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Can A Doctor Refuse To See A Sick child/patient?

A: If you live in the Uk, then the doctor DEFINETLY cannot refuse to see a sick patient, especially a child. It is their job, and their duty to see that your child is in no serious danger and to help with any health problems he/she may have. If your own doctor is refusing to help, just go to the nearest hospital or health center and ask to see a doctor. It doesn''t matter if it''s your doc or not, they can still help.  I hope this helps, Good Luck!...


Under what conditions, if any, should a physician deny further treatment to attempt to keep a patient alive but continuing to provide comfort care, defying the known request of the patient or the family to continue life supportive treatment?

A: I posted this answer on the Bioethics Discussion Blog: From: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/ontario/ontario-hospital-threatened-over-plan-to-take-baby-off-life-support/article1922539/ This case currently in the news in Ontario, Canada, seems a perfect example of what you are talking about. In this case, the infant''s life would likely only be extended by days, if not hours or minutes, by the procedure the parents wish the doctors to perform (a tracheotomy). The doctors wish to take the terminally ill baby off of life support, and likely feel it would cause unnecessary suffering to the patient for a tracheotomy to be done. The parents wish for the baby to die at home, but this can only be accomplished with the requested surgical procedure. The parents do not seem to be...


What Is Inner child Therapy?

A: Inner child therapy refers to a counseling practice which aims to uncover and heal the inner child that “lives” within everyone. Common beliefs state that if a child is damaged, abused, or otherwise traumatized during the impressionable years of development, he or she will likely always have issues pertaining to the areas in which he or she was harmed. For example, a child who is constantly told he is “stupid” will likely continue to believe that into adulthood. Inner child therapy allows the patient to express feelings that were not validated during childhood so that he may move past them. There are several ways that inner


Who is the patient?

A: Gopala, do you mean that a physician should fully ignore the views, requests, desires or values or health and safety of the patient''s family when attending to the medical care of the patient? Can a physician realistically practice medicine without some responsibility to the family? If a husband/patient was found to be HIV positive, should the physician simply treat the patient without any concern or responsibility for the health of the wife even to recommend to the patient that his wife be informed and tested? ..Maurice. The family is integral to care for the patient, especially if the family is involved at the terminal stage of an illness. The family, or some members, often do the home care, which is still hopefully under the direction of the physician (particularly medication...


What Is child Syndrome?

A: Congenital hemidysplasia with ichthyosiform erythroderma, or child syndrome, is an unusual genetic disorder. patients with this condition experience underdevelopment on one side of the body, usually the right, and may have medical complications if the internal organs are involved. Girls are most likely to develop child syndrome because of the pattern of genetic inheritance involved. The rarity of the condition makes it of minimal concern during pregnancy unless there is a family history to consider.. Those with this disorder have errors in the genes responsible for coding an enzyme involved in cholesterol production. They have unusually low cholesterol and also experience buildups of products that the body should...


If the parents of a child refuse to have their child vaccinated, what should the pediatrician or family physician do next?

A: Maurice, you little pot stirrer, you!!! :) I personally feel it is quite concerning when doctors discharge patients who choose not to use vaccination. First, some physicians recommend these patients only be seen at the end of the day, where spreading of any infectious agent can be kept to a minimum. This is often a solution to address the infectivity of their other patients. Patient education is important. In addition, physicians should be proactive about questioning pharma companies re: the need for these multiple vaccinations, their ingredients, etc. I feel this whole vaccination debacle could have been avoided if physicians had been more inquisitive about newly introduced vaccinations and their ingredients...


Autistic child

A: I am still confused as to why this child"s primary insurance is not Aetna. It could because she is a child with special needs. I would not drop the insurance that he carries for her as it is a court order and would have to probably go back to court to have that dropped. What she is telling you is just not true. Once the dr accepts the patient as Medicaid, they cannot bill the parent. The secondary does not determine who sees the child or not But, if the child is taken as a Medicaid patient, the parent would not be charged the difference. That is illegal BUT..the state could come back to him to get repaid for the Medicaid reimbursement. I think you need to get legal help with this. And...

What Is child Psychopathology?

A: child psychopathology is the study of psychiatric disorders of childhood and adolescence. Mental health care providers who work with children specialize in this field so they can offer the best care for their patients. It can also be a subject of interest for social workers, pediatricians, teachers, and other professionals who may need to work with mentally ill children in the course of their careers. Formal education and training are available to provide people with information they can use to apply precepts of child psychopathology to patient care.. There are a number of psychiatric conditions that can manifest in


Can chemotherapy patients have contact with children?

A: Why not? It isn''t "catching". its perfectly alright as long as the children are well, if they have and type of infectious diseases. Because a cancer patient has a low immune system a few days after the chemo. Usually 1 week or 2 weeks after treatment it is OK. But chemo patients have to be careful. yes, in most cases they can. Cancer is not contagious, the only worry would be if the patient has a weakened immune system and the children are sick. Hope this helps. the chemo pt should be very careful about toxic body fluids.. no one should come in contact with the pt''s sweat, saliva, urine etc. The issue is not the child getting cancer but if the patient could be susceptible to a...


Should a child with autism be given the 2nd MMR vaccine?

A: YES! There is really no proven link between autism and vaccines. Why wouldn''t you give them a vaccine? It''s not going to make them worse, but it''ll protect them against the diseases! I did give my daughter her 6 year old vaccines BUT I had the doctor break them up . She got a measles vaccine , then a month later the mumps vaccine , then a month later rubella vaccine . Now 6 months later she got her polio vaccine . Sure , she didn''t love going back to the doc for yet another shot but she got over it . No problems at all . Although there are people out there saying that vaccinations cause autism, there is absolutely no evidence to support this claim. Furthermore, because of the concern (which is unsupported by the available scientific evidence) that was brought up by these groups, the...

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