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What are the causes for increase in cardiac enzymes?

A: gawain Here a big news for you!... http://www.osoq.com/funstuff/extra/extra01.asp?strName=gawain It is basically the breakdown of tissue from heart damage, Troponins are the most sensitive marker and are used to diagnose heart attack. elevated cardiac enzymes show that damage has been done to your cardiac muscle cells. the classic cause is myocardial infarction actually it is very important investigation to differentiate between Myocardial Infarction and Angina when there is injury to the heart these enzymes will be released leading to its increase in serum. A fall will cause the ck to elevate. When elderly people fall down at home and lie in the floor for hours, they check their ck when...


cardiac enzymes

A: Dear Clifton, cardiac enszymes reflect the volume of the heart that has been damaged, that is the size of the heart attack.  Some of the areas damaged can recover within a few weeks.  Better estimates of the extent of the damage can be made by an echocardiogram. Please write back if this note doesn"t really answer your questions. David Richardson...

cardiac enzymes elevated and echocardiogram and cardiac stress test

A: Elevated cardiac enzymes, can be an indicator that you''ve suffered a heart attack.   Depending on exactly which cardiac enzyme it is that is elevated, it may also be an indicator of heart muscle damage.   The tests your physician is running will help determine what your diagnosis is.  Good luck....


Why do cardiac enzymes increase during a myocardial infarction?

A: cardiac enzymes encrease during myocardial infarction because its need decreases with death of portion of cardiac muscle. it is due to the inflammatory response of the body....


I am new to this board so if i''m posting at the wrong place sorry. I have several questions, I am 39yrs old I suffer from severe anxiety/panic disorder since Nov. I have had 7 ekg''s ecg''s, cardiac enzymes, chest xrays, ambulance runs I always feel like my heart is not working right, they say it''s panic I take 1mg. xanax and 100mg. zoloft daily can anyone help me? I''m desperate i''m losing my family, friends, especially my husband and kids.

A: Hi - sorry to hear you''ve had to deal with these panic attacks. It sounds like the meds you are on just aren''t doing the job. Have you told your doctor that you''re still having the attacks. Have you tried any other meds? thank you for your response, yes I have told her and she said that she really doesn''t want to change things. The last time she increased my zoloft I felt very sick so I think she is just afraid but I would rather her just change everything all together. Have you had your thyroid checked? My doctors had me on axiety medication for years and I wasn''t convinced then that it was anxiety. Although they ran the normal thyroid tests, it wasn''t until they did a thyroid antibody test and discovered I had an autoimmune disease. It''s worth a try. Thank you Pam for the advice I...

When heart enzymes are elevated is that permanent damage to the heart muscle?

A: I think I came across an article which indicated minor damage can be repaired if you give your heart a break and donít stress it too much. The key was in resting it a bit, which is easy for an arm or a leg, but trickier with the heart.. No, not necessarily.. Scaring and tissue death will happen after muscle cells experience some profound damage this results in the tissue releasing certain enzymes.. http://www.ehow.com/about_5474854_mean-cardiac-enzyme-levels-elevated.html. Know your enzymes. Need more information, but it is better to talk to your own doctor about these things. Your doctor needs to be aware of your concerns and what you know and donít know and what you want to know. Rarebear managed to answer the...


Heart attack and heart enzymes?

A: Yes and No, enzymes are measured over time, as the hours pass the body puts off more enzymes - they are like little allerts to your body to send the helpers to the damaged muscle. If the blood draw is within 15 to 20 minutes of the heart attack they could be negative, but any MD knows that you always run a series of enzyme tests usually the first right away, the second in 2-4 hours and the last in 12 hours, then if any come back positive they run a differential which tells them what muscle is damaged, heart, Diaphragm, extremity muscles, ect. The most important test is the EKG, and an ECHO to determine a heart attack and what part of the heart is effected. Hope this helps Yes, I believe so. Depends on severity of the heart attack, how soon...


Define cardiac arrest, heart failure, heart attack. Thanks?

A: Heart failure with pain A cardiac ARREST, or circulatory arrest, is the abrupt cessation of normal circulation of the blood due to failure of the heart to contract effectively during systole.[1] The resulting lack of blood supply results in cell death from oxygen starvation. Cerebral hypoxia, or lack of oxygen supply to the brain, causes victims to lose consciousness and to stop breathing, which in turn causes the heart to stop. Brain damage is likely to occur after 3-4 minutes, except in cases of hypothermia. To improve survival and neurological recovery immediate response is paramount.[2] cardiac arrest is a medical emergency that, in certain groups of patients, is potentially reversible if treated early enough. When


Chest pain after complete cardiac work up and everything came back normal.?

A: Stress Angina sounds like angina. however if you''ve gotten a complete work up done then they should have been able to tell you this. angina feels like the onset of a heart attack but it''s easily controllable with meds.if this is recurring then that''s what it could be. but then again im just a first aid volunteer, i''m not in any actual medical field. the anxiety attack sounds plausible to the situation because it''s stressful thinking that you''re going to have a heart attack and drop dead. Ally - I live with the same issue everyday. I am not a doctor - but I continue to search for an answer. I have finally decided that it is anxiety related mixed with some muscle pain and reflux. The only thing that helps me is massage/heating pad, Advil and Maalox. I find that the chest pains makes me...


What Is Involved in Measuring Enzyme Levels?

A: Laboratory tests that measure enzyme levels and enzyme activity are known as enzyme assays. There are many types of measurement methods that measure the rate of enzyme activities and enzyme inhibitions. enzymes are molecules that manipulate other molecules, known as substrates, by binding with them and chemically reacting with them to produce multiple by-products. The tests that measure this activity are for differing purposes, according to particular disease symptoms, and regard differing steps in enzymatic processes.. Assays that examine enzyme kinetics show how much more or less from the norm an enzyme behavior actually is. There are factors to control when taking enzyme assays, such as, enzymes work a specific way according to...

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