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Early heart attack symptoms? answers (829)

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heart attack symptoms?

A: Yes, it absolutely can work that way. There is no "standard" or a set of rules that are definitive regarding cardiac chest pain. I''d recommend that you go to your ER, or perhaps even call an ambulance, especially with your cardiac history. Sounds like your are having/did have a heart attack. Every minute you waste here could destroy your heart. GET TO THE ER NOW! Yes they can play out over a period of time. You need to get to accident and emergency and get checked out especially with your history. Do it now Yes, you could have the symptoms such as yours because an artery is clogged but blood is still able to move through. Therefore you might be experiencing symptoms that might lead to a


I felt like I had a heart attack symptom early this morning.

A: Hi Milton,   You may be interested in the following article:   The Signs and Symptoms of heart attack and Stroke - Re-Visited   All the best, Lisa Nelson RD Be heart Healthy and Lose Weight...

What are the symptoms of a future heart attack?

A: Please put the barbell down, and go see your Doctor, these are signs of a heart attack, but it still could be nothing , the heart is verry unpredictable - you could be fine, and be in mid stride, and it hits, reaching up to get the salt off a shelf in the kitchen, driving down a road, at least call a on duty nurse and tell her your symtoms,-go! probably just gas dude. Acid reflux or something Tension or stress can cause all kinds of problems. Exercise reduces stress. If you don''t want to see a doctor yet, I would try working out. Get away from whatever is stressing you if possible. 25 is young for a heart attack, but if you are out of shape, don''t eat right, and/or...


What are symptoms for women having heart attack?

A: no a woman having a heart attack is when she brakes a heel on her shoe ... and a man having a heart attack is when he sees the bill for the replacement I would assume the symptoms are the same for male or female. Here is the advice from the British heart Foundation I would say if you think this might be happening to you, then you get to the docs asap, is it really worth risking it all just for a quick trip to the doctors? Life has got to be worth more.....Infact I know it is. Discover how women''s symptoms of heart attack can differ from those of men. Risk Factors Learn which risk factors are inherited and which can...


How long will a heart attack last ?

A: until it stops If you truly go into a heat attack it will last until you die from it. Sounds like you have restricted flow. you need to get into the doc before your heart is damaged from the lack of blood. Symptoms of a heart attack include denial. It''s better to be alive and have some cost than to be dead. Can you call a consulting nurse and get more details? She may be able to give you some more immediate information about what is important. Did you know that you can have a major heart attack with out knowing it? I did.... then the next one came along and I was in a coma for 3 days. My last one (just last week) and I had 3 stents and had...


heart attack ?

A: Acute myocardial infarction (AMI or MI), commonly known as a heart attack, is a disease state that occurs when the blood supply to a part of the heart is interrupted. The resulting ischemia or oxygen shortage causes damage and potential death of heart tissue. It is a medical emergency, and the leading cause of death for both men and women all over the world.[1] Important risk factors are a previous history of vascular disease such as atherosclerotic coronary heart disease and/or angina, a previous heart attack or stroke, any previous episodes of abnormal heart rhythms or syncope, older age-...


Why diabetics dont feel pain during heart attacks?

A: Who says that they don''t? WHAT AUTHORITY? Where in the world did you get that idea? A heart attack is painful - having diabetes doesn''t change that. If you are referring to pain during a diabetic coma or seizure, then there is no particular pain, but it has nothing to do with a heart attack. UNTRUE This condition is called silent myocardial infarction one of the complication of diabetes is neuropathy (i.e. impairment or even absence of different sensations and one of them is pain ) so as simple as this the nerves is not transmitting the pain sensation to the brain to be interperetated The autonomic nervous system is composed of nerves serving the heart,...


Can heart attack or stroke symptoms last more than 2 months (constantly coming and going away)?

A: no, they cannot if you''re having weakness/chest pain/loss of senstaion, any symptom of a heart attack or stroke, it''s something else go to your doctor, but it''s not a heart attack or a stroke, as those will kill you or debilitate you in a matter of hours or days, not months now you COULD theoretically have mini strokes over the course of a few months, but unlikely just go see your doctor Yes, you can have what they call trans eschemic attacks, which are mini strokes, over a peroid of months. With these you will notice numbness or tingling, and possibly weakness or lack of movement in a limb. Get to the doctor right away, as TIA''s are a predictor of a coming...


In regards to heart attacks....?

A: The incidence of heart attacks is greater for males having less than 55 years of age and females less than 65 years. After menopause, females will be having the same incidence of heart attack as that of males. Use of contraceptive pill may cause heart attack. As regards diabetic patients, the heart attack is silent. They know the previous episode of heart attack only when the cardiologist intimates about the same. Women often don''t get the big symptoms, like severe chest pain, and pain or numbness in the left arm. Many men also don''t get...


Steps to be taken for first heart attack immediate?

A: take bayer. really it does help I am narrating finger therapy for immediate prevention of heart attack: Fold ur first finger(index finger) and touch the bottom of ur thumb, now join the middle finger and ring finger i.e. 2nd and 3rd finger and touch the tip of ur thumb to the tip of joined fingers and keep the little finger straight. U can do it for both hands and whether u r lying down or sitting in a chair do it with both hands and if u r sitting then preferably put ur elbow to your sides and ur hands will extend to ur knees. This will 99% prevent the heart attack at least till the time the doctor is available. Alternatively just cut the tip of ur little finger and let it bleed. This is...

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