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What Are the Different Types of cough remedies?

A: When suffering from an annoying cough, there are several types of cough remedies that may offer some relief. Some of the most popular remedies are over-the-counter (OTC) medicines, like cough syrups. For more persistent or serious coughs, a prescription cough remedy may be necessary. Some individuals may also prefer home cough remedies.. cough remedies usually bring to mind over-the-counter medicines, which are often combined with cold medicine. cough syrups are probably the most common


What are the Best cough remedies?

A: cough remedies come in numerous types, and looking down an aisle at a local pharmacy, shoppers will find a bunch that promise to end coughs and promote comfort. It would be fantastic if these actually worked, but many have been judged relatively ineffective. Thus finding the appropriate cough remedy is something like attempting to capture the wisdom of the ages and modern science at the same time, and there are a few methods that may help ultimately end cough. Most people will first consider over the counter (OTC) cough remedies, and these usually come in a few forms. The most common are suppressants, usually...


What Is the Best Dry cough Remedy?

A: Dry, hacking coughs can be caused by a number of reasons, including illness, allergies, smoking, or even just dry air at home or at work. They can be persistent and difficult to get rid of permanently. There are many ways to treat dry coughs, however, and many are quite simple and involve items found around the home. The first and most important dry cough remedy is to quit smoking. Smoking is one of the leading causes of a persistent dry cough, and it can easily lead to other illnesses as well. Another dry cough remedy that can be effective is to stay hydrated. Be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the day to prevent dryness. Tea with honey and lemon can also...


What Are the Different Types of Dry cough remedies?

A: Having a dry cough can be a source of irritation that can leave one`s throat feeling itchy and sore. Severe cases often require prescription medication from a doctor, but many milder cases can be treated by employing some dry cough remedies at home. Effective treatments include inhaling steam, throat lozenges, warm tea and drinking plenty of water. Usually these techniques will eliminate a dry cough within a few days.. Inhaling a substantial amount of steam once or twice a day is one of the most effective dry cough remedies. Steam is a great way to relieve an itchy throat and eliminate the cough. One way to produce...


I am 6 weeks pregnant and took a cough remedy containing Phenylephrine last week. Have I put my baby risk?

A: No, almost certainly there''s no problem. Phenylephrine is not recommended to be used in pregnancy because there is not enough data to establish that it is safe-rather than any evidence that it could be harmful. It is a drug that acts on alpha receptors in blood vessles causing them to narrow, rather like adrenaline and noradrenaline (epinephrine and norepinephrine in the US). It could theoretically raise your blood pressure if taken in large doses, however the doses in cold and cough remedies are very small....

HELP!!!! Dry cough remedy.?

A: marlboro I have a home remedy for a cute mom, but you will have to come home with me to get it. Camomile tea, with much honey, lime tree tea, with honey, I gave this to my girl. deep throat try a glass of warm orange juice with honey. Here are a few simple home remedies that will help to overcome cough. Have honey in a hot drink before bed time.To relieve fits of coughing due to dryness in the throat, suck a few pepper corns. Check out http://useinfo6.blogspot.com/ for more remedies and information. dry colds ,plenty of fluids ,honet mead drinks ,cough lollies ,rub their chests with vicks helps to break the mucus with dry colds ,and their backs as well ,really hot...


cough remedy

A: cough home remedies  You have not given any other details about your cough. A cough is usually caused when your body harbors an infection of some kind.  If your cough is accompanied by a running nose, and a fever, then you should consult your doctor about these symptoms. For a cold you can try some of these home remedies. Gargling with hot water will soothe your throat and give you relief. Add some salt or even a pinch of turmeric to help clear your throat. Warm water, drunk through the day, will also soothe your throat. Another effective remedy is a light herbal tea made with the juice of half a lemon and a tablespoon of honey...

what is a real good cough remedy?

A: cough home remedy There are several cough suppressants easily available in and around the home. The first of these are grapes, which are an excellent expectorant. They clear up the lungs and provide breathing relief almost immediately. One cup of grape juice and a teaspoon of honey can be taken thrice a day. One cup of onion juice mixed with two tablespoons of honey also has the effect of removing phlegm from the system. Milk as hot as you can take it with half a teaspoon of turmeric powder will help suppress coughs. If the taste is too bitter for you, feel free to add a couple of teaspoons honey to the mix. You may also add crushed holy basil leaves to this mix. Turmeric powder is a natural healer and an...

Dry cough remedies for 6 year old child?

A: There is this stuff that melts in your mouth called Juinor Strength Rapid Tabs for 6-11 year olds. They are at all Walgreens in the drug sections , I guess. Check it out. But, try a doctor if it''s a dry cough. demtapp with cough surpressent works and it will taste yummy tylenol. cough and cold. had to buy some the other day too I too have a 6 yr old whom I don''t like to give cough syrup to. Before she goes to bed, I massage VICKS on her feet and put socks on them. This seems to get rid of her cough for the night. I read a doctors column which it was suggested, and it works wonderfully!! Good luck. Water - he needs more water in his system. the dry heat from the...


Night cough remedy for acute infectious bronchitis?

A: I just had that not too long ago, and I would def. recommend either a vaporizor in your room or a vicks plug in. All that requires is for you to buy the individual vicks slits that spread the smell of vicks vaporizing throughout your room and soothes everything! That helps A LOT with the cough. I''ve been there. I hope you feel better! THE REASON WHY IT IS WORSE AT NIGHT IS BECAUSE LYING DOWN PRODUCES MORE MUCUS TO DRAIN DOWN THE THROAT AND THAT IS WHAT ULTIMATELY MAKES YOU cough. MY 2 YEAR OLD SON HAS JUST BEEN DIAGNOSED WITH BRONCHITUS, UPPER RESPERITORY INFECTION AND MIDDLE EAR INFECTION. HE''S BEEN coughING NON-STOP FOR TWO DAYS NOW. THE ONLY THING I''M TRYING IS A VAPORIZOR RIGHT BY HIS HEAD...LOADED WITH...

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