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Is it safe to put hydrogen peroxide in ur ear if u think u have an ear infection?

A: Not sure if you''re aware or not, but Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is a bleeching agent used to strip colour from hair, strip paint off walls etc. It is not safe to put in your ears, mouth, eyes, nose etc. IT BURNS. yes dip the tip of a qtip in it and rub it around in ur ear canal. just dont push to hard. NO ITS NOT SAFE U SHOULD GO BUY SOMETHING SPECIALLY FOR UR ear Yes, with hydrogen peroxide you can get rid of an infection and help the healing and disinfection process during an ear infection! It clearly helps! Good Luck and hope this answer helps to solve your question in the best way possible!...


How do I treat an ear infection? What can I put in my ears that is not an rx? Relief for day & night to sleep

A: Go to the ER or lay on the heating pad or you can put salt in a sock and lay on it. put a couple drops of sweet oil in your ear and a cotton ball to keep it in...u can get it at pharmacys and some grocery stores, possibly walmart if it doesnt go away in a few days, go to the doctor eardrums can burst and you can go deaf if ur not careful You really could get relief and a reason for it by seeing a DOCTOR! You never know what that basic reason for the infection is otherwise. good luck They have an over the counter medicine at walmart pharmacy that is suppose to relieve the pain of an ear infection my mom used it once and said it worked. Good luck. Believe it or not,...


I have an ear infection will the antibiotic Avelox cure it?

A: If, you are talking about taking an old prescription, you need to go see a doctor! Taking the wrong antibiotic can either make the infection worse or do nothing for it. JImmy Use garlic Oil. Garlic will kill any bacteria and cure disease if someone used enough of it. Pack a small Clove of Garlic in gauze and place into the external ear passage; or drop 4-5 drops of oil into the ear channel, cover with flannel, and keep warm. Treat Both ears: The simple, old-fashioned aids are sometimes very fast in giving relief. Always treat both ears, even if only one aches. 2.Onion: Lightly bake a large Onion, cut it in half and while warm (not hot enough to irritate the area),...


My Husband is experiencing deafness after an ear infection..

A: You do say that the ear infection was severe so that being said there is a possibility that there is still some fluid left behind the ear drum. Fluid can remain in the middle ear for a significant amount of time. It is also important to know that all ear infections are not bacterial in nature and may be caused by a virus. If this is the case then the antibiotic would not be effective for treatment. But, it would then be the decision of his doctor to make that call as far as treatment goes and it appears that he chose antibiotic treatment. The...


Are antibiotics effective in treatment of ear infections?

A: The major reason for the use of antibiotics in childhood is the misguided belief that they are necessary to treat ear infections. A number of well-designed studies and detailed analyses have demonstrated that there were no significant differences in the clinical course of acute ear infections between children treated with antibiotics and children given a placebo. Interestingly, in some studies, children who did not receive antibiotics had fewer recurrences than children who received antibiotics. This result undoubtedly reflects the fact that antibiotics suppress the immune system and disturb the normal flora of the upper respiratory tract. Despite the data showing little, if any, benefit...


What Are The Symptoms Of Inner ear infections?

A: Symptoms of inner ear infection will include ear pain, itchiness, hearing loss, ear discharge and/or fever this case your doctor will examine the ear and prescribe anti bacterial ear drops. Most inner ear infections are related to viruses and present with vertigo or ringing in the ear. Labrynthitis in is the most common infection of the inner ear and requires no treatment. See you doctor. The first symptom of an inner ear


Can antibiotics and a pain killer help with ear infection?

A: The drugs were prescribed for her right? In a few days she will be back to normal. Let her veg on the couch with you - she needs the rest to heal. when my son was a baby, and throughout his toddler years, he got alot of ear infections.These ear infections surfaced every time he had a fever. Fever and ear infections commonly happen at the same time. He would pull his ear with his hand and scream from the inner ear pain. I would rush him to his doctor or hospital at the very first sign of these symptoms and the doctor would prescribe an antibiotic, amoxicillian, that i...


Besides going to the doctors, what can I do for an ear infection?

A: if you know anybody who has unused antibiotics try to get them...ask around go to the doctor! infections should''nt be messed with. While there are many "home" treatments, my ear, Nose & Throat specialist told me ..."nobody should ever put anything smaller than their elbow in their ear or nose". Go to the doctor or risk permanent damage! Sorry, infections require antibiotics or they can get worse. Go to a free clinic they will give you antibiotics for free. Good Luck Try a heating pad to loosen up the fluid in the ear. They do carry over-the-counter medications for ear pain as well. What I have...


How do you get rid of an ear infection [[one with pus]] without a prescription?

A: you don''t. hope you don''t mind your ear drum busting and going def. ear drainage if you see blood or pus draining out of the ear, then it is probably an infection with a ruptured eardrum. DON''T WORRY! These almost always heal just fine, and once the eardrum ruptures the pain subsides. You don''t. Go get a scrip for antibiotics, knucklehead. I agree with the others. You can''t! ear infections, if not treated, can lead other more dangerous infections. When I went to the Doc for my last ear infection, I let it go...


Does a constant ear infection mean stomach cancer?

A: I have never heard of such a thing. You may have a resistant bacteria in your ear that may be the cause of recurrences. See an ENT and get the next one cultured while it is infected. Don''t borrow cancer worries til they show you test results that say you have it. i do not believe so, there might just be a bacterial infection inside of you ear that hasnt been completely killed yet, and thus it still lives and grows back everytime it is treated, i recommend seeing a different doctors opinion though l never heard lt does this and l had all kinds of ear infections no Ok, you have me stumped here; I have no idea how

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