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What Are the Best Tips for chronic back pain Management?

A: back pain can be one of the most debilitating types of pain one can experience on a daily basis. It can prevent a sufferer from enjoying his or her life, and it can interfere with work or family relationships. It is important to take steps toward chronic back pain management immediately, but first a sufferer must determine the cause of the back pain. Once the root of the back pain has been diagnosed, one must take proactive steps toward improving daily life as part of chronic back


What Are the Best Tips for chronic back pain Relief?

A: chronic back pain is a medical condition in which pain in the back is ongoing, as opposed to pain that goes away after a brief period of time. Some causes of chronic back pain include spinal disorders or traumatic injury. Many people continue to have chronic back pain even after undergoing surgery for the condition. Fortunately, there are some tips available that may be able to help provide chronic back pain relief,...


How can I get rid of my severe chronic back pain?

A: Try sitting up straight to improve your posture, and take some ibuprofen. Having severe-chronic back pain is not only cause by bad posture or MRI but there are also other factors like deficiency in Vitamin B complex; it could also be a fracture due to vigorous exercise or carrying/lifting heavy stuffs; or perhaps a symptom of an underlying illness. Try taking a supplement which has high Vitamin B complex contents to calm your nerves. Take a rest and avoid lifting heavy objects til you feel better. If the symptom persists- consult your doctor. I''m sure they can help you best. You are not specific regarding the location of the chronic back


How Do I Relieve chronic back pain?

A: chronic back pain is one of the most painful ailments that exist, and to make matters worse, it can be difficult to pinpoint the exact source. Often, the pain will progressively worsen over time. Short-term back pain can go away after a matter of days or weeks, and once the back pain has been around for three months or more it is usually diagnosed as chronic. The very first thing you must do when you are going through any back ailment is to seek an opinion or a referral from your family physician. It is the...


What could cause chronic back pain? MRIs show nothing and physical therapy does not help. Only meds help the constant pain. Are tehre any known causes, or good alternative treatments?

A: I would strongly recommend chiropractic treatment. You might also try massage therapy, Interferential current therapy (IFC), ultrasound massage. A quality chiro will offer all of these treatments. Your question is very complex to answer without formal evaluation. There are many cause of acute back pain. Some of the most common sources include disk degeneration/herniations, zygopaphyseal joint arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lumbar myofascial strain... However, these sources if left untreated may worsen over time due to degeneration of the structures which support our backs. And ''chronic pain Syndrome'' for lack of a better term may develop.


What else can I do to get rid of chronic back pain?

A: You can get rid of pain by establishing ground rules. Make a rule, no more pain. Then stick to it. Find a 12 step program like, pain-Away. I had the same problem in my early 20''s. What I found that helped the most was when I stopeed letting doctors poke and prod to figure out what was wrong. Here are some tips that I picked up along the way. If at all possible try to not sit or stand for more than 30 minutes straight. If you have to sit for extended periods of time make sure that the chair has good support in the lower back region, no chairs with the bottom part open. If you have to stand for long periods make sure that the floor is not too hard. If it is tile or cement or even cement under...


What to do for chronic back pain?

A: Yoga has really helped someone I know. Keeping flexible is key.. I work with a number of spine surgeons who hear this complaint often. Believe it or not, to a doctor they do not want to cut on you unless it is absolutely necessary. They prefer to have you attempt to alleviate the pain using some different techniques first. Meds are an option, but to some degree the least positive unless a muscle relaxer is used for almost immediate help - then do the other things.. One stretch that works for me - standing in the shower with hot as I can stand water hitting the most affected part of my back as hard as I can make it, I first swing my left leg forward and back, just the weight of my leg hanging and slowly swinging it....


What Is the New Treatment for chronic back pain?

A: There is an overwhelming amount of current research supporting that manual (''hands-on'') Physical Therapy is the best first line of treatment for back pain. In fact, in a recent February 2010 article in a popular medical journal, Archives of Internal Medicine, it was concluded that traditional care by doctors that included expensive diagnostic tests and medications were not the most effective treatment approach---and contribute to the high costs of managing low back pain which is now estimated at 50 million dollars a year in the United States. Another recent study in another medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, concluded that manual Physical Therapy had the best evidence for...


chronic back pain. 21 yrs old?

A: 23 Sep 2011 Hey Goober, If at all possible try to stay away from the opiates is my first suggestion. There are other avenues to try before becoming dependent on them. The cortisone shots may be enough. There are some other non narcotic pain meds you could inquire about such as Lyrica or a non steroidal anti inflammatory such as Celebrex. Don''t know for sure if these would be of any help but worth asking the doctor. As side from the medicinal therapy you could also try physical therapy to help alleviate stress on the sites of herniation. The doctor would be the one to advise and prescribe this type therapy. Best wishes, Laurie Votes:+0CommentVote upReport sweet lemon23 Sep 2011 Hi Goober! I just want to say welcome to this site!! I too suffer from


chronic back pain since c-section/epidural

A: chronic back pain since c-section/epidural Part 2 I have had sooooooo much pain for 2 years now since my epi I have been on vicoprophen now referd to pain clinic they say its osteopenia n disc probs blah blah going for mri. nothing helps. now they think its a pinched nerve. I KNOW its from the epi! I want the dr to take responsibility. I understand it was an emergency c setion but they should know their job n not cripple ppl I am now disabled from working health care cuz I can not lift more than 10 lbs. i cant bent Its awful. I went from a decent salary to 12000 a year. its embarrassing to collect a disability check at 32. My neck now hurts as well because of the...
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