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chronic upper back pain

A: Osama I see symptoms like this quite often. As you know I can not diagnosis your symptoms over the internet, however I can give you a differential diagnosis. With a problem like this there are a few things to consider. (1)  what structure(s) is/are involved in the symptoms. This can be muscle, nerve or joint structures. (2) Then we have to decide which structures are the primary problem and which are secondary. (3) what is causing that structure to be dysfunctional. Most people in your situation have involvement of muscle. However, this muscle involvement is almost always secondary. The muscles of the neck/thoracic spine get increased tone due to some other underlying problem. The pain you describe can be caused by several things. A few of them...

chronic upper back pain behind shoulder blade, radiates down mid and lower back

A: I Have had the same problem started in the right shoulder blade area then it started moving to the other side. After three weeks it started moving down my lats both sides. I went to a physical therapist and they thought it was a rib out of place so they started trying to move my ribs and stretch me,all that did was transport the pain from mid back into my traps and now it feels like my whole body is stiff. i have to stretch every morning and every hour though out the day.It feels like there are rubber bands in my legs that are tightening its so painful to stretch my legs out mainly in my calf''s when i stretch legs. My Neck so tight all the time feels like i cant...


i have chronic upper back pain. nothing my doctor prescribes has had any effect. any suggestions.

A: Hi, Treatment options depend on the cause and type of pain. Along with taking your medications, engage yourself in a routine moderate physical activity to strengthen your muscles. Flexibility exercises before and after physical activity certainly helps with back pain. Low-impact aerobic exercises like walking helps to strengthen the muscles. Lumbar extension strength training helps to improve back mobility. Getting the help of physical therapy along with your regular medications would serve you better. Please discuss with your physician if your pain is persistent. Good luck....


How Do I Choose the Best Method of upper back pain Relief?

A: Whether it is caused by a sudden injury or a lifetime of poor habits, upper back pain can be annoying or even debilitating. Luckily, there are a number of different methods of upper back pain relief. Choosing the best method of upper back pain relief for you can be a matter of trial and error, and may vary depending on the cause of your pain. Common methods of upper back pain relief include taking painkillers, applying ice or heat, stretching and...


How Do I Choose the Best upper back pain Remedies?

A: Choosing the best upper back pain remedies is sometimes a difficult process because you must first determine what is causing the pain in the first place. upper back pain remedies will vary according to the cause of the pain, and some remedies will be quite simple while others may require a long-term plan or one or more visits to a doctor. If your pain is persistent or chronic, visit a doctor to find out what is causing the pain and ask for the doctor''s recommendations. If the doctor prescribes medication to help...


what is causing my upper back pain

A: backache is an ailment which is normally associated with a sedentary lifestyle or hazardous work pattern. Most jobs these days involve sitting for long hours and working on the desk top. An upper back pain is normally a result of such work pattern. In the case of psychological conditions due to emotional stress, occasional attacks of muscle spasms may also result in backache. The main causes of backache are joint strain, poor posture, muscular tension, and lack of nutrition in the diet. chronic illnesses like prostrate or kidney problem, influenza and arthritis may also cause backache. ...

Does anyone know of any good home remedy's for chronic low back pain ?

A: 1. A good chiropractor. Search youtube lower back stretches. 2. I see a compassionate and affordable chiropractor who uses a technique called Network Spinal Analysis. It''s gentle touch (no cracking), holistic, and very effective. You could see if there''s a doctor in your area at this website http://www.wiseworldseminars.com/nsa/practitioners/ I wouldn''t want chronic low back pain. It would affect too much of my life. Good luck. 3. back pain is caused by pinched muscles in your lower back a very common ailment for men. Here is how you can easily release those trapped muscles to free you from the


Causes of upper back pain, crawling feeling? please read?

A: 1. Neat - it''s little muscles cramping. What you need is - as you know - to sit up straight and let your arms hang and relax - and if you can get somebody to rub your neck and shoulders a little, that really helps too. 2. This is from an article that will be helpful to you: "Did you know that your upper back is the most complex area of your spine? Most of us think that upper back pain is caused by injuries or trauma, but just by sitting for a long time on your chair or leaning over your desk for a few hours a day can put a lot of strain and cause chronic upper back


Is it true you can get upper back pain if the back is exposed to air when sweating after excercising?

A: 1. Thats normal, its the muscle pain, sweat comes out of your body, its not able to hurt you on the outside or insidem however, you should no your limits and when you ache, you take a rest for 1 week to recover, next time take it more easy and use a towel or w.e to wipe the sweat away. 2. It sounds like you have a minor muscle strain in your delts or lats. That theory makes no sense. 3. if the air is shockingly cold on your warm muscles it can cuase them to tighten up too much. 4. it hurts because you exercised. it has nothing to do w/ sweat 5. I don't think so. The pain may be caused by a stretched muscle, apply some ice which usually helps. 6. Not from sweat or air.....exercizing maybe...but not from sweat or air...you have a problem...

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