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How Do I Treat a chronic ear Infection?

A: A chronic ear infection is an infection in the middle ear that returns again and again, eventually causing permanent damage and hearing problems. There are many ways to treat a chronic ear infection, such as with antibiotics, steroids, through a variety of surgeries, and even some home remedies. The course of treatment is dependent on the duration and severity of the infection. In order to understand the reasons behind the treatments for a chronic ear infection, it is important to first know the causes and symptoms. Most ear infections are...


My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn't helping any suggestions?

A: I have no good suggestions other than making sure she takes a good childrens mulitvitamin. I would suggest switching your home to all natural cleaning and laundry products though to ge the toxic chemicals out of the home. When you do switch them do not put them into your regular trash as they need to be take to a toxic waste recycling plant. Many are considered registered pesticides. Also you may want to consider dabbing tea trea oil on a cotton ball and putting this in her ears at night for a while to see if this helps. My girlfriend has great luck taking her child to a chiropractor. Her child was miserable all the time, had 3 sets of tubes put in and nothing ever helped. Once she took him to the chiropractor, the ear


18 month old with C-diff and chronic ear infections

A: This situation can be difficult to manage. There are a few things to keep in mind. First, regarding the ear infections. It is now thought that about 80% of ear infections will resolve on their own without antibiotic treatment. The generally recommended method now is to give the ear infection 24-48 hours with just pain control. If the pain is not resolving, or the ear infection does not appear to be resolving antibiotics can be started. Also, for persistent ear infections that are failing treatment the recommendation is to give three doses of ceftriaxone (intramuscular...


Any specific information and MEDICATIONS on treating a chronic ear infection in one ear of a seven year old Cocker Spaniel?

A: I also have a seven year old Cocker Spaniel that had chronic ear infections... however she also ended up cauliflower ear and had her ear canals removed -but i do know that Cocker Spaniels are known for having ear troubles, I can get more information about the medication we used and other information soon, I''ll tell as soon as I can....


ear infections... has anyone ever suffered with chronic ear infections? what were you told by your DR. was causing them?

A: My son''s ear infections were do to dairy and sugar. Ice cream was the worse. He made many ear infections until Mamasunotheremuch said: 1 I don''t have any links, but I do seem to remember that many ear infections are viral while others are caused by a type of yeast. Viral will need to run it''s course unless an antiviral is prescribed and the yeast variety will need to be treated accordingly. Usually, antibiotics only treat the secondary bacterial infection that is created. I never got


Can chronic ear infections Cause Long-Term Hearing Loss?

A: ear infections are common in childhood. As with your daughter, some kids do have temporary hearing loss due to the accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, but it usually goes away with treatment. It''s very rare, however, for kids to develop permanent hearing loss, even when they''ve had several ear infections. A child with frequent or chronic ear infections is at risk for permanent hearing loss only when damage has been done to the eardrum, the bones of the ear, or the...


I''ve been to 8 different ENT''s for over 30 years. None of them could stop my chronic ear infections. What should I do?

A: My mother stopped all of our ear infections by mixing white vinegar and rubbing alcohol half and half and putting a few drops in each ear. The vinegar kills the bacteria; the alcohol dries it out. If you have an active infection, it burns like fire and you think you will die. In maintainance stages, it feels just like water. Get tested for food allergies. http://www.consumer-health.com/services/cons_take44.htm http://www.webmd.com/allergies/news/20040622/food-allergies-may-be-linked-to-ear-infection http://www.silcom.com/~dwsmith/midear.html...


My Cocker Spaniel Has Horrible Allergies. Can''t Afford Allergy Testing Am Looking For Homemade Dog Food Recipes That Might Help. She Also Has chronic ear infections. Can You HELP?

A: I buy a dog food that has only chicken and vegetables.  Stay away from beef and lamb,  watch for fillers, grain and soy products.  Then I mix 1/2 dog food with a mixture of what I cook.  5 Chicken thighs skinned, 1 bag of green beans, (frozen) 1 bag mixed veges  (Broccili and Calif, Carrots)  My dogs don''t like corn or peas, they spit them out.  1 can diced tomatoes.  1 cup chicken stock, and 1 cup brown rice. After it is cooked in the slow cooker and cooled, I add 2 tablespoons of olive oil.  I have 3 large dogs and this will last me 2 days.  The olive oil helps with the itchy skin.  The ear infections are normally yeast and...

I have a chronic ear infection problem. Is there a cure available on this? Do I need a surgery?

A: This resource may be helpful to read: http://www.earsite.com/ear_infections/otitis_media.html Have you discovered the cause of this problem?...

My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn

A: Stop giving her any milk or milk-related products. It's making too much mucus, clogging her head, and creating infections. "The most common allergens implicated in ear infection are cow?s milk and dairy products, wheat, eggs, chocolate, citrus, corn, soy, peanuts or other nuts, shellfish, sugar, and yeast. Dairy is the number one contributor to childhood ear problems" http://www.healthychild.com/ear-infectio......
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