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Chronic pelvic pain syndrome answers (190)

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A possible pelvic pain resolution?

A: Matt: It"s not likely that you have IBS with constipation as the main symptom, but the abdominal pains could suggest that as a possibility. I don"t think that muscle relaxants are going to help with defecation, although they should help with some of the other symptoms.  Constipation is treatable with laxatives, and slow urinary flow can be treated with alpha blockers.  So far, you"ve tried neither.  Elavil is also sometimes helpful in chronic pain syndromes. Other treatments for chronic pelvic pain syndrome include hot sitz baths, avoiding caffeine-smoking-alcohol-hot...

Is there any new treatmentys fror men who suffer from chrnic pelvic pain ?

A: This sounds like a very frustrating and debilitating condition. I am awed by your toughness and perseverance after so many years of suffering. I tracked down the doctor you are talking about (it took awhile, but for a situation like this I was going to see it through to the end). What follows is her complete contact information, followed by an abstract from one of her recent research papers describing what I think is the situation you are dealing with. Jeannette Potts, M.D. Glickman Urological Institute Cleveland Clinic Main Campus Mail Code A100 9500 Euclid Avenue Cleveland, OH 44195 Phone: (216) 445-7801 Eamil: pottsj@ccf.org ''Prostatitis is a broad term used to describe inflammation of the prostate that may be associated with a myriad of lower urinary tract symptoms and symptoms of...


pelvic pain help please

A: Hi,There are various organ pathologies which can lead to chronic pelvic pain. It may originate in gynecologicorgans (cervix, uterus, or uterine adnexa) or nongynecologic organs such as kidney, bladder, appendix, pelvicinflammatory disease, etc. If the pain occurring is continuous since February without any cyclical change, itis definitely not premenstrual syndrome. The conditions which might be causing it may be uterine fibroids,ovarian masses, adnexal torsion, inflammatory bowel disease, appendicitis, diverticulitis, tumors,constipation, intestinal obstruction, perirectal abscess, cystitis, renal stones, etc. I would suggest you toconsult a...


Is there any literature on pelvic congestion syndrome and its diagnosis and management? Is it a real condition and has there been any research into treating it

A: GP Notebook has a chapter on pelvic congestion syndrome [1], this can be viewed by following the URL in the reference section.  This should give a useful overview of management.    The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists has a guideline on chronic pelvic pain [2].  This includes the following passage:   “Other proposed causes of cyclical pain, such as pelvic venous congestion, also appear to be well-controlled by ovarian suppression.”   In addition Cochrane have recently published a systematic review on chronic

chronic pelvic and rectal pain

A: Thank you for providing such a thorough description of your symptoms.  Since your symptoms seem to be affected by food, it sounds like there is probably some kind of gastrointestinal problem.  It would be a good idea to see a gastroenterologist.  I would suggest writing down your symptoms as you did here to give to him/her to be sure you don''t forget anything.  Some possibilities you may want to discuss with the doctor include: irritable bowel syndrome, celiac disease, Crohn''s disease and diverticulitis.    I hope you''re able to get some answers soon.  You shouldn''t have to continue living with this pain....


Can sitting too long in a certain way cause pelvic pain?

A: On One Hand: pain Is Usually Caused By A Medical Conditionpelvic pain is typically caused by a gynecological problem or medical condition. For example, the following gynecological conditions might cause pelvic pain: endometriosis, vulvodynia pelvic inflammatory disease, ovarian cysts, dysmenorrhea or pelvic adhesions. Non-gynecological causes of pelvic pain include irritable bowel syndrome, interstitial cystitis, diverticulitis and bladder cancer. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists explains that ''often there is more than...


I have chronic period pain whick makes me unable to do normal day to day activity. My period only lasy a few days but iam quite heavy. I never used to get bad pain but it seems to be getting worse. Is it normal?

A: Hi, How are you? Dysmenorrhea or pain during periods may be primary or secondary. Primary dysmenorrhea is notrelated to any specific problems with the uterus or other pelvic organs while secondary dysmenorrhea isattributed to some underlying disease or structural abnormality. Some causes include: endometriosis, fibroids,ovarian cysts, premenstrual syndrome (PMS)or stress and anxiety. In your case, this may be primary and isnormal. A heating pad may help. Drink warm beverages and eat light but frequent meals. Keep your legselevated while lying down, or lie on your side with your knees bent. If the pain persists, tryover-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicine and have this evaluated by your...


Myofascial pain syndrome vs Fibromyalgia vs mixed connective tissue disease

A: I have both fibro and myofascial pain and your symptoms sound a lot like mine. I do take narcotic pain meds. Sometimes they work sometimes they dont sad to say. I also get trigger poing injections. They help a lot. Sorry you are having to go thru all this. Gentle hugs singin Thanks Singin, I guess I just needed some reassurance that this is probably what it is. I''m an RN and having worked in just about every field of nursing I question everything. Do you have to take pain medication every day? Did you ever wonder if it was Lymes? Seems like the symptoms are so identical. I may go to a Lyme literate doc to rule out all possiibilities. Once that''s done then I''ll be at peace. Hope you''re having a


where is the bowel located-- treatment for pelvic pain

A: Hi there - Yes, the bowel, the formal bowel, anyway, the last length of the colon, is located in that area, and more often than not pain originating in it would be felt there, which makes the problem more confusing because much of the gut (large and small intestine, actually) occupy virtually the same space as the ovaries, etc. They are similarly innervated, too. Gynological pain can trigger reflex bowel symptoms sometimes, even. For this reason, the referral to a GI specialist isn''t unreasonable, everything else being equal. I hope this is helpful. Best of luck to you. Hi, thanks for you earlier replies, I went for a 3rd opion today & Got a 3rd opinion. I was hoping for a tie breaker, but no luck. So my pelvic


Intersistial Cystitis (or bladder pain syndrome)

A: Hi Stephsmom, and welcome to the family. Just sorry pain brings you here. Hi Stephs mom - I am a Fibro sufferer that first suffered with Severe IC for many years before being diagnosed with Fibro.  My IC continued to get worse and then after a few surgeries and sickness, it seemed to spread to my whole body and got worse - hence the fibro.  Now they both bother me probably equally. I have had bladder issues all my life. I was diagnosed with IC as an adult. I also have a few other problems that go along with fibro. (thyroid, celiac, osteopenia, my issues with always being tired seems to be becoming on more and more lately.) I really feel sorry for anyone with IC. Sometimes when I was having horrible issues with the IC, it was as bad as labor

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