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endometriosis after surgery

A: Hi April... So many doctors are still doing hysts for Endo which really frusterates me. It is pretty much common knowledge now that a hyst does not cure Endo. There is another option out there for the menopause symptoms and could also help with the Endo pain. Natural Pogesterone cream. It was actually used for the symptoms of menopause and then it was found out that it also helps with the pain caused by Endo. I am currently using it for my pain and it has helped. Being honest, I would say it has reduced my pain about 25%. Considering how bad my pain is, 25% is a great deal. Most doctors will tell you not to use it, because they don"t make money off it it like they do Lupron and such. Before I decided to go this route I contacted Dr....

endometriosis pain

A: Dear Merritt: Thanks for writing! endometriosis is not "reactivated" by HRT in the sense that people might think...it needs no external hormones to thrive.  Endo implants themselves produce an estrogen-sythesizing enzyme called Aromatase, thereby sustaining their own life cycle.  Therefore, if there are continuing pain and symptoms, it is not necessarily because of the HRT, but because the disease was left behind at the time of your hysterectomy and prior surgeries.  It is a myth that menopause/hysterectomy cures endometriosis; there is no absolute cure, but the best treatment is total removal.  If any disease is left behind, it will persist.  You are not alone in your...

endometriosis/heavy bleeding

A: Hi Rebecca,     Yes, based on your symptoms, it does sound like endo...and yes a lap is the only way to truly diagnose this. I had several interanal exams as well as a lap. My doctor said he could tell from my initial pap that I had it...but the lap really finalized it. I also feel like you have some fibroid activity going on...just based on my past experiences. The heavy bleeding and clotting is a sure sign of that.     I sure hope you can locate a good doctor to treat you.Once you"re diagnosed he/she can begin to help you with all the discomforts that endo can bring.     Take care of yourself. Martha  ...

endometriosis and hsg test

A: Hello, Thanks for joining me on ehealthforum. The HSG test is to see if you tubes are fine or blocked. The Laproscopy is to see whether you have endometriosis or not. Go ahead with the HSG test, if the tubes are fine, and you still continue to have symptoms that suggest endometriosis, then laproscopy will be necessary to look if there are endometriosis implants, and remove them followed with medication therapy. Hope this helps. Take care....


8 laproscopies/D&C/laser removal of endometriosis...

A: Hi, Welcome to ehealthforum. You should consider discussing about treatment with medication to regress the endometrial growths, they are known to help. However they can give your virilising effects (excess hair growth, voice hoarseness, and facial hair ) due to their medication content. These medications will completely knock out your periods until you are on it. The symptoms are also effectively controlled. Visit these links to know more on endometriosis and pain managements options: http://www.endo-resolved.com/pain.html http://www.endometriosispaintreatment.com/ http://www.endometriosis.org/treatment.html http://www.medicinenet.com/endometriosis/article.htm Take...


Ten years ago I was diagnosed at 15 yrs old with endometriosis. Since then I have had 3 abortions2 live births and 6 miscarrages.The pain is just getting worse and so far i have been on everything from lupron, regulardepo, bc pill

A: Hi, it is very sad to say that endometriosis is a condition that cannot always be cured although the symptomscan be adequately relieved to allow the woman to pursue a normal life. symptoms will go away at the time ofthe menopause. It may affect ovaries (form cyst and may reduce fertility), area behind womb (cause pain duringintercourse). Your gynaecologist may recommend such treatments which will be influenced by many thingsincluding your age, the severity of your symptoms, and the severity of the endometriosis and if you wish tohave children in the future or not. Hope this helps....


What is endometriosis?

A: endometriosis is a chronic condition that affects millions of women and girls throughout the world. It is a painful condition wherein the endometrium, the tissue that lines the uterus, attaches itself to areas outside the uterus creating lesions.. Lesions may form in many areas of the body, but some of the more common growths occur on the exterior of the uterus, as well as on the ovaries and fallopian tubes. Other areas include the supporting structures of the uterus, the pelvic cavity lining, the cervix, the vaginal cavity, and the bladder. While lesions can also affect the exterior folds of the vagina and the perineum - the muscle and tissue dense area between the vagina and the rectum - growths in these sites are less common..


endometriosis treatment

A: Dear Dinali,     I really feel for you...as if the endo isn"t enough to suffer with! I recently read and article on adenomomyosis. Please see below: Frequently the moderately enlarged uterus is asymptomatic and no treatment is necessary. Temporary relief of very painful heavy periods can be achieved with GnRH agonists such as Lupron. These medications cause a menopause-like state with complete cessation of ovarian function and menses, causing the abnormal tissue to shrink. This temporary reversible state permits an anemic patient to restore a normal blood count, especially when iron supplements are prescribed. However, GnRH agonists are not easy to tolerate, causing menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes. Other consequences include...

endometriosis can it come back?

A: It very well could be a recurrance of your endometriosis. You need to make an appointment with your doctor as it is impossible to correctly diagnose your condition. I agree with J_9, endometriosis can come back. Please make an appointment with your doctor and explain your symptoms just like you stated here. You need some help and your doctor is the best one to do that for you. Honestly, I don''t think it ever goes away it just goes dormant during certain times (like some medical treatments and pregnancy...) Mine came back fullforce 2 years after the birth of my son (and due to adhesions was miserable during the c-section....they had trouble putting me back together) Best wishes and good luck! Bek Etsy ::...

endometriosis and libido

A: I''ve known several women with endo, and every single one has lost their libido. Painful sex only exacerbates things, so I''d recommend not even trying it if you''re experiencing pain. You may wish to concentrate on alternate forms of sex besides intercourse, which may help renew your interest in intimacy. There are also many support groups on the web for women with endometriosis, and these groups can often provide insight into what women experience with endo and what treatments have worked for others.<P>If you''re not being treated for your endo, and are experiencing all of the symptoms you mention regularly, it''s unlikely your libido will return. Debilitating pain is simply not conducive to a healthy sex drive. There are many...

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