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What Are the Most Effective ear infection Cures?

A: Most ear infections occur within the middle ear in children, toddlers and infants. High levels of pain usually are present, along with a fever. Most parents immediately seek medical advice from a physician regarding ear infection cures. ear infection cures can be approached in a variety of ways, including the use of prescription medications such as antibiotics or the use of home remedies such as hydrogen peroxide. A health care professional always should be consulted prior to implementing ear infection cures. ear


curing ear infections naturally

A: Home Cure for ear infection There are many effective home cures for ear infection. Following are some of the best cures: Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic that can be used orally or as an ear wash to treat ear infection.More of Vitamin C rich foods such as milk, orange, spinach, lemon and gooseberry are excellent sources for boosting immune system and fighting infections. This can help prevent any kind of infection including ear infection.Zinc is also a great cure for treating ear

Neomycin, polymyxin b sulfate and hydrocotisone otic solution - is this for a ear infection?

A: 17 Sep 2011 Dont use someone elses drops. they could be contaminated and cause you even more problems and even though the symptoms may have been the same they may be two separate conditions. Call around and get price checks from different pharmacies-you might find one that offers a generic that you can afford. Worse comes to worse, ask your Dr if he has samples. Let him know you cant afford the meds and see if he can give you samples. never a good idea to use someone elses leftover drugs. Votes:+2CommentVote upReportAnonymous 17 Sep 2011D, I agree sooo much. We always had lots of samples for ear infections at the clinic, so please ask for them!!! Von litlmommag 17 Sep 2011There are also alot of places wh d price matching. so if you find a...


What is a good way to heal an ear infection?

A: How do you know you have an ear infection if you haven;t seen the doc? Without looking inside your ear you can''t be sure you have an ear infection. Use Tea Tree Oil on a cotton ball to help with the ear for now and stay out of the docs office if you can until you are over the flu as you don''t want to spread that to everyone else in the docs office. First, you need to be taking some pain medication on a regular basis for the discomfort. Antibiotics will help. Most people with just a simple ear infection do not start vomiting - maybe you have picked up another bug along with your


What Are the Different Types of Natural Remedies for ear infection?

A: Of the different types of ear infection, otitis media, or middle ear infection, is the most common. In the past, the first line of treatment for middle ear infection was antibiotics. Antibiotics remain a standard treatment for acute middle ear infection. For mild to moderate otitis media, medical professionals have come to rely more heavily on natural remedies for ear infection, such as time, rest, heat, warm oil drops and fluids. Causes of ear


How Do I Treat a Chronic ear infection?

A: A chronic ear infection is an infection in the middle ear that returns again and again, eventually causing permanent damage and hearing problems. There are many ways to treat a chronic ear infection, such as with antibiotics, steroids, through a variety of surgeries, and even some home remedies. The course of treatment is dependent on the duration and severity of the infection. In order to understand the reasons behind the treatments for a chronic ear infection, it is important to first know the...


Best treatment for an ear infection?

A: My chiropractor has an amazing ear adjustment that has worked on my girls and myself every single time within 24 hours. We have never had to use antibiotics. I have also heard of a lot of good with the similisan that you can buy at your local nutrition store- I have even seen it at walmart. I would reccomend calling around to find a chiropractor that knows how to do this ear adjustment. I hear you on that, but i have tried while having ear infections is to use cotton in both ears at night, at home and in a shower to keep the bacteria from going to the ear canal. Never use Hydrogen Peroxide it...


Are ear infections contagious?

A: Our ability to hear is one of the most significant and important senses we possess as it allows us to accomplish a number of activities that might have been significantly harder were it not for the ears. For instance, the ears play a significant role in aiding communication as well as gauging and judging distances between an object and our body. It helps us be alert to movement in our surroundings that maybe our eyes were not able to see. Despite the fact that there are a number of people all over the world that are deaf or hearing impaired, for someone with perfect hearing to imagine him or herself with substantial hearing loss would be...


What are some signs that your dog may have an ear infection?

A: It is such a coincidence that you asked this because I think my beagle might have one and I made an appointment with my veterinarian for Saturday. Some of the symptoms your dog might display are shaking their heads or pawing and scratching at the ear. They also might rub the ear on the carpet or furniture. The infected ear could have a discharge and if not treated in time could start to smell. If the infection goes untreated it could affect your dog’s hearing. If it makes it to the nerves of the inner ear your pet could start to feel dizzy and become disoriented, tilt their heads, or walk in circles. If any of these symptoms are present you...


How do I Treat an ear infection?

A: There are several treatment options for ear infections, depending on the patient''s age and the nature of the infection. Many ear infections are actually simply ear aches which may clear up on their own after one to two days, and this fact has been reflected in guideline issued by many medical organizations. You should seek medical care for an ear infection if it is accompanied by high fever or extreme pain, but you may be able to care for the problem at home if the infection is mild. Some common

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