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Early symptoms of lyme disease? answers (388)

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Is Headache The First Symptom of lyme disease?

A: The first symptom of lyme Disease is a rash at the site of the bite. Since you know you have been bitten, look closely for any reddening or irritation. While headaches are known as a symptom of lyme Disease, headaches are also an everyday ailment. Very few tick bites lead to lyme Disease. Headache is considered among one of the early symptoms of lyme disease. However, this is not conclusive since there are other causes of headache. The first symptom of


What are the signs& symptoms of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted by ticks. Although a tick bite is typically the first sign, the bite is not always apparent.early symptomsThe first symptoms of lyme disease may include a bull''s-eye skin rash, fever, headache, muscle pain and chills....


Is Numbing In The Feet And Hands A Symptom of lyme disease?

A: It can be but it is not one of the early signs.  Numbness of feet is a symptom of several disease like diabetes and you need to have it checked out by you doctor....

Is shivering a symptom of lyme disease in dogs?

A: Yes, dogs can get lyme disease. Alternatively, it may be because they are cold, in fear, in need some more care and reassurance, or sick with some other illness. Please get medical attention for your dog. lyme disease in dogs is very serious and a dog may or may not be able to recover without professional medical help. (If left untreated and your dog recovers, serious complications may develop that will cause your dog to experience miserable and debilitating health problems for the rest of his or her life.) If treated in the early stages, however, most dogs will have a complete recovery from lyme Disease. Meanwhile keep him/her warm and...


What Are the Signs of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is a bacterial disease transmitted by the bite of several United States tick species, including the deer tick, the lone star tick, and the American dog tick. Signs of lyme disease fall into two categories. early lyme disease symptoms follow a pattern of flu-like symptoms accompanied by a rash, while late-stage signs of disseminated lyme disease include fatigue and neurological symptoms. The earliest of the signs of

Are their diferant types of lyme disease?

A: there are different and its very very bad to get. its uncurable. you should research it..wikipedia.com i don''t think so, i think there different stages of it try looking it up @ www.webmd.com they are really great for things like that good luck There are no different types, but symptoms varie from person to person. THis is sort of a tricky question to answer because the term "lyme disease" is only really used in the United States (& Canada). It''s known as LB in Europe & similar terms in other locales around the Northern hemisphere. There are several geno-species of the borrelia ("Borrelia Burgdorferi") that result in


What Are the Different Types of lyme Disease Antibiotics?

A: lyme disease is caused by the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria that live in deer ticks and are passed on to humans via tick bites. symptoms vary, but may include a red bump and rash resembling a bull''s-eye, flu-like symptoms, joint pain, and neurological problems. The different type of lyme disease antibiotics include doxycycline, amoxicillin, and cefuroxime. Possible side effects are nausea, diarrhea, infection, or low white blood cell count. If conventional antibiotics are ineffective, the doctor may recommend herbal antibiotics which have been shown in some studies to effectively treat the disease. Treatment for lyme disease is primarily a...


do i have early symptoms of parkinson''s?

A: Hi,Your symptoms could be due to Fibromyalgia .There may be an associated brain or inner ear pathology leading tothe dizziness and loss of balance .I would suggest you to consult a physician and get a complete medicalexamination done to know the cause . Going for an MRI and consulting a neurologist will be a more specificapproach . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !...

Reoccurrence of lyme disease or a second tick bite?

A: This is an interesting question. According to one of the major national guidelines on lyme disease management (http://www.guideline.gov/summary/summary.aspx?doc_id=48...): ''Persistent lyme disease is more resistant to treatment and more likely to produce a relapse. Although persistent lyme disease may resolve without additional therapy, many experts believe that this condition should be treated with repeated and prolonged antibiotics. Physicians should extend the duration of antibiotics to prevent or delay recurrent and refractory lyme disease.'' ''Despite previous antibiotic treatment, lyme disease has a propensity...


What Are The First Signs of lyme disease?

A: lyme disease is caused by a tick bite.  The first signs a lump with a small scab on the skin surface. A reddish skin rash in a ring shape, may be the only sign of infection. The rash spreads out of a bite after three to 30 days. Other common early symptoms include tiredness, headache, joint pains and flu-like symptoms.  It is important to get to a doctor and get treated with anti-biotics....
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