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What Are the Different Types of Ganglion cyst surgery?

A: A ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled cyst. While they can occur along any joint or tendon in the body, they most commonly are found along the tendons or in the joint of the wrist, along the fingers, or on the soles of the feet. These fluid cysts are classified as a benign tumor. In cases where the cysts cause discomfort or restrict movement, different types of ganglion cyst surgery are used to remove them. The type of surgery used depends on the type of cyst that is present and where it is located. What causes ganglion cysts is not known, but the occurrence of similar...


What Is Involved Ovarian cyst surgery?

A: Most ovarian cysts go away on their own, and thus do not need surgery. The ones that do require surgical removal are usually large, cancerous, extremely painful, or solid. During the surgery, an incision will be made, the cyst will be removed, and tissue will be tested if cancer is suspected. Either staples or stitches will be used to close the area, and pain medication will be offered to treat the abdominal discomfort that usually comes with this treatment. While ovarian cyst surgery usually only takes a couple hours, the hospital stay is typically at least three days, followed by a recovery period of up to four weeks. This kind of...


Ovarian cyst surgery

A: It really can depend on the size of the cyst. I know a woman who had a very large cyst removed and she dropped a tremendous amount of weight afterwards. Certainly check with your doctor about the actual size of the cyst that was removed and find out if this would be the cause for your weight loss....


cyst surgery 2 days, thin jaw query

A: Rose -  As in any removal of a wisdom tooth there are concerns relative to other anatomical structure nearby.  The most commonly injured structure is the mandibular nerve that provides sensation to the lip, chin and teeth in front of the wisdom tooth.  If that nerve is injured, and from the films the nerve abuts the tooth and cyst, you may have numbness afterwards for a period of time. As far as fracturing the jaw, if the surgeons are careful and segment the tooth into a number of pieces, the removal of the tooth should proceed without producing a lot of force on the jaw.  Of course, there are always potential problems that arise that cannot be predicted,but if you are having the surgery by either a board certified...

Ganglion cyst surgery

A: I got a cyst removed when I was about 16. It was "in bloom" before the operation. IANAD so I can''t say whether the operation will be successful, but the recovery was a bandage over about 5 stitches. Nothing major, I just had to be careful making unusual movements with that wrist until they removed the stitches. The cyst has never returned....


Ganglion cyst surgery aftercare

A: I had a ganglion cyst removed exactly 2 weeks ago and I know exactly what you're going through. My fingers felt the same way. Keep moving them every day so that they don't get stiff. The pain will eventually go away, I can now move my fingers without much discomfort. After your stitches are taken out it will hurt even less. The top of my hand is still numb as well and my doctor said it's because some of the nerve endings get cut during the surgery. He said the feeling there will come back, but I don't know when. My problem now is that I can't bend my wrist forward, but I'm starting physical therapy soon so hopefully that will go away. Good luck with your recovery!...

What are the types of ovarian cyst surgery?

A: The type of surgery used depends on the size of the cyst and how it appears on the ultrasound. The different procedures used include: Laparoscopy — This is a procedure in which the doctor inserts a small device through an incision in the abdomen. He or she views the reproductive organs and pelvic cavity using the device. If the cyst is small, the doctor can remove it through tiny incisions made in the pubic hairline.Laparotomy — This procedure uses a bigger incision to remove the cyst. The cyst will be tested for cancer. If it is cancer, the doctor may need to remove one or both ovaries, the uterus, a fold of fatty tissue called the omentum and some lymph...


Ganglion cyst surgery-help

A: Sometime laser or ultrasound can be used to remove that, but it all depend on what size it is and how far is it in your feet....

Ovarian cysts surgery? Im 13?

A: You wont feel anything you will be knocked out I know its scary I have had them before but they need to remove it so it doesnt cause anymore problems. Your mom will be there for you to so dont panick. Plus after surgery they will give you pain killers so you wont feel anything after either....


ruptured cyst surgery effect fetus?

A: I was put to sleep at 13 weeks and given those medications because I had to get a cerclage and my baby is fine, I think your baby will be fine, keep it. I say keep it too! When I got pregnant with my first, it was unexpected (I was on the pill) and I drank like a fish. I felt terrible, but I didn''t know! The doctor told me that it happens a lot, because people don''t know, and it was likely to early to be concerned- the worst time is at like 6-8 weeks pregnant I guess. My baby was perfectly healthy and I am sure yours will be too!! Congratulations, by the way!! think about all the people that drink or have done drugs before they knew they were even pregnant, 3weeks none of that is going to cause harm. your fine. keep the baby. btw both of those pain meds are safe durning pregnancy and...

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