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What is a urogram?

A: A urogram is a radiograph, or X-ray image, of the urinary tract. The process of obtaining a urogram is known as urography. urograms are utilized in diagnostic testing for various conditions related to the urinary tract, and they are also used to follow up on treatment for conditions like kidney stones and cancers of the urinary tract. As a general rule, urography is an outpatient procedure. When patients arrive at the X-ray department for a urography procedure, they are injected with a contrast medium which will help define the structures of the urinary tract on X-ray....

BPH vs.Prostatitis

A: Jeff, both prostatitis and BPH can give similar symptoms (such as frequency) as they affect the same gland.  However, prostatitis symptoms alone are flared by sexual activity.  Also, your long history of symptoms in a relatively young man (42) would fit more with prostatitis.  Microscopic examination & culture of the prostatic fluid will help in the differential.  The presence of pus cells greater than 5 per ml is strongly in favor of prostatitis.  If the culture is also positive, you have bacterial prostatitis and if negative, abacterial prostatitis.  In prostadynia (also called prostatic congestion syndrome) both pus cells and bacteria...

Kidney stone in child

A: My pleasure! I really think he needs a nephrologist and I"m glad you"re going to see one.  Your son also needs a real urine culture because the dip stick tests do not pick up all organisms, only the very common ones.  Please let me know what turns up. Sincerely, Dr. Falkinburg...


A: Hi Shane, there is a golden role in urology say hematuria(blood in urine)=cystoscopy because u will not lose anything if cystoscopy find nothing but u will lose alot if u didn"t do cystoscopy and there was something but to make you happy,there is 2 thing make me kinda sure that you will be free 1st,your age,cancer are very rare in your age,it happen but very very rare 2nd it"s microscopic hematuria not macroscopic and that mean it maybe not urological problem but nephrological problem which it"s easier to be treated,so the most important thing now u tell me if there is RBCs cast beside blood in your urine analysis or not and u will give me my last oponin...

lower back pain and blood in urine

A: Dear Kori, I have an old saying.."back pain in the absence of fever is never from the kidney, it"s from the back".  The main exception to this is kidney stone and the red flag for kidney stone is blood in the urine.  Therefore, I believe you need to be worked up for kidney stone disease.  You need to have a renal ultrasound exam to be sure there is no obstruction to the flow of urine then probably a ct urogram. My recommendation is for you to see a urologist and if for some reason, no stone is found, then a nephrologist because if there is no stone, the blood still needs to be evaluated and he/she would be best qualified to do that. I bet you have a stone though. Thanks for your question and...

complex renal cyst

A: Dear Tiffany, You need to see a new nephrologist, if you have not already seen one. He is best qualifies to evaluate your stones to see if there is some metabolic issue that can be addressed to prevent you from having further stones. A complex renal cyst does not cause pain but it can be a manifestation of cancer of the kidney.  although you are young for kidney cancer, it can occur and waiting six months is "off the wall".  You need to have a ct urogram and need it repeated in two, no longer that three months to be sure the cyst is stable.  It will also give another look at the collecting system and the surrounding tissues to be sure that there is nothing there causing your pain. Hematuria...

Bleeding on ejaculation and erection

A: Sheldon: A transrectal ultrasound might be helpful, but it sounds like you"ve had a complete workup.  Hematospermia usually clears up by itself.  If not, any abnormality should show up on the tests you"ve already had.  It sounds like your problem may not be detectable.  However, consider a second urology opinion to make sure that nothing was overlooked....

I am an anaemic. Pl tell me can drinking spinach juice frequently lead to formation of stone in kidney?

A: in my opinion, drinking spinach daily hasn''t lead to formation of kidney stone, lots of factor that cause stone formation. but besides drinks spinach juice, i also suggest you to eat eggs, beef and other greeny vegetables.. but why are you anemic? are you having a kidney problem? yes drinking spinach juice forms stone in kidney..so it is better to have ''chakandar'' easily available in market.. eat green leafy vegetables and u may try a tonic after concerning a doctor I''m also anaemic, my Doctor told me to eat more red meat that''s lean in fat. Take a low dose iron pill (because the pill will constipate you). Make sure you drink orange juice it will help in absorbing the iron, almost any type of juice will work....

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