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I want my girlfriend to quit smoking. Do you know anyone who died of lung cancer? How did it affect you?

A: I hope for both of your sakes that you can convince your girlfriend to quit smoking. Not only can she die from lung cancer, but from numerous other conditions caused from smoking, including heart attack. My husband had numerous lung problems, but he did not have lung cancer. He died, at the age of 39 from a sudden heart attack. The patholigist said that the major contributing factor was his smoking. My dad, on the other hand, did have lung cancer, but no one, including his doctors, was aware of it until the day he died. By then, it had spread...


Who are famous non smokers who died of lung cancer?

A: Dana Reeve, the wife of Christopher Reeve, is a famous non smoker who died of lung cancer. Her death was especially upsetting to me, because it happened on the same day a non-smoking friend of mine was diagnosed with lung cancer. Happily, my friend is still putting up a good fight. Andy Kaufman, who played Latke on the TV show Taxi, is the only other famous non smoker I know of who died of lung cancer, but Id be interested to hear about others.. ...


Am I going to die of lung cancer?

A: Well, obviously you should stop (and not just because it''s a bad habit, but also because the longer you carry on smoking occasionally the harder it''s going to be for you to quit) but there''s really no telling if you''re going to die of lung cancer. Maybe, maybe not. Stop now and then you won''t have to worry about it :)...


Do you think that someone dying of lung cancer caused by smoking deserves a new healty pair of lungs ?

A: depends what kinda person he is no because the might just start smoking again do people who have unprotected sex deserve antibiotics to treat STD''s do people who eat junk food and get fat deserve to have blod pressure medication do drug addicts deserve to get medical treatment do people who sunbake in their teens deserve surgery in their 40''s for melanoma do people who speed and crash deserve intensive care treatment do we treat babies of mothers who have abused drugs druing pregnancy - do the mothers deserve to have their babies treated? Do people who chose to live in tornedo or flood areas deserve to have aid if those problems occur do the children of the smoker deserve to watch their parent die because someone else decided the patient...


Is a smoker with asthma more likely to die of lung cancer than a smoker without asthma?

A: Probably, that and emphysema...think that is how it''s spelt=] x yes the asthmatic lung is less able to clean itself- so the tars (the cancerogenic parts of the smoke) stay longer and do greater damage. another likely side-effect is chronic obstructive lung disease Yes!! not more likely to get cancer but will be a CHRONIC asthmatic at a very young age i have asthma i quit my chest is soooo much better now yes after my years of smoking,and my daughter nagging,i gave up 6 years ago,my daughter who is asthmatic took up smoking when she turned 20,2 years ago.she now wonders why her asthma attacks are really bad again.an asthmatics


How many people die of lung cancer daily?

A: According to the lung cancer Alliance, an estimated 437 people die of lung cancer every day in the United States. More people die from lung cancer than from colon, kidney, liver, melanoma, breast and prostate cancers combined.Source:lung cancer Alliance: lung cancer Facts...


I am 50,a former smoker and I will be having radiation treatments following my lumpectomey. I am reading articles that say it could increase the chances of lung cancer by using the radiation for breast cancer. My Mother died of lung cancer age 70. Should I reconsider the radiation treatments? Is there something the radiologists should be aware of when their patient is a former smoker? Secondly, is there a vitamin supplement you would recommend to helf with the fatigue? Thank you.

A: given your mother died of lung cancer, why have you opted to continue smoking and increase the risk of joining her? think about it... breast radiation is the least of your worries. smoking will cause it much faster than radiation treatment in your case. the doctor creates special blocks to protect heart and lungs. ask if they have an Active Breath Control device to further protect areas that don''t need zapping. no vitamin supplement to combat fatigue associated with radiation....

True or False?The first owner of the Marlboro Company died of lung cancer. So did the first ''Marlboro Man''.

A: Marlboro is/was a brand, not a company. The brand was introduced by Phillip Morris & Co, which is/was publicly traded and not under a one-person ownership. Said brand was introduced in 1924 as a women''s smoke. The advertising campaign of Leo Burnett Worldwide successfully repositioned the product. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlboro_Man Three men from the ad campaign are known to have died of lung cancer, Wayne McLaren, David McLean and Dick Hammer. The Marlboro brand was created by a corporation named after an English tobacco importer and dealer that died in 1873, so his cause of death was not likely determined. Three of the Marlboro...


How Many People Die of lung cancer Due To Second-hand Smoking Each Year?

A: 40,000,000 people die of lung cancer each  year in the u.s.a....

How many people died of lung cancer in 2005?

A: Approximately 160,000 people in the United States die each year from lung cancer--that is more than from breast, colon and prostate cancers combined. In 2005, an estimated 163,000 people in the U.S. died from lung cancer, including news broadcaster Peter Jennings.Source:National lung cancer Partnership: lung cancer FAQs...

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