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What are the causes of Adult ear infections?

A: ear infections in adults are similar to those in children, and can involve either the middle ear or outer ear. Middle ear infections (otitis media) can be caused by viruses, bacteria (Streptococcus pneumonia, non-typble Hemophilus influenzae, or Moraxella catarrhalis). The bacteria cause the accumulation of fluid and pus behind the tympanic membrane (eardrum) which can cause pain, fever, and decreased hearing. Sometimes the tympanic membrane can perforate and the ear may have some discharge. Otitis media infections can occur after a upper...


I have an ear infection and the gland in my neck is painful. I went to the doctor and was put on antibiotics?

A: Go back to the Dr.!!!! Do you have a fever? You could have meningitis. Go now. you should really give the medication some more time usually it gets worse before it gets better.if you are uncomfortable you should talk to your doctor about what to expect and find out if you have had a turn for the worse or if this is just a part of the recovery process. I am curious why he only has you on it for 4 days? It is always 10-14 days of treatment.. An ear infection can infect the glands as well.. The anti-biotic should take a couple days to start bringing the infection under control.. But I would really question the duration of only 4 days... I hope you feel better, ear


If i have an ear infection could that also be causing my throat to hurt?

A: Totally different parts of the body not really commected in anyway i think not but weirder things have happened Indeed. Usually increased pain or pain located elsewhere (after diagnosis of an infection) is indicative of infection spreading or a general breakdown in your immune system. If you''re just waiting it out (don''t have insurance) then don''t worry about it, it will all go away with time. Try some herbal tea with honey, gargle with salt water, etc Otherwise, get on some antibotic treatments and it should all be gone within a few days. Hope you feel better yes yeah I think so, I think Ive heard that ur ears r conected 2 ur throat or something lik that I think...


ear infections home remedy

A: ear is a very sensitive part. Better not to go for self treatments unless you are very sure that they are safe. infections usually causes ear ache. When there is severe pain people are advised to put one or two drops of lukewarm oil in the ear. Coconut oil could be used. This might relive the pain. Crush two or three cloves of garlic and drop the juice into the ear. Onion can also be used. These two are strong and pungent. It might be helpful in reducing the infection. There are certain wild herbs that can be applied safely to ear. @Nandini Some of the home remedies for


What are effective home remedies for curing an ear infection?

A: There are various types of home remedies that can treat an ear infection at home. However, some ear infections require a more aggressive type of treatment. Here are some natural remedies that you can use at home, with little out of pocket cost. Olive oil and garlic is an effective home remedy for treating ear infection. Crush one garlic clove and warm it with 2 tsp. of olive oil. After leaving it to cool thoroughly, use a dropper to drop 2 drops in the affected ear. Onion juice is also effective for treating ear infection. Crush a piece of...


How Do I Treat An Inner ear infection In A Cat?

A: This isn''t something that should be treated with folk medicine. Most treatments require an antibiotic ear ointment or drops that can only be dispensed by a veterinarian. You would put 1 or 2 drops in each ear at least twice a day & rub it into the ear. Your vet should be consulted for such an infection because they can turn serious. It''s never a good idea to poke anything around a cat''s ear not only because many objects for ears can be sharp but also because a cat can jerk quickly and this could hurt both you and the cat. You should purchase ear-drops and cotton-wool balls. GENTLY bed the...


What can I do for ear infection

A: Natural treatment for ear infection If your ear infection has persisted due to a punctured ear drum then it is best you visit a doctor before you herald further complications. However ear infections that are topical and do not involve any breakage or leaking within the ear can be dealt with at home. Garlic is an effective pain reliever and fights infection. For ear infections that are severe and unable to be borne, use garlic oil either from a capsule or you can prepare it at home. To make this...

How long does it take for an ear infection to go away?

A: IT COULD TAKE WEEKS....IT COULD EVEN TAKE MONTHS....PLEASE. PLEASE CONSIDER AN ANTI BIOTIC,....SEE A DOKTA! YA WANNA LOSE YOUR HearING?? HEH? IT CAN HAPPEN...IT CAN EVEN SPREAD TO THE BRAIN...THE ear IS CLOSE YA KNOW. It could be an hour or it could be days... You should go to the doctor, at a clinic... Sometimes a hot moist towel by the ear helps along with Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen... depends on how bad it is. Try getting some Sweet Oil at Wal Mart its cheap and works very well depends on the problem as to how long it will take. it took me a few days. i tried a lot of different pain killers and it didn''t work. so i used a hairdryer. i tilted my head, opened my ear up and put the blow...


I have had this ear infection for 3 days now. My right ear is very swollen and redish and the infection this morning hasgone to my cheeks and even my right eye. I am having antibiotics and ear drops. Anything else I may do. The face and earare itching a

A: Hello,Antibiotics are the main mode of treatment for ear infections.Since you are having pain,you can take antiinflammatory pain killers and apply warm compresses.But if the symptoms do not subside,then myringotomy may beneeded.It is a minor surgery in which a small plastic tube is inserted into the eardrum.Pls consult an ENTspecialist in that case. I hope it helps.Take care and regards....


  my husband went to hospital thursday nite with an ear infection. his ear wasswollen on the inside and on side of hisface and neck. they put a wick in hisear and ear drops and said do not leave wick in for more than 2 days. it isnobetter if not worse.

A: Hi there. The ear infection could be a middle ear infection with referred pain. it must be so painful due tosuppurative discharge pressing on the ear drum trying to perforate it, since there is excess pressure buildup. Usually this happens in case there has been slight delay in starting antibiotic therapy before the middleear infection has already progressed to suppuration stage. Continue with the treatment and review with theotolaryngologist. Take care....

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