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Anyone know of home remedies for ear infection/ear ache?

A: ear candles have worked in my family for 4 generations. If you don''t know how to make one, contact me through my profile. people usr peroixide in their ear HAH.....ear candels actually worked for me, but you still need to take an antibiotic. The candels pull out a lot of junk from your ear canals. You will be shocked at how much will come out too. There are homeopathic drops you can put in the ear, but warm olive oil works, too. It''s comforting. Also, putting ice water in the ear will numb it inside, but if this is a child you''re talking about, good luck getting ice water into their ear!! P.S. Don''t use


My 2 1/2 yr old has chronic ear infections . Medicine isn't helping any suggestions?

A: I have no good suggestions other than making sure she takes a good childrens mulitvitamin. I would suggest switching your home to all natural cleaning and laundry products though to ge the toxic chemicals out of the home. When you do switch them do not put them into your regular trash as they need to be take to a toxic waste recycling plant. Many are considered registered pesticides. Also you may want to consider dabbing tea trea oil on a cotton ball and putting this in her ears at night for a while to see if this helps. My girlfriend has great luck taking her child to a chiropractor. Her child was miserable all the time, had 3 sets of tubes put in and nothing ever helped. Once she took him to the chiropractor, the ear


Can you put Apple Cider Vinegar in your ear for an ear infection?

A: EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL Disinfects and clears it up in a matter of hours. Even works with babies, eases the pain too. Also keeps them from coming back as often. Try not to put ANYTHING in your ear (Q-tip, A.C.vinegar, or even Hydrogen Peroxide). Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2) is water w/ an extra Oxygen atom in it (H20 + O=H2O2). water isn''t supposed to be in the ear, anyway. you could worsen your infection. An idea is to get into sunlite, outside, w/ your ear facing the sun. The sun will make Vit. D in your body, and dry your ear @ the same time. Plus, the sun''s warmth feels good. Eat a tablespoon of Raw, unpasteurized, local honey will help ( it...


How Can I Relieve ear infection Pain?

A: If you are suffering from ear infection pain, this can often be relieved by taking an over-the-counter pain medication. You might also want to apply heat to the ear in order to stimulate blood flow to the area. There are a number of home remedies that include the use of natural oils that are thought to relieve earaches. In the event your ears ooze liquid or bleed, you should consult a physician. Many non-prescription pain relievers can be effective in treating the discomfort associated with an ear infection. Medications containing ibuprofen are often used for this reason. If you choose to try this method of relief,...


Can adults get ear infections?

A: ear infections don`t discriminate because of age, so it`s possible at any age to have one.. It`s also possible that your ear feeling plugged could be from the congestion from the cold, or you could have forced mucus into the connecting tube between your sinuses and ear if you have blown your nose.. yep definitely possible ... i`ve seen it happen to the middle aged person where they had puss accumulating in the ear area and was swollen. if you feel swelling of any kind then best to head to the doctors before it gets painful. all the best.. Hi Thoughthole, Yes, anyone can get an ear infection. It can be in the inner


What will help an ear infection?

A: Hi and thank you for your question. An ear infection in the middle ear can be a seriously painful illness that is often accompanied by fever, chills and severe pain in the ear. Some common remedies to help speed up the healing process for a middle ear infection are a hot water bottle placed over the ear in pain which will loosen any fluid that is trapped in the middle part of the ear. Be sure and cover the hot water bottle with a towel to prevent your ear from getting burned and leave it on the ear for twenty minutes at a time. Purchase some...


What Are The Symptoms Of Inner ear infections?

A: Symptoms of inner ear infection will include ear pain, itchiness, hearing loss, ear discharge and/or fever this case your doctor will examine the ear and prescribe anti bacterial ear drops. Most inner ear infections are related to viruses and present with vertigo or ringing in the ear. Labrynthitis in is the most common infection of the inner ear and requires no treatment. See you doctor. The first symptom of an inner ear


What can I do for an inner ear infection?

A: Try these ear infection home remedies - Keep your head in an elevated position. This position helps the Eustachian tube to drain naturally. Once the tube drains on its own the pain would be very less. The act of swallowing also helps to drain the tube at the back of the throat. Sip water slowly. Fill some warm water in a flat bottle and apply this on the outside of the ear that is in pain for 5 – 10 minutes. The warm heat will help relieve the pain.Put 2 drops of freshly extracted holy basil juice in the infected ear and lie down in elevated position for 10 minutes. If the ear infection is associated with accumulation of excess

How Do I Treat An Inner ear infection In A Cat?

A: This isn''t something that should be treated with folk medicine. Most treatments require an antibiotic ear ointment or drops that can only be dispensed by a veterinarian. You would put 1 or 2 drops in each ear at least twice a day & rub it into the ear. Your vet should be consulted for such an infection because they can turn serious. It''s never a good idea to poke anything around a cat''s ear not only because many objects for ears can be sharp but also because a cat can jerk quickly and this could hurt both you and the cat. You should purchase ear-drops and cotton-wool balls. GENTLY bed the...


Are there any natural remedies for infants with constant ear infections?

A: As a certified childbirth educator and doula, I have used many natural remedies on my child, as well as antibiotics. Of course, I''ve always consulted with my doctor before trying any treatment method. And I encourage you to do the same. Have you ruled out the possibility of allergies? Dairy is believed to be the most common cause of ear infections. Some other allergens are wheat, chocolate, peanuts, corn, citrus, yeast, shellfish and soy. Exposure to cigarette smoke will increase the risk of ear infections in children. As well as other pollutants. This includes, but is not limited to, paint fumes, new carpeting, perfumes/colognes, air fresheners and cleaning...

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