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Can u get cancer from cell phones or other devices?

A: No in some cases,,yes u can Yes, and there are cases now that have been connected to heavy cell phone use, even though the AMA and FCC deny it. Best of luck. theres radiation in cell phones and other devices... radiation is used to kill cancerous cells.. so if you dont have cancer then it''s killing your good cells and actually causing cancer. yes you can especially when you use your phone with your right ear. Cell phone handsets draw radio waves closer to people''s heads than most other electronic gadgets do, causing potential health risks—though long-term data on the link between cell phone use and cancer are not yet available. IF THESE...


What Causes Bladder cancer in Men?

A: The bladder is the hollow organ located in the pelvis that is used for the purposes of storing and collecting the urine that is produced by the kidneys. Bladder cancer in men takes place due to the accumulation and the increase of the normal cells located within it. In this situation, they continue to grow without any limitations and finally cause serious bladder problems. As the cells grow and gather, they form an area of abnormal cells, called a tumor, which can either be cancerous or benign. These abnormal cells continue to progress and become much bigger in size as the other cells are accumulated. These


I just found out my mom has cancer in both her breast and her lymph nodes. she wont die will she?

A: It doesn''t sound like it. Sorry. A doctor would be fine mate a oncologist i know a therapy that really works is called Sodium dichloroacetate you can find some at http://www.betterdca.com stuff really works like a charm but as all it is none can guarantee survival my advice give her as much chances as you can!!! hey.. dont worry.. she wont die... she better fight it and if somebody tells her she is done go somewhere else. my aunt had breast cancer (free of it for 2 years) and the first doctor said there was nothing she could do. she did chemo, a stem cell transplant, and a double massectamy (sp) and now it is gone. if she tries everything the doctors offer and says her prayers then she might be alright i will say my prayers and you should too and hopefully she...


What Causes Skin cancer in Children?

A: Skin cancer in children is believed to be caused by factors such as genetics and radiation treatments. While excessive sun exposure is the most common cause of skin cancer in adults, children are less likely to have sustained the long-term damage that would lead to the condition. For that reason, the development of skin cancer in children tends to be rare.. While the development of skin cancer in children due to the sun is rare, it is still a possibility. Excessive exposure to the sun should be avoided both for the short-term and long-term well-being of the child. Children with fair skin, excessive moles, or freckles should be particularly careful to limit sun exposure and to wear a product...


What Are the Concerns about Breast cancer in the Lymph Nodes?

A: The presence of breast cancer in the lymph nodes is the first indication that cancer has spread outside the breast. To determine if the breast cancer has spread, the lymph nodes are often biopsied during a mastectomy or lymphectomy. Lymph nodes are immune organs where white blood cells, used to fight infection, amass. In the body, lymph fluid circulates through the body and then returns to the lymph nodes where it is filtered for infection and foreign bodies. When there is breast cancer in the lymph nodes, the potential for metastasis through the body is greater because cancer cells not filtered out of the lymph can...


What Are the Symptoms of cancer in the Lymph Nodes?

A: The symptoms of cancer in the lymph nodes vary, depending on whether that cancer developed in the lymphatic system or spread from some other part of the body. Lymphoma and leukemia are the most common cancers of the lymphatic system and manifest a variety of symptoms that can be distributed throughout the body in different nodes and related tissues. cancers that develop in other tissues and then spread to and through the lymphatic system will sometimes cause similar symptoms of cancer in the lymph nodes to manifest.. A human body relies on the lymphatic system to aid in fighting off infection and producing components of blood. This system consists of an...


What Is the Concern about Lung cancer in the Lymph Nodes?

A: The main concern about having lung cancer in the lymph nodes is that it usually means the cancer has begun to spread, or metastasize. Once cancer cells begin to spread, they often become much harder to control and destroy. The farther a cancer has spread and the more aggressive it is, the less likely a patient is to survive. The lymph nodes are often the first place to which lung cancer metastasizes.. Lung cancer generally refers to any malignancy that originates in the lungs. This is known as primary lung cancer. It may cause a mass, or tumor, to grow inside of the lungs. Eventually


If you have cervical cancer, are you MORE likely to get other types of cancer in the future?

A: One of the main cause / reasons for getting Cervical cancer is due to HPV. What is HPV ? HPV is short for human papilloma (pap-ah-LO-mah) virus. HPVs are a group of over 100 related viruses. Each HPV virus in the group is given a number, which is called an HPV type. HPVs are called papilloma viruses because some of the HPV types cause warts, or papillomas, which are non-cancerous tumors. The papilloma viruses are attracted to and are able to live only in squamous epithelial cells in the body. Squamous epithelial cells are thin, flat cells that are found on the surface of the skin, cervix, vagina, anus, vulva, head of the penis, mouth, and throat. HPVs will not grow...


What does it mean when you have thyroid cancer in your...

A: It is possible for cancer in the thyroid to metastasize or spread to different areas of the body, which include the spine and cerebrospinal fluid- the fluid the bathes the brain and spinal cord. Sometimes cancer cells are able to break away from their primary tumor and invade the blood stream or lymph vessels by secreting special enzymes. Once, they enter the circulatory or lymphatic systems, the cancer cells are able to travel to any part of the body where they can reestablish themselves and form a new tumor. A cancer formed by cells that have metastized from a primary tumor is called metastatic


How serious is cancer in the lymph nodes and what exactly are the lymph nodes?

A: My husband had non-hodegkins lymphoma. He is currently in remission. He went thru chemo and radiation. It is a very fast speading cancer that affects the lymph nodes around your whole body. It is a tough fight, but easier if caught and treated as soon as possible. If you are asking for yourself or a loved one, my thoughts are with you! Get your affairs in order!!! Lymph nodes are where all your white cells generate in your body. White cells fight off infections. Any cancer is serious and should never be taken lightly. The lymph nodes produce white blood cells, so lymphoma hinders the body''s immune system. Lymph nodes are scattered throughout the body, ranging from...

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