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dandruff treatment

A: Natural treatment for dandruff There are many home remedies and natural cure for dandruff. Following are some of the most beneficial herbs and food stuffs required for treating dandruff: Tea Tree Oil Tea tree oil is an effective treatment for dandruff. It is an antiseptic and an atifungal herb that is used to treat most of the health disorders. This essential oil can be either mixed in your shampoo or blended with the bath water. In both ways, it will help to cure dandruff. Apple Cider Vinegar Mix apple cider vinegar with water and spray it on to your scalp. You can pour the mixture in a spray bottle for...

I want a good home remedy for dandruff treatment for my 11 year old son.

A: dandruff is a skin condition where scales from the scalp are separated from the skin, thus it becomes extremely important to keep the scalp and hair of your son clean as far as possible. dandruff can be caused by general impairment of the health, using harsh shampoos, intake of wrong foods, constipation, and emotional stress. Try these home dandruff remedies - After you wash his hair, make the last rinse with fresh lime juice. This will not only help to remove the sticky dandruff but also make his hair shine. Mix 2 aspirins in any anti-dandruff shampoo and massage this mixture lightly to wash hair. This is very effective remedy to remove the

What is a good dandruff treatment/shampoo?

A: "''head and shoulders"'' is a popular anti-dandruff shampoo head and shoulders intensive treatment. I use to get it really bad and this stuff really works. I got it at target but im pretty sure you can find it anywhere. its in a dark blue bottle and yes it is shampoo. Head and shoulders duh lol that stuf is sooo good Head & Shoulders OR Selsem Blue (I think thats how u spell it ..they both work really well)...


Is the massage of yogurt can remove dandruff?

A: Yes, a massage of yogurt can surely be helpful in treating dandruff. However, it is to be remembered that the effectiveness of this massage can vary from person to person. Simply relying on yogurt massages may not always work while dealing with dandruff. Though the cycle of shedding dead skin from the scalp is normal, it becomes problematic when this becomes a rapid cycle and gives rise to an excessive amount of dead skin that begins to flake. dandruff is actually more than a superficial nuisance; it’s a disease which needs proper attention and medical treatment. Sometimes a fungal infection of the scalp may be the cause of dandruff. Several factors may...


I have oily scalp, dry hair and dandruff. No anti dandruff shampoo is working. Please advise what to do?

A: dandruff or pityriasis simplex capillitii is simply the shedding dead skin cells from the scalp, but it can socially embarrassing and can negatively affect the health of the scalp and hair. The severity of the dandruff depends on exposure to extreme weather conditions, hot or cold, or on individual skin conditions. There are typically two types of dandruff, the dry, itchy kind and the oily type. While normal flaking of skin is common, when there is excess flaking of dead skin cells, dandruff can be bothersome. The factors that trigger dandruff are sebaceous secretions, individual health, and metabolic byproducts that are produced by the microorganisms on the skin....


I am Prince Samuel residing in Chennai and I am suffering from dandruff for the past 9 years and the intensity is very much nowadays. I tried all kinds of anti dandruff shampoo but no remedy. Kindly suggest me some remedies

A: What is dandruff? Pityriasis simplex capillitii, simply known as dandruff, refers actually tothe shedding of cells that are dead of skin from the individual’s scalp. dandruff can be a bother as it affects the overall appearance and health of your hair and is socially embarrassing. However, dandruff is universal, affecting almost everyone world over at some point in their lives. It is also very normal for the skin cells to completely die and therefore flake off, but in some persons, due to certain triggers, there is excess flaking, which also causes redness and itching. dandruff is generally of two types, dry and oily. Oily dandruff...


What's with the dandruff?

A: keep your scalp geased and washed weekly if not more ... that''ll eliminate or reduce your dandruff problem it''s just dried skin Causes At one time or another, dandruff causes have been attributed to dry Skin, oily skin, shampooing too often or not often enough, a poor diet, stress, and the use of too many fancy styling products. Although some of these factors may exacerbate or contribute to scalp flaking, the real culprit may be a fat-eating, yeast-like fungus called malassezia, formerly known as pityrosporum. Malassezia lives on the scalps of most healthy adults without causing problems. But sometimes it grows out of control, feeding on the oils secreted by your hair follicles and causing irritation that leads to increased cell turnover....


Hi,I wash my hair every alternate day. Still I have dandruff. Due to that I am getting pimples and pores on my skin. Please advise how to get rid of dandruff.

A: The lifestyle today of most individuals is one that pays a lot of attention to the aesthetics of a person. Beauty has also come to be equated with status, brains as well as popularity. The hair, for example, does no serve any significant medical role, but if you were to walk into any cosmetic, medical or even general store anywhere in the world, you are likely to be confronted by huge stacks of various products that promise to give you better looking hair in a matter of weeks. They commit to nourishing and enriching the quality of your hair as well as scalp skin in order to make your hair a more potent aspect of your overall aesthetic package. One of the most common hair and scalp conditions all over the world is dandruff. Also known as scurf, one of the main...


I am 27. I have dandruff and it''s itchy too and I am having white hair also. How can I have a dandruff free and silky smooth black hair?

A: dandruff is a condition where dead skin cells are shed from the scalp. While it is normal for human skin to shed the dead skin at regular intervals, an excessive flaking of dead skin cells is considered a problem. The common symptoms of dandruff are large amount of flaking on the scalp accompanied, sometimes, by itchy scalp. Although dandruff is not a serious skin condition, it often leads to social awkwardness, embarrassment, and might also lead to low self-esteem. There can be multiple causes inducing dandruff - poor nutrition, fungal or yeast infection of the scalp, use of alkaline soaps and shampoos, indigestion and constipation, stressful life, lack of proper hair care, high...

How to Make Your Own Natural dandruff Home Remedy

A: Have you already invested in top leading anti-dandruff shampoo brands, yet none of them have been effective in eliminating your dandruff problems? Have you though-out of the type of shampoo that is applicable for you? If you are looking for the safest and effective way in preventing dandruff build up and scalp irritations, then perhaps you might want to consider dandruff home remedies. The great thing about home remedies is they don`t have strong additives and detergents, such as ammonium lauryl sulfate in their ingredients, which causes the shampoo to be soapy, causing dandruff to form. Home remedy for dandruff provides natural nutrients...

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