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Neomycin, polymyxin b sulfate and hydrocotisone otic solution - is this for a ear infection?

A: 17 Sep 2011 Dont use someone elses drops. they could be contaminated and cause you even more problems and even though the symptoms may have been the same they may be two separate conditions. Call around and get price checks from different pharmacies-you might find one that offers a generic that you can afford. Worse comes to worse, ask your Dr if he has samples. Let him know you cant afford the meds and see if he can give you samples. never a good idea to use someone elses leftover drugs. Votes:+2CommentVote upReportAnonymous 17 Sep 2011D, I agree sooo much. We always had lots of samples for ear infections at the clinic, so please ask for them!!! Von litlmommag 17 Sep 2011There are also alot of places wh d price matching. so if you find a...


my baby (5 months old)has an ear infection and now his body cold and clammy

A: Baby ear infections are quite common among children below two years of age. The types of infections that can affect them are outer and middle ear infections. The medical term for an ear infection is otitis media, which, in Latin, literally means inflammation of the middle ear. It is imperative to look for symptoms of ear infection in infants as they are not able to express pain verbally. Treatment is necessary to prevent further complications. What causes ear infection?...


What is the best way to stop ear infection from hurting?

A: 25 Oct 2011 Bless your heart! ear pain is terrible! Have you tried putting some heat and ice on the area. The ice will help the swelling and the heat will help the pain. You can alternate the ice and heat for 15 min every hour or so (apply either ice or heat for 10-15 min then have it off for the rest of the hour then switch). You can hopefully get to a specialist to find out what is going on. The right antibiotic should help you feel better in a day or two. You might want to go back to the hospital since you are not better and cant get into the Dr sooner. They need to culture the infection and do a sensitivity test to find out what antibiotics will be effective. Votes:+1CommentVote upReport samantha_tilbury 25 Oct...


ear infection?

A: 24 Jul 2011 Hey Kaz, Sorry to hear of the new problem. The antibiotic should help the problem within a few days. As far as over the counter remedies for ear infections, that is a difficult one. It depends on the source of the problem really. As far as preventing ear infections, if an outer ear infection, say from water collecting in the ear, then drops of half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar may help. If this is an infection that comes from ongoing allergies, then an over the counter medicine for allergies such as Claritin (loratadine) may help. But I must say...


How can I prevent ear infections?

A: Greetings! I am not a doctor, but I hope this information is helpful to you. An ear infection is an infection or inflammation of the ear known by the medical term Otitis. There are two different forms of Otitis: Otitis Externa, which affects the outer ear and ear canal, and Otitis Media, which affects the middle ear just behind the ear drum. Otitis Externa, also known as swimmers ear, is fairly common especially in children and young adults. Symptoms can include an itchy ear canal, redness, inflammation, pain, fluid drainage, and slight h


How do I cure an ear infection at home

A: The ear is divided into 3 parts, the inner ear, middle ear and the outer ear. ear infections are mainly of two types; one that affects the inner ear known as otitis media and the other that affects the outer ear, known as otitis externa. The former is caused when the Eustachian tube gets blocked due to an allergy, cold or the presence of foreign particles within the ear, which then leads to an accumulation of fluid within the middle ear. This fluid may at times also cause the ear drum to swell. The latter, otitis...


How do I cure an ear infection that is draining without a doctor?

A: Otitis can be defined as a type of ear infection, characterized by inflammation of the ear. Otitis ear infection is characterized into the following three types: Otitis externa – This refers to inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal.Otitis media – Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear which is caused by infection and blockage of air-filled sacs in the middle ear. Otitis interna – This refers to an infection of the inner ear, which is responsible for h


my kid gets ear infections every two weeks and it alternates ears. what am i doing wrong? the kid is 5 years old.

A: Kids’ ear infections are quite common because children are more vulnerable to infections. They are prone to it as they are exposed to and also interact with many other children at a day care or to second-hand smoke from adults who smoke in the house. Some babies may get an infection while lying down and drinking from a bottle. When it comes to ear infections, there are two types that can affect children, otitis media or infection of the middle ear and otitis externa infection of the outer ears. The middle ear


What is a good way to heal an ear infection?

A: How do you know you have an ear infection if you haven;t seen the doc? Without looking inside your ear you can''t be sure you have an ear infection. Use Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball to help with the ear for now and stay out of the docs office if you can until you are over the flu as you don''t want to spread that to everyone else in the docs office. First, you need to be taking some pain medication on a regular basis for the discomfort. Antibiotics will help. Most people with just a simple ear infection do not start vomiting - maybe you have picked up another bug along with your


What Are the Different Types of Natural Remedies for ear infection?

A: Of the different types of ear infection, otitis media, or middle ear infection, is the most common. In the past, the first line of treatment for middle ear infection was antibiotics. Antibiotics remain a standard treatment for acute middle ear infection. For mild to moderate otitis media, medical professionals have come to rely more heavily on natural remedies for ear infection, such as time, rest, heat, warm oil drops and fluids. Causes of ear infection include congestion associated with the...

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