time, I wouldn"t count on it.  Normally, there is no discomfort with this.  I suspect that you"re feeling some lingering pain from the surgery at that time and the pain will disappear even if the ejaculation doesn"t return....

bladder neck Problem

A: Chris: I would not recommend proceeding directly with a surgery at this point.  The greenlight PVP is a good choice to fix any residual blockage, but will not directly help the leakage or urgency that bothers you.  I"m not sure the Vesicare is sufficient to control the bladder. You need another urodynamics and cytoscopy.  Since there has now been a surgery to change the anatomy, it"s going to be a little more difficult to assess what"s going on.  I would suggest getting a second opinion from a major university teaching hospital or tertiary care medical center who would have more experience with complicated cases than community urologists.  I suspect there"s more to do to help you with medical therapy before resorting to a surgery that...

I need a bladder neck op

A: In a relatively young man of your age, the feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder is more likely to be the result of a tight bladder neck or possibly a narrowing of the tube leading from the bladder to the outside (urethra) secondary to injury or previous infection, rather than an enlarged prostate gland. Both of these problems can be dealt with surgically, although I should mention that a bladder neck incision procedure might lead to backwards or retrograde ejaculation and therefore the inability to father a family naturally, should that still be a factor for you. Irritable lower urinary tract symptoms, such as increased frequency of...

Any women out there with bladder neck problems?

A: Megan, What do you mean by bladder neck problem? I have a dropped bladder, according to my gyne. I also always have the urgency to urinate, and a few times when laughing I have peed my pants. Is your bladder dropped? I was supposed to finally have an appointment with a urologist this morning for cystometrics, but I can''t go. Wouldn''t you know it-- after 61/2 months with no period, it came back! I called the office and they said that I can''t come if I am having my period. The next day that they had was Nov. 1. I just wanted to get this over with! You mentioned that urodynamics was painful-- why? I''m not looking forward to this! I am also dealing with a yeast infection since Aug 7. The...


Urge incontinence after TURP..possible bladder neck scarring

A: Hi I Don''t Have An Answer But Am Curious Why He Got The Turp And Not The Laser Surgery. I Am Considering The Laser, Because Of Problems With The Turp. Can He Do Kegel Exercises, And Do Urine Traing Like Only Going At Certain Times? a small dose of imipramine often calms the bladder after all else has failed, its used for bedwetting and sadly many urologists dont think of it bicarb soda can be used to alter the ph of the urine, this sometimes helps He has been using imipramine for about 3 wks. now. It does seem to be helping a bit. This was like a last-resort med. I had a laser turp 5 month''s ago . It never felt right after. I am having burning, slow stream, etc. Revisited the surgeon and had a cysto confirming that I have...


Enlarged bladder neck causing prostate pain

A: I take uroxatrol for a bladder neck-related problem and have for about half a year. You''re the first person I''ve found on these boards who takes the drug. Before that I was on flomax and hated the side effects, so I asked for something different. I think flomax actually worked better. Uroxatrol is on-again off-again as far as effectiveness. My doc told me I could double the dose to two pills a day, but I found that made it difficult to get a good night''s sleep. It seemed to take a few weeks for the drug to have any effect at all, so stick with it. Unlike you, however, I''ve never had prostate pain associated with my problem, so I can''t say how long the drug takes to work on that. My history - 3 years ago, at age 30, I began having to...


I have been diagnosed of retrograde ejaculation due to weak bladder neck. Any medications for me to correct this situation?

A: Retrograde ejaculation is a problem that occurs when fluid that under normal circumstances would be ejaculated through the urethra, gets redirected to the urinary bladder. The bladder''s sphincter would normally contract allowing the sperm to go to the urethra and towards the area where there is the least amount of pressure. Retrograde ejaculation is a condition in which this sphincter fails to function as it is supposed to. In most circumstances the condition does not require treatment. In cases where it interferes with fertility the condition can be treated, depending on the cause of the problem. The condition is only a problem if you wish to become a parent. The condition could at times be caused as a side effect of prescribed drugs or...

bladder neck stenosis

A: Since your question seems to be phrased in such a way that it should be posed to a healthcare provider, can you tell me why you''ve posted it here in the Yoga section?   gordon ...


my bladder neck keep blocking after my postate operation

A: Hi Abu33, By experience, when removing (cutoff) the prostate it also includes the portion of the urethra inside it (our penis become shorter). The urethra tip is so attached to the bladder neck (tiny muscles nerves) making a short of a ?V-neck? shape, where the control of continence is done. Problems could be inefficient bladder neck opening resulting from abnormal morphologic arrangement of the detrusor/trigonal musculature (the V-neck at the side of bladder) or at the urethral sphincter (attached place of urethra). After my RP I had to stay in hospital for a few days with a catheter to avoid infection and to...


bladder neck Incision (TUIP)

A: Guess I''m going to have a worrying weekend. Op is on Tuesday and I''m still unsure what to do for the best. Anyone had this op? or know someoone who has? I just had th surgery & I''ve been recovering since friday w/ a cathater. I had a similiar situation. so far I seem to be soing alright. Not as much bleeding as expected but the stomach craps are a pain (more like surgery pains). My doc prescribed vicodin for me so thats a plus I guess. I wish I had more info for you. My follow up is this thursday so I''ll know more then. I will say this, my doc took pictures of my prostate which ended up becoming enlarged & took pictures of my bladder & I know I have damage that will remain wth me for the rest of my life, if I would have gotten my behind in sooner...

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