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Spotting after sex / ovarian Cyst - ovarian Cancer?

A: May I ask how old you are? I don''t know a lot about ovarian problems, but based on your symptom, I suggest you get a pap and ask for an HPV test. The bleeding could be from cervical or uterine problems. Also, ask your doctor if he/she does the thinprep pap. If he/she doesn''t, then ask for it. Has your doctor scheduled another ultrasound to look at your ovaries? Hi ~ I will be 38 in August. My doctor suggested I have another ultrasound in 8 weeks (next ultrasound is scheduled for Aug). At your next appointment, you might ask your doctor about a colposcopy with an ECC to determine if the cervix is involved, especially the cervical canal. Hello Parker, PickleEyes has given you some excellent advice. Have the cervix and uterus...


ovarian cysts? ovarian cancer?

A: Before anything else, you won't be able to know for sure until you get screened by an OBGyn. Everyone has different symptoms for different conditions, so just because you and I experience the same things doesn't mean we have the same things. Especially with a family history of cancer, you need to be vigilant in getting your regular exams- most people don't start until 18, but you have good reasons to go now. ovarian cysts are usually harmless pests. They occur and usually resolve naturally without you even noticing. Some of them can be painful until they resolve. Some can twist and do all sorts of awesome, painful things but it rarely does anything other than cause pain. If they don't resolve after a period of time,...


Complex ovarian cysts..ovarian Cancer??

A: Midwestmama, I think you need to do what you feel will give you piece of mind. Personally, I would want the whole package removed and yes, I would advocate for a second opinion. Do you know who the doctor was that treated your mother and grandmothers. It might be a good idea if you saw the same doctor (only if you feel comfortable with the person) because he/she already knows your family history. That is of course if this doctor practices close to your home. If not than your first though of seeing a gyn/onc is another option that is definately worth investigating. Good luck and let me know how you do. Brenda Isnt this a no brainer????? You have had your kids, you have a very close family history, what are you waiting for? Dont let the Docs wait, have the lot out, why wait...


Can ovarian cysts become cancerous?

A: This page tells you about ovarian cysts and whether they can become cancerous. There is information about ovarian cystsTests to check for ovarian cancerUK guidelines for ovarian cysts ovarian cystsovarian cysts are very common. They are fluid filled swellings on the surface of the ovary. You can get them both before and after the menopause, but they are more common in younger women. You can have one or more cysts on one ovary (unilateral) or on both ovaries (bilateral). Most

ovarian Cyst abnormal bleeding?

A: The surface area of an ovary sometimes has sacs that are filled with fluid and these sacs are known as ovarian cysts. ovarian cysts are common amongst women and are mostly harmless and do not cause any discomfort and tend to disappear without any specific treatment. Only those ovarian cysts that are potential threats, wherein they may rupture, are treated. There are no specific symptoms that might guide you to the occurrence or presence of ovarian cysts. Menstrual irregularity, nausea, breast tenderness, unexpected pressure on your bladder or pain in the pelvic region before periods and...

Can a woman with ovarian cyst conceive?

A: An ovarian cyst, as the term suggests, is nothing but a cyst that is formed on the ovaries. The ovaries form a very important part of the female reproductive system, as they are responsible for producing the egg. These structures are about as big as an almond, and they are placed on either side of the uterus. At times tiny fluid filled sacs or cysts form on the ovaries, these are referred to as ovarian cysts. ovarian cysts are not that uncommon a phenomenon, in-fact, as per recent research, a woman is said to develop at least one ovarian cyst at some point in time. While a large number of


What kind of folk remedy should I take to dissolve my ovarian cysts?

A: ovarian cysts are a very common problem for women. ovarian cysts are very similar to blisters and are fluid filled sacs. There are different types of ovarian cysts and most of them are quite harmless and pass without the need for any medical treatment, but it would be advisable to get medical advice as at time if the cyst does not go away on its own there can be complications. There are often no visible symptoms, and when present the cysts would most likely cause a dull ache or feeling of pressure or fullness in the abdomen. The presence of pain during intercourse and otherwise could also be an indication of an

What is a natural cure for cysts on the scalp?

A: The outgrowths that appear on the scalp are generally sebaceous cysts also known as epidermal cysts. Clogging of the sebaceous glands on the scalp is known to result in the formation of these cysts. Some of the home remedies for cysts on scalp are listed as under: The application of hot compresses on the cysts can provide immense relief from the discomfort that this condition causes. Boil a tea bag and after it cools a bit place it on the cyst with the help of a cotton swab on it to keep it stable. Before going to bed apply a slice of potato on the cyst, covering the slice with a bandage. This will extract the sebum from the cyst thus treating the condition. You can...


What Is An ovarian Polyp?

A: Polyps are solid growths that protrude from a surface and often develop a stalk.cysts are fluid filled spaces.ovarian polyps are usually benign but can be malignant.ovarian cysts are more common. An ovarian polyp is an ovarian cyst that has grown to polyp size. ovarian cysts are most often caused by an egg that has failed to release. Unually benign, these polyps can become an issue if there is pain or bleeding. They can be very painful, and complications will occur if they rupture. ovarian polyps is a serious disease. You need to really get any abdominal pain,...


clomid and ovarian cysts

A: It doesn''t happen for every women but it can happen.  By any chance are you polycystic? There is a chance it could happen every month, there is also the possibility that it won''t. Or maybe even come every couple of months. I have had several ovarian cysts, my first was when I was 17 years old, I am now 24. Since then, I have had 2 other ovarian cysts that have been detected, all roughly the size of a baseball or larger. I have had to have 2 operations to remove cysts, and 1 ruptured on me while I was working and I had to be rushed to the ER because of it. So I do understand your pain. Do you currently have any children or are you trying for your first? Good...

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