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How do I cure an ear infection that is draining without a doctor?

A: Otitis can be defined as a type of ear infection, characterized by inflammation of the ear. Otitis ear infection is characterized into the following three types: Otitis externa – This refers to inflammation of the outer ear and ear canal.Otitis media – Otitis media is the inflammation of the middle ear which is caused by infection and blockage of air-filled sacs in the middle ear. Otitis interna – This refers to an infection of the inner ear, which is responsible for h


I have had an ear infection for a few days now. Do these generally heal themselves over time?

A: I had an ear infection in both ears years ago, and as i was on holiday at the time I left it. It got much, much worse, to the point where the pain was intolerable and I couldn''t hear properly. It was as if I was under water, everything was quiet and muffled - and that lasted for 2 weeks, even after I did eventually start on the antibiotics. My ears still aren''t quite right, some ten years on. So I would suggest you definitely go to the doctor''s and get some antibiotics! Yes, they can do, but sometimes it needs a visit to your doctor for antibiotics. It is best not to trust to fate, as your h


What is the treatment for fungal ear infection?

A: Fungal ear infection? Is caused by many things like moisture in the ears and dandruff and this is sometimes called swimming ears . and there are lots of diff treatments for this including swimming ears drops you can get over the counter at walmarts or any drug stores and then there are a little use of a dry vacuum that the doctors use to clear the curd and other foreign matter from the ear canal without getting it wet. and antibiotic treatments and advanced cases there is a round of special antibiotics and drops that will clear this up . ....

what can I do to help an ear infection?

A: A ear infection can affect any part of the ear, from the ear canal to the middle ear.  In adults an infection in the ear is sometime caused when the Eustachian tube, gets infected.  This tube connects our inner ear with the nasal passage, to help drain the fluid from our ears and also to maintain a balance between pressure level within the body, with that outside of it. When the mucus or fluid accumulates in this tube, it becomes susceptible to infection. Furthermore bacteria often enter the middle ear...


What is a good way to get rid of an ear infection if anyone knows anything to use thats good.?

A: Europe doesn''t even use antibiotics for an ear infection. It is build up of fluid in the ear essentially. In the "olden days" people would use heat to help remove the fluid and make the ear feel better. You can use a warm compress, or you can warm an oil such as "sweet oil" (found at your local drug store) and drop it in the ear. You can also use Tylenol or Motrin until the pain subsides. It will take several days on its own to "heal"... sort of speak. Or you could make a dr appt and get on antibiotics and feel better within a few days. I usually just take the pain meds and eventually it goes away... if you go to ur chemist they will be...


Constantly getting ear infections.?

A: my daughter did...and after years and years of on again off again anti-biotics we discovered she was allergic to milk/all dairy and the ear infections were symptoms of this allergy..check with an allergist get tested to see if you react to any common items that you may be using or eating not suspecting it as a culprit the main cause of ear infection is eustacian tube obstruction you may have postnasal discharge felt as a mass of mucous dripping from behind ur nose to ur pharynx in my opinion treatment is 1-alkaline nasal wash very important it improves action of respiratory cilia & helps expectorates this sputum...


What Are the Best Home Remedies For ear infections?

A: Although there are many home remedies for ear infections, few of these have been subjected to clinical testing, making it impossible to commit to statements about their efficacy. Itís also potentially dangerous to treat an ear infection with a method that doesnít involve traditional Western medicine. Though not all ear infections are of bacterial origin, some are and require antibiotics to prevent permanent damage to hearing; before people decide to use an alternative remedy, they may want to consult with a doctor to determine whether an infection might require antibiotic


Is there a home remedy for an ear infection?

A: Home cures for ear infection  ear infections can be of several kinds. Before you try to treat a ear infection, you should know which part of the ear is affected and understand its cause. ear infections can affect the outer ear and ear canal, the middle ear, or the inner ear. infections of the inner ear are severe but relatively rare. infections of the outer ear are...

Can being out in the wind cause a baby to get an ear infection?

A: yes I think it most certainly does. Although I''m not a doctor, but then again...doctors always say you can''t get a cold from weather change...I think that is false too. Either way I would definately take precautions to prevent it. I always do! yes..actually it can...sometimes when i am outside in the wind my ear starts to hurt..like shooting pains... Yes, that is why I was always told when I was younger to wear hats because I was prone to ear infections. I eventually had to get tubes put into my ears....and they are NOT fun! YES , MOST CERTAINLY THIS IS CALLED "PNEUMONIA " WEATHER WHICH MEANS ONE DAY WARM AND NEXT DAY COLD..AND WHEN AIR BLOWS IT CAN...


Would a saline solution be any good to treat an outer ear infection?

A: OMG you need to see youre Doc before you fly. I have had a burst eardrum before and the pain is worse than childbirth! You definitely should go see a doctor. It''s not good to fly with an ear infection because of the pressure change. That would really hurt. Your doctor will give you an antibiotic and that will usually ease the pain up the first day, at least it always did when I had them a lot when I was younger. If not, it should be eased up before your flight. If you can''t get to a doctor before your flight, then trying a saline solution won''t hurt anything and might ease some of the pain, but also, I''ve found that regular inflammatory pain medicine like ibuprofin or advil helps to ease the pain too. Hope this...

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