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advice please ..c-peptide test

A: I almost hate to say this but your c-peptide test was lower than mine when I was actually diagnosed with diabetes (yay honeymoon stage!). That being said, your a1c and blood sugar are both good, as you know. The c-peptide doesn''t say much with normal blood sugars in this situation. Your body could just be really, really efficient at using the insulin it makes. And that''s a good thing. It had been awhile since you ate, maybe your blood sugar started to drop so the pancreas ba


Are type 1''s still producing insulin? c-peptide test

A: Thanks cristina, your information is helpful. You cleared up a question I had about type 1''s....


I am 42 yo recently diagnosed diabetic, dr has ordered c-peptide level to see if it is type 1 or 2.?

A: The majority of the time Type 1 is children, the c-peptide test will tell how much natural insulin your pancreas is making It isn''t common but on the other hand it is not unheard of. If I were forced to GUESS and that is all it would be, I would say 1 in 200 people would be diagnosed type 1 at your age. Type 1 is sometimes referred to as Juvenile Diabetes. A child is born with it of their pancreas shuts down in the first couple of years. Type 2 is sometimes referred to as Adult Onset Diabetes. Typi


c-peptide low normal?

A: The low-normal c-peptide means that, whatever it is that is messing with your blood glucose, it is unlikely to be T2 diabetes. In the early stages of T2, insulin resistance and the consequent high insulin levels causes c-peptide to be very high. You are more likely to have T1, especially in view of the ketones. Have you been tested for the antibodies? No - not tested for antibodies. What is this? Is there anything else that can cause lower


I was diagnosed as a type 1 diabetic in 1996. A recent test shows my c-peptide as <0.1 and (GAD) as 0.00. Does this mean I am really a type 2?

A: Hello,Thanks for asking dLife.The c-peptide test measures levels of a certain protein that is associated with insulin production. The glutamic acid decarboxylase (a beta cell protein known as GAD) test measures the amount of a pancreatic islet cell antibody.The readings you presented indicate that your pancreas is making very very little insulin and that you do not have the GAD antibody in


What does my c-peptide of 0.71 L NG/NL {0.9-4.00} really say?

A: Hello, Thanks for asking dLife. c-peptide is a marker of insulin production by the body. Normal values vary from laboratory to laboratory. Its level is read along with blood sugar levels. Fasting levels may range between 0.5 to 2.0 ng/mL (nanograms per milliliter). A low c-peptide level indicates low level of insulin production. Health insurance companies often require a certain c-peptide level to provide coverage for the insulin pump. Your do


What does a c-peptide number of 1.0 mean exactly?

A: Dear rigiles, Let me explain what a c-peptide is and how it is used to diagnose type 1 or 2 diabetes. Pancreatic beta cells produce proinsulin. Proinsulin splits into c-peptide and insulin. The c-peptide is easier to measure than insulin because it hangs around longer. In a Type 1 person, Pancreatic beta cells cease to function and no proinsulin is producted. Neither...


Question on insulin & c-peptide levels

A: Would love to hear some response on your question. I am keeping my fasting in the 80s now with exercise and strict diet. I too am 49 and at 5''3" only weigh about 94 (gained 2 pounds recently where I''d lost 12 in a 3 month period not on purpose!!!!!) I was initially dx''d "pre" on a fasting of 101 but had been feeling pretty yuck and dizzy prior and always have eaten high carb diet before this. My fasting insulin was also recently 2.0 and my c-peptide is barely in the normal range (.96 I think). My 2 hr. post when eating around 30-40 carbs is over 150. ...


Insulin and c-peptide levels

A: Just as an update: Not too concerned about the celiac/Diabetic relationship, but any celiac''s are welcome to post their stories! More concerned with anybody who knows why c-peptide and Insulin and lower than reference range yet, glucose is not outside of range. tests coming up were for an insulinoma tumor, which thank god is not the case...


c peptide levels confirm diabetes?

A: c-peptide just shows how much insulin your body makes It may have been high, suggesting insulin resistance, thus the Metformin script. Or, he may just have though Metformin would help given your meter readings he showed you, Many doctors seem to consider Metformin a pretty "mild" script and use it fairly generously for pre-diabetes situations....

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