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If you have aids, isnt the chance of your kid(s) having aids a hundred percent?

A: No Its actually possible to NOT pass the virus to your children, even with natural childbirth. The doctors can create a near "bloodless birth", making the risk to the baby near zero, but one cannot tell if the baby got the virus or not until the baby reaches 3 months of age and a test is done. yes.If you are pregnant and the child had been born to you during that time when you had aids..Why ,do u have it? If you contracted AIDS due to your sexual contact with someone or through direct bodily fluid contact (touching fresh blood or other bodily fluids) from an infected person, yes. There is a possibility that you may still have healthy eggs. If one of your eggs could be fertilized in vitro (separate from direct sexual contact) and...


If a guy "pulls out" does he have a better chance of not catching anything? even if he doesnt pre-ejaculate

A: NO! Especially if he''s not wearing a condom. Both parties pores (vaginal and penis) open with the heat of the bodies and the activity, juices flow between both hers and his organs. These juices may contain STD''s. Even wearing protection, juices may be detected on his scrotum/pubic hair, and thighs, as well as her thighs, pubic hair and outer vaginal area. All these areas also will have open pores. no NO ! all you needed was the sexual contact inside !!! you can still get an std !! pulling out doesnt'' stop you from catching anything!!! it has nothing to do with pulling out it is the genitals touching that causes the breeding of an std. No, the contact of skin to skin is the risk of...


Can i contract hiv through giving and reception oral sex?

A: NO. Is There Evidence AIDS is Sexually Transmitted? According to Dr. David Rasnick, the facts don''t support the hypothesis. Check out his letter from the British Medical Journal online: Sex Has Nothing to Do With AIDS David Rasnick, Visiting Scientist, UC Berkeley rasnick@mindspring.com January 20, 2003 I urge [doctors] to come up with the name, even one will do, of the persons documented to hold shown that AIDS or hiv is sexually transmitted. I know of no such study. In fact, the experimental, medical literature is full of evidence that neither AIDS nor hiv is sexually transmitted. It is only assumed that they are. The results of the...


what are my chances of getting pregnant and being hiv positive

A: what if its born hiv positive? theres always a chance. im not too worried about the baby being born with hiv because like I said I was pregnant when I found out I was hiv positive and my son doesnt have hiv, I took medication and had a c-section to make sure my baby would be fine I am completely confused. If your husband is not hiv positive, there is nothing you can do to get pregnant the ''normal'' way and not risk him contracting hiv if he does not already have it. You can try artificial insemination to protect himAs for the child, the risk of the baby getting it is about 1 in 3... It''s...


The risk of gettting hiv if the condom spilts?

A: Remove the doubts from your mind and be careful to have sex with strangers with protection. The chances are getting hiv is limited to your partner being infected with the disease. Take good advice from a doctor on this subject....

What is the chance of getting an hiv virus infected thru dentist

A: I'm a dentist. About the same as the possibility of contracting hiv from equipment sterilized in a hospital. You have to remember that the hiv virus is a weak virus. It is easily killed. Your doctor sterilizes his/her equipment in a steam autoclave that kills even M. tuberculosis spores (an encapsulated dormant bacteria that can survive damn-near anything)....

what is the likelihood of getting hiv through giving oral sex?

A: Contrary to popular belief, oral sex is not a safe alternative to vaginal or anal sex. Chlamydia, human papillomavirus (HPV), gonorrhea, herpes, hepatitis (multiple strains), and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) ? including hiv ? can be transmitted through oral sex.[citation needed] Any kind of direct contact with body fluids of a person infected with hiv (the virus that causes AIDS) should be avoided. In 2005, a research study at the University of Malm? in Sweden suggested that performing unprotected oral sex on a person infected with HPV might increase the risk of oral cancer.[citation needed] Furthermore, oral sex should be...

What are the chances of catching hepatitis from a transfusion?

A: The odds of contracting viral hepatitis from a blood transfusion are about 1 in 100 (versus 1 in 500,000 for hiv). If you''re stuck with a contaminated needle, the risk is 1 in 4 for hepatitis (versus 1 in 2,000 for hiv)....

I Have All Symptoms of hiv But Test Result Is Negitive. Is There Any Chance of hiv?

A: hiv has no signs or symptoms but AIDS has signs and symptoms therefore it is not possible to see any signs for hiv, it is only through an hiv test you can tell if you have contracted the virus. If the result is negative, it means that you either don''t have hiv or you are in your window period (the time it takes for the hiv antibodies to become detectable by a blood test). However, one cannot show symptoms for AIDS without testing positive to hiv because it is hiv that causes AIDS....

Can You Contract hiv Or AIDS Orally?

A: If there is body fluids and blood involved yes, because there is a chance that one of you could of have a scratch in the mouth or some sort of the open area. And if swallowing was somewhat involved as well even it was just a pin drop...
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