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what can I do about my dog and his digging to get out under the fence?

A: Several possible solutions you can put stakes every foot through the bottom of the fence if it a chain link fence. If it is a wooden fence than ''Digging Problem'' walks get a Kong...


Neighbour driving us crazy

A: You are probably right in your assessment. This kind of uncharacteristic behavior can definitely be a sign of dementia. I wonder if her family knows this is occuring. Does she have family that you can talk to? They may not be aware that this is happening. My Mom and Dad lived in the same house for over 54 years. Some of her neighbors lived there just about as long as they did. One day Mom became angry at her next door neighbor for putting yard debris out. The neighbor was putting it where the city told her too. I found out later that Mom was walking by the neighbor''s yard several times a day and throwing trash into that their yard. Later she got into a yelling match with the neighbor. This was very out of character for Mom and the first the neighbor''s knew of her dementia. When I talked...


What is this real meals? And does it really work?

A: Does it work? I don''t know I''m not that far out. But what I can tell you isthat you really should give it a taste first. I bought one chocolate andone vanilla pack, together with shipping I think it was $10 or $11. I don''tcare for the taste and was glad to try it out first before spending a loton a large quantity. They were good at first. I bought a case of the vanilla. And I went about 2weeks without having a shake, and tried to have one the other day, I gotVERY sick to my stomach and starting vomiting instantly. So needless tosay, I cant stomach them anymore. :0( I tried Meal Deals a few weeks post-op and disliked it. I finally foundone from my Gym called Curves and it is very good...got to use the blenderand add ice..makes it taste very good. I drink it every morning forbreakfast. I...


May 4, 2009- Trivia Bits I didn''t make this one up, someone else did

A: truff said: 1 On this date in . . . 1927: The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences was founded in Hollywood. 1956: Gene Vincent and his group, The Blue Caps, recorded ''Be-Bop-A Lula.'' 1959: The first ever Grammies were awarded for: best single Domenico Modugnos ''Volare;'' best album Henry Mancinis Peter Gunn; best C&W the Kingston Trios ''Tom Dooley;'' best R&B ''Tequila'' by The Champs. 1968: ''Yummy, Yummy, Yummy'' by Ohio Express entered the Billboard Hot 100. It sold a million and hit #4, though Ohio Express had nothing to do with it. It was a demo with studio musicians; co-writer Joey Levine was lead vocalist. 1975: Moe Howard, the last of...


Is there anything that can help?- Meats intolerable.

A: See your surgeon and get scoped, your stoma may be too small. This iseasily fixed and please let us know what happens. How do you do with soupwith meats? Have your tried, or do you like fish? I find that I cannot tolerate meat,however I can eat shrimp and scallops and all types of bottom fish likehalibut. They are a great protein source. Just a thought. Having shakes daily is not all together a bad thing, you know? Esp if itgives you back your life. Pop over to: This was formerly the Protein Shakes Addict and Pervertshttp://groups.yahoo.com/group/OSSG-Protein/for help doing that. I agree with Bob that something is not right withyour pouch. And a scope is the most direct route to the solution. Whileall of us can''t eat everything all the time, every intact someone should beable to eat some...


Does anyone know of a protein drink that actually tastes good?

A: Jennifer, This is almost impossible to answer. What tastes really good tome might taste terrible to you. The only way to find out is to try them. If you go to www.vitaladay.com you can order samples. The samples areenough for 1 serving and are pretty inexpensive, so that''s one way to findout what you might like. Also, GNC will let you return anything you don''tlike, even after you''ve opened it. I think you just have to try some tosee what you like. Having said all that, I''ll say that I have used ProCeland UpcalD which you can mix into Crystal Light or watered down juice andthose don''t alter the taste of whatever you mix them into. Sorry, it''s www.vitalady.com. My fingers have a mind of their own thismorning. Try Real Meals here is a link to their site and...


Which kind of protein is best for post ops?

A: When choosing which protein supplements to sample remember that not allprotein supplements will be absorbed the same post op. When you ingestprotein it?s not usable. Think of protein as a chain link fence. Your bodycannot use it in this form; it needs to break down those links into Di,Tri, and Poly Peptides. The body thru excreteting hydrochloric acid breaksdown the protein into smaller untis of peptides. Our bodies because of thebypass of small intestine do not always have time to do this. That is whyyou should look for a product that already has peptides in it, productswith 100% whey and peptides will be absorbed almost 100% immediately. Thereare several products out there with this...


Why is it so important to take Protein supplements??

A: I don''t supplement either and at 10 months out now my labs are still fineand I have lost over 160lbs so I hope I''m not wrong or lucky :) There''s a dietician who teaches a pre-op set of classes that 4 of theDenver docs require. She was adamantly against protein supplements at all. I used them for a while, but it was when I first got out of rehab and theyhad been giving me some extra protein there. I don''t do them any more, butI do make sure I get protein first. If I feel like I need a snack betweenmeals, it''s usually string cheese or some nuts, jerky or some otherprotein. Deficiencies can be very serious and unfortunately not all doctors believein taking a pro-active approach to prevent them in the first place. Thatdoes not mean that you cannot take a pro-active approach. As everyone...


Soy or Whey? Is one better than the other?

A: The real answer to your question is it depends. The ''best'' kind of proteinis the one that you like and will use. The ''best'' kind is of no value toyou if you hate it and won''t use it. I''m not sure that either is so farsuperior to the other that it would make any real difference in your weightloss. Find one that you like and use it. Acually a pretty good question. I have been using protein supplimentationfor Powerlifting (hiding my obesity)for 15 years. Both are great proteinsif your not going to get it from natural sources. The trick is, keepingyour body adjusting. Much like dieting, anything will work for only solong. Your body adapts and slows the uptake of usable protein or you stoplosing weight, whatever. So mix up your protein sources. Switch back andforth.never give your body a...


How can I get in enough protein post-op with the plans my surgeon gave me?

A: From what I read and heard from post-ops in my support group, you are stillhealing at this stage from the surgery and it will be some time yet beforeyou can actually take in all the protein you''ll need. I''m a pre also. Looking at lunch - 1/2 cup strained cream soup, 1/4 cup sugar free dessertand 11/2 cup yogurt - I don''t know that I could get that much in, in theearly stage after surgery! Obviously you need to do what your surgeonrequires, but I started out with 3-4 ounces of food (pureed) every 2 -3hours. In fact, I still do snacks as well as small "meals"planned into my day. Keeps my blood sugar more constant. Don''t worry aboutgetting the protein in right away - do what you can and worry more abouthealing up! My suggestion is compile some research and talk to your...

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