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Does co-enzyme q-10 work with prescription medication for treating epilepsy

A: Bahamas: Be careful. You might want to ask a pharmacist about this. I can''t take it with my meds. I tried. It made me have more seizures. I also can''t take or eat anything with flaxseed in it. These E meds don''t mix well with herbs. It tells you on some of the information sheets that come with the meds not to mix herbs with these meds. They can be a deadly mixture. I tried to take some other supplements and they backfired on me. I know you''re looking for some answers and some fixes for this - we all are. I wish it was a quick fix and all was done. It''s not like diabetes where you take some insulin and it fixes you....


Does co-enzyme q-10 have any negative side effects?

A: Jon, I used this years ago when I was working out at the gym and I remember no negative side effects....


A: I have not examined you or the patient in question, reviewed the medical record, associated laboratory studies, or imaging. What follows is offered to you for information purposes, only and does not constitute treatment.  I advise an examination from a qualified healthcare professional before undertaking any course of treatment. Ventricular ectopy (skipped beats) commonly referred to premature ventricular contractions-PVC"s is common in the general population, especially in athletic individuals with slow heart rates.   When the pulse rate drops below fifty the atrioventricular...


Do you get your vitamins from the food that you eat or from supplements?

A: Well, I do take some supplements, Multi Vitamins, co enzyme q 10 and also Chromium Picolinate, and when I remember I also take cod liver oil capsules in the winter! But most of my Vitamins come from good home cooked food, you can't beat it!...


Persistent pain in sternum

A: Dear JT, First of all, what kind of traction are you doing in the office, and for what diagnosis/problem?  Second of all, the EPA/DHA needs to be At least 4000mg daily, and the chondroitin/MSM/glucosamine needs to be a minimum of 2000mg daily, and you should take this in divided doses if possible.  **please see additional nutritional recommendations for bone/tendon/cartilage injury below** Moving on, sternal and rib injuries can be very problematic because of the fact there is no known specific fix for the problem.  in addition micro-fracture is common with these injuries, but is not easily visualized on standard x-rays.  For confirmation, a...


About Vitamins

A: Hello Wes, Thanks for your question.  It is often confusing to know what is best for your health, and there"s much conflicting information.  So it"s great that you are looking to be proactive in your health.  For the most individualized information, I would suggest consulting a holistic doc or naturopathic doc (www.naturopathic.org).  They would be able to do full assessment on your whole health and set you up to prevent chronic health conditions now, while you are still in a good position to do so.  You may want to especially look at the reasons for being tired without the supplements.  While a multivitamin and B


back pain upon waking

A: Dear Toni, Sorry for the delay, but this is a bit complicated, and I wanted to get you as much information as possible.  You have multiple issues to deal with, but they are all inter-related to some extent. The first problem is that you have PcoS.   In women with PcoS, the ovary doesn"t make all of the hormones it needs for any of the eggs to fully mature. They may start to grow and accumulate fluid, but no one egg becomes large enough, and some may remain as cysts. Since no egg matures or is released, ovulation does not occur and the hormone progesterone is not made. Without progesterone, a woman?s menstrual cycle is irregular or absent. Also, the cysts produce male...


injured ribs

A: Dear Glenn, I think it would be fine for you to return to work, but you must do your best to eliminate excessive movements.  If you can pick up slower shifts, even though the money is not as good, it would be better for your healing time. I don"t think late night Friday and Saturday shifts would be the best thing for your recovery at this point. Ultimately if you re-injure the area, or prolong the normal healing time, it will only keep you out of work longer. If you return to work I would recommend that you lightly wrap the ribs in question for stability, but remember to wrap only when absolutely necessary.  Also, keep your immune system function at top notch levels.  Reduce bad foods, reduce...


stress fracture

A: Dear Samuel, A chiropractic physician is a great choice if you want to help improve the spinal biomechanics to allow for better sports performance, but adjusting the spine will not increase the healing rate for the stress fracture.  The most accepted form of care for a stress fracture is just rest from the activity that has produced it.  You are usually looking at a minimum of 4 weeks away from competition. However, many chiropractors employ a device called the low level laser or cold laser technology which uses laser technology to match the healing frequencies in your body and they do have protocols for soft tissue and bone healing...this may be a viable option to help the...


Rib cartlidge

A: Dear Lisa, There is a newer type of therapy aimed at the alleviation of pain by re-establishing a measure of corrective inflammation to stimulate collagen growth/repair of injured tissues.  collagen is the building block of soft tissue such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons.  This may offer you a measure of success in repairing the injury.  This therapy is called Prolotherapy and is performed with local injections, which will not require time away from work. I do not have detailed knowledge on the subject, so I am going to send you one of the best websites to look over.   http://www.prolotherapy.org/ The information on this site is well organized, and...

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