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Why does the Gardasil commercial clame it is a cervical cancer vaccine?

A: I can see where the confusion lies but if I recall the commercials and the ads correctly, I think that the claim is against the most common types of HPV which have been shown to cause most of the cervical cancers. It''s a ''preventative'' vaccine. And I believe that HPV is the only thing that may lead to cervical cancer (I heard this somewhere, I could be wrong). HPV is one of the leading precursors to cervical cancer so in a round about away, it does prevent cervical cancer by protecting you from some of the most common and dangerous genital HPV types. However, just...


What Controversy Surrounds the New cervical cancer vaccine?

A: The cervical cancer vaccine, called Gardasil or the HPV vaccine has tremendous promise in preventing infection of a few forms of human papillomavirus virus. The cervical cancer vaccine prevents infection of four types of HPV, and appears to have minor side effects. Despite its relative safety, the cervical cancer vaccine has provoked some controversy. Some people oppose the cervical cancer vaccine because they feel it sends an inappropriate message to children that it is...


Why can't a 19yr old girl get a cervical cancer vaccine?

A: Are you aware what is in the vaccine''s, all vaccines, Mercury as well as other harmful substances. The vaccine causes cancer, the specialists actually say that the vaccine is not 100% effective! Well they have to say that don''t they because of all the people who will get cancer having taken the jab. More people die of cancer who have the vaccines that those who do not. Its a money making racket, making a killing out of people before trhay are killed. Some states in the USA are trying to make it ellegal not to take the vaccines!!! DON''T TAKE IT!!! You really think...


cervical cancer vaccine

A: What the human papilloma virus (HPV) isHPV and cancerResearch into vaccines to prevent HPVThe HPV vaccination programmeIf girls are sexually active before having the vaccineSide effects of the vaccineDo we still need cervical cancer screening? What the human papilloma virus (HPV) isThere are over 100 different types of human papilloma virus (HPV). It is sometimes called the ‘wart virus’ or ‘genital wart virus’ as some types of HPV cause genital warts. The virus is passed on from one person to another through sexual contact. Many women will be infected with the HPV virus at some time during their lifetime. Often the virus causes no harm and...

cervical cancer Vaccination?

A: Honestly, I''ve done a lot of research on it and I don''t trust it. There have been negative symptoms (including paralysis and death) associated with it that have not been mentioned in the media, and it has not been around long enough for them to claiming that any long-term studys have been done. It''s expensive, it only prevent four of a hundred different causes of HPV, and if you get a regular pap smear done you''ll catch the cancer before it becomes a threat anyway. My mother and I (I''m 20) discussed it with both my gyno and my regular doctor and decided against it. My gynocologist spent the entire visit asking me if I wanted one, the receptionist asked if I wanted one, the nurse asked if I wanted it, and I started questioning exactly how much money the...


Opinions please on the cervical cancer vaccination please.?

A: It''s a very good idea to have this vaccine. The vaccine will offer you 70% protection against the type of HPV virus that has a direct link with cervical cancer. The data sheet for this vaccine says the licence has been given for use on girls ages between 9-26 of age. If there is a chance you can save yourself from the pain and sheer misery this cancer would give, I would take it The vaccine is at first being offered to year 8 students (12/13 year olds) but eventually the aim is to make this vaccine available to all young girls/women. Gardasil is more effective when given before one becomes...


Should I get the cervical cancer vaccine jab?

A: NO NO NO NO NO F*U*C*K* NO NO It is KILLING people!!!! Run far run run run!!!! query on this website on gardasil www.mercola.com You will regret it if you get it. no, its complete bullocks promoted by usa pharmaceutical companies. Yes. I believe that it is a really smart choice for girls at any age. at my sisters elementary school they are now being vaccinated in gr. 6 for HP V''s and I have a weakened immune system so I have to get it. I believe it is worth the money! It is better for the long run... if you are talking about Gardasil, you can take it up until you are 26 y/o, at this time it is not recommended for women older than that. You do not have to decide at this moment. ANYONE can get cervical cancer. HOWEVER the


My Mom is forcing me to have the cervical cancer vaccine!?

A: I''d say if you weren''t sexually active tell her to wait. If you are sexually active I''d get it. The benefits outweigh the side effects. If you are really adamant about it show them some research about the negative side effects: "Young girls are experiencing severe headaches, dizziness, temporary loss of vision and some girls have lost consciousness during what appear to be seizures" I think it will be mandatory in every state soon enough though.. it not unfair better to prevent than have cancer later in life down there.then you will think its more unfair,just get it and be happy dont worry ,my cusins had it and they had no bad symptoms ,they just said the shot hurt but thats it.. You need to compare the benefits and the risks. In this case, the...


What are your thoughts of the cervical cancer vaccine?

A: I honestly think its a good thing, but the side effects are kinda risky. I would actually recommend it My personal opinion is not to take it until it''s been out for a few years. If it were my caugter I would not want her to become the test subject for a vacinne that is not yet proven. I wonder what it will do to a woman 20 years down the line. Remember hormone replacement therapy was supposed to be good for your heart and they''ve since found out otherwise. Allowing a profit making industry such as pharmaceutical companies to force teenage girls to get a vaccine is a mistake. It should be up to the parents. it is a great idea- not all sex outside of marriage is consensual. I feel that there could be some risk. These days you want to be careful who you trust. I...


cervical cancer vaccine and im...

A: Thankyou so much for all the responses, you have all given me a good idea of what i could be in for!!! Bree I got my  implanon rod implanted January 12, 2009.  Since then, I''ve had breakthrough bleeding, headaches, a funny smell, crazy emotions (that might just be life, not the rod ) and weight gain.  I''ve been told that the breakthrough bleeding usually only lasts 3 months or so, so I''m looking forward to the end of that.  I''m really sick of wearing pads every day.  i get head aches from time to time from the rod, but as for the cancer vacs had a small head ache and a aching arm  but other then that nothing. just remember everyone  reacts differently to the vaccine and the rod so what i get as a side...

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