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What's some emergency first aid tips for gunshot wounds?

A: To seal the wound, the best thing to do would be to pour some diet coke in there until its full and then drop a mentos in afterwards. The reaction from both of these will cause a foam that will help close the wound. And even if it doesn''t help, at least it will be funny to see the explosion. This is as you know a serious situation. You will want to control bleeding by applying pressure with a abdominal gauze pad. If the wound is around the lungs you will want to apply a flutter valve. You can do this by putting a gauze pad wet with sterile saline over the wound and then tape saran wrap tightly on three sides. This way air can escape but not enter the chest causing a pneumothorax. Just control bleeding and get to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible. pressure on the...


An emergency first aid kit should include?

A: An emergency first aid kit should include...


An emergency first aid kit should include

A: Band-aids (different sizes), gauze bandage pads, elastic bandage, a roll of bandage tape, a bottle of hyrdrogen peroxide, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, a bottle of iodine, aspirin and ibuprophen, burn ointment, plastic gloves, calamine lotion, first aid manual, antiseptic wipes, thermometer, antibiotic cream, scissors, flashlight and a list of emergency numbers....


emergency first aid for victim stabbed in the chest, puncturing a lung

A: Martin, She would have the feeling that she could not breath because the lung was punctured. She could have been turned to the effected side to allow blood or any other fluids to drain out. I would not have set her up. She probably did not drown, but bled out from her lung injury.                                      Roger...

What Are the Different Types of first aid Services?

A: There are numerous types of first aid services, ranging from unique disciplines to emergency first aid training. In order to gain first aid certification, training courses must be successfully completed. While first aid certification requirements differ from country to country, most first aid services remain the same. Generally, the term ''first aid services'' can be broken down into two distinct categories: emergency


What Is the Difference Between CPR and first aid?

A: CPR and first aid are definitely related topics. It could be said that first aid is the more general of the two, and training in first aid might include instructions and practice on how to respond to a variety of medical emergencies that could be posing threat to life or to a part of a personís body. One such medical emergency could be cessation of breathing or heartbeat, and the appropriate response in this case might be to administer CPR. Thus CPR can be seen as a type of first aid response. There can be differences in the amount of


What Are first aid Procedures?

A: first aid procedures are medical steps taken to handle minor injuries or sustain victims of severe illness or injury until professional help can arrive. Many jobs require training and certification in first aid procedures in order to provide a safer working environment as well as prepare workers to handle emergencies. first aid can be crucial and even lifesaving in some situations, but is never a substitute for professional medical care. Instances where a person may die before care can arrive often call for careful first aid procedures. Choking, cessation of breathing, cases of poisoning, or...


Explaine the importance of having a first aid traning.?

A: do your own homework!! shame on you!! Believe me the first time you have to use it on someone you really care about, you''ll experience the importance!! Nothing like saving the live of someone you love, just as theirs nothing like seeing the smile on peoples faces when you''ve help one of their loved ones! If you''ve got the time, GO FOR IT!! The other answers are very true. Also first aid training helps you treat yourself in case you are sick or injured. Being a volunteer fire fighter i can tell you that it is very important to have first aid cause you never know when there will be a day that you are first on scene...


When is a business required to have a first aid kit?

A: ........... Are you hiring? Any reputable first aid company could tell you what size you need for the amount of employees you have any business need one even if you have one person work there it is a good idea and tax right off . Contact the American Red Cross for information on the size of the first aid kit and schedule your office for classes on emergancy first aid and cpr. Anyone can save a life if they know what to do I don''t know about requirements per employee - but speaking from experience in my profession (paramedic) I''d say all businesses should have 1 - it''s a tax write off and if someone does get hurt you''ll have equipment in...


What would be the best items to have in a home first aid kit?

A: can''t live without neosporin! The most important thing you can do prior to putting together a first aid kit is getting trained in basic first aid and CPR. There is no point having supplies that you wouldn''t know how to use in case of an emergency. Another important thing is to assess the situation. If it''s a minor incident, then FA kicks in. If you think you may be over your head, then consider seeking medical help. Remember, if the person is facing a LIFE THREATENING emergency, call 9-1-1 first, and then start your FA/CPR efforts. Generally, it is good to have the following basics: Band-

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