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Does resveratrol increase blood flow to the brain as claimed? Might this increase the probability of stroke?

A: there was one study recently done in the United Kingdom that found resveratrol increased blood flow to the brain in subjects who took the supplement during the clinical study. they found that there was no effect on cognitive function with this increase in blood flow. there is no indication that this action causes stroke with this supplement, but more research is needed before considering taking resveratrol. there is some evidence through several...


What Happens to the brain During Meditation?

A: Several changes occur to the brain during meditation. Scientists have used magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs, to determine exactly how meditation affects the brain. brainwave characteristics are altered, portions of the cortex physically thicken, the amygdala is less active, and the hippocampus becomes more active. With regular mediation practice, some of these changes remain even after the meditative state is left.. Electrical activity changes radically in the


Which is more damaging to the brain and/or health:Alcohol or Marijuana?

A: marijuana duah everyyomne knows that.. I am ausuming Marijuana. I think that becuase i kills brain sells evry time it is done and weed is also a weight gaining drug which meanse after intoxicated with it u have a large fedish to eat and eat and eat. they both bad....the more ppl i see the use weed do it daily...less ppl drink daily unless their a alcholic...can u smoke weed one day and not have any for 2 weeks a month...ppl that smoke weed do it more often...i guess weed is worse...alchol is ok as long as you dont over do it...but lots of alchol can lead to more serious effects like liver...


Cancer -lung after treatment , can the cancer that was treated for, move to the brain ?

A: hi Dee, I will pray for grandmother, as for her numbness, it usually has to do with a bad circulation, but she must see a the cancer doctor, he will probably just check it out and it''s probably not something major, but have it checked, God will help, but we must help ourselves, not doing so is a sin, the cause of the numbness could be a simple thing, but it must be checked, a good food supplement I heard helps cancer treatment is "green''s plus detox", look it up in a natural food store, God bless. Through the blood. But Jesus Christ...


What herbs or vitamins or food makes more blood flow to the brain?

A: Are you feeling light-headed, short of memory, or anything else that could be vaguely symptomatic of constricted blood supply to the brain? If you''re not, please consider skipping all the various esoteric supplements out there and stick to a nice B complex vitamin pill....


Physical trauma to the brain

A: the symptoms you reported (pain in temples, pain in left eye, dizziness, no black out) might be related to physical trauma. Depending on the intensity of the force, a person might experience concussion, contusion or coma. All three conditions are associated with unconsciousness. However, they differ in the further progress of the symptoms. In a concussion, only headache and dizziness might be present afterwards. Only functional disturbances can be found in a concussion, whereas in a contusion and coma there is an...

100% clogged left artery to the brain

A: there is no way to bypass a carotid that is 100% blocked, no where to go to or from but, the circulatory sytem is incredible and the body will send blood to the brain thru the other three carotid arteries and smaller arteries are already increasing in size to accomodate increased flow as the body compensates for the loss of the main route to


Can liver cancer spread to the brain?

A: I haven`t heard much about liver cancer spreading to the brain. I don`t think it`s all that common for cancers to spread to the brain, but when they do they are more likely to be lung cancer or breast cancer. I`ve read that colon, kidney, and skin cancer can also spread to the brain. the brain can be affected by liver cancer, though, even without the liver cancer spreading


Can mucocele in the maxillary sinus impede blood flow to the brain?

A: On One Hand: blood flow to the brain avoids sinusesAccording to the neuroanatomy information from California State University in Chico, blood flows to the brain through the internal carotid artery. the artery is located on the side of the neck and behind the ears. It does not pass near or through the sinuses....

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