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Coping with a diagnosis of lung cancer

A: Having cancer can feel like a very lonely and scary experience to begin with. Most people feel shocked when they are told they have cancer and it is not unusual to feel confused, upset, frightened and worried. In this situation it is hard to imagine what the future may hold. People often feel concerned that they will not be able to cope with whatever may lie ahead of them. Feeling threatened and scared by the uncertainty that comes with having cancer is normal. It doesn''t mean that you are not coping with your illness. There is no right or wrong way to feel. These feelings are part of the process that many people go through trying to come to...

diagnosis of lung cancer

A: hello first of all thank you for your input with my struggle to go home or not and my heart is telling me I do need to go to my dad and mom asap I would like to help you also I know with my Dad he was diagnosed during a routiene chest xray while hospitalized with congestive heart failure he had been on oxygen for emphysema also had a triple bypass 5 years prior and by the time they found the lung cancer he was already stage 2 I know it is scarey I ask why with all the medical checks ups he has had why wasn''t it found earlier how could it grow so fast but I quess none of those answers can change any of it My son has the high iron def. you...


Wat are the symptoms of lung cancer?

A: cancer in your lungs. have a check up with your doctor to find out, its better this way than keep judging yourslef My grandfather had lung cancer..his symptoms were coughing up blood.... I''m not for sure.But,you might go to www.Web M.D.Health.com It tells symptoms.And anything else you might want to know. My husband had NO symptoms. He was diagnosed March 20th passed June 6th. Go to the doctor at once. RUN if you have to. It was too late for my husband but it may not be too late for you. He went thru radiation, chemo, gamma knife procedure and took a drug called Tarceva. Good luck I wish you the best. Heavy chest continual coughing,hurts to breath.Go to doc.quicker the better!If you are...


What Are Symptoms of lung cancer?

A: It would seem like lung cancer would be easy to catch and diagnose due to its symptoms, but this isnít always the case. Roughly 25% of people with any type of lung cancer may not have any symptoms, and they donít know they have the condition unless theyíre tested for something else or until the cancer spreads further. Then cancer or a growth could be spotted on x-rays, for instance, and hopefully successful treatment could begin. The rest of the people who get lung cancer will have some symptoms they should bring to a...

What Is Required for a diagnosis of Skin cancer?

A: A diagnosis of skin cancer requires a physical examination, a biopsy, and laboratory tests. The diagnosis usually includes an assessment of the stage of cancer present. Skin cancer can be local or metastatic. Self-examination often detects skin cancer in very early stages.. A physician or dermatologist examines the patientís skin for irregular-looking areas when looking for a diagnosis of skin cancer. This type of cancer...


symptoms of lung cancer

A: at the begining none than it depend on what type of lung cancer and location People often decide to visit the doctor only after they have been bothered by certain complaints over a period of time. Individuals who have lung cancer frequently experience symptoms such as: Cough Shortness of breath Wheezing Chest pain Hemoptysis (bloody, coughed-up sputum) Loss of appetite Weight loss Pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs) Other symptoms that are associated with lung


My ex-husband was diagnosed with stage 1 lung cancer 2 months ago he started treatments but now has nemonia he continues to smoke, and doenst take care of himself in general he said it is treatable but we have an 11 yr old son we havent told yet Im concerned i may need to. I''m not sure if nemonia is a sign things are worse and what is the sucess rate of lung cancer patients?

A: I had lung cancer I lost half a lung and now I have to be checked every 6 months If he love you and his child he should quite he is just making it worse myfriend also had lung cancer and she did not quit smoking and she is now dead so it is not all treatable smoking is just going to increase your chances of it coming back cancer is not easy to treat and the treatment is hard to take as well I am sorry I do hope he quites The vast majority of adults who smoke don''t want to. They just aren''t sure they can quit and might be afraid of trying. It''s hard for me to believe...

i am 20 years old. I have been smoking for about 3 years, i now have most signs of lung cancer, although it could just be a regular cough. Is is possible to have lung cancer at such a young age, only having smoked for three years?

A: Many of the signs of lung cancer (such as a cough) are also signs of less serious problems. It is possiblee to have lung cancer at any age, although it would be very rare for someone so young to have it. Stop smoking now to lessen your risk of getting lung cancer and shortening your life from heart disease, etc. u might just have a smokers cough but i''ve been smoking for almost 13yrs and im 27 and im trying to quit and it''s very hard i am 26 years old and i smoked for about 8 years i quit a year ago and when you see someone who is dying

What are some signs of lung cancer?

A: lung cancer Symptoms & Signs Common signs and symptoms of lung cancer include: A cough that doesn't go away and gets worse over time Constant chest pain Coughing up blood Shortness of breath, wheezing, or hoarseness Repeated problems with pneumonia or bronchitis Swelling of the neck and face Loss of appetite or weight loss Fatigue These symptoms may be caused by lung cancer or by other conditions. It is important to check with a doctor. Content Courtesy : http://www.


What Are Symptoms And diagnosis For lung cancer?

A: The symptoms of lung cancer do not usually appear during early stages of the disease. The first symptoms to appear often resemble those of nonmalignant respiratory ailments. The patient may develop a continual cough, or their chronic smoker''s cough gets worsened. Among other symptoms are chest pain, shortness of breath, hoarseness, bloody sputum and frequent bouts of bronchitis or pneumonia. Other first symptoms include bone pain, headaches and dizziness. A physician uses a chest X ray to view the lungs and locate any tumors. Other methods such as computed tomography,...
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