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Does endometriosis cause leg pain?

A: endometriosis, which is a disorder of the female reproductive system, has many varied symptoms. Among these are pelvic bone and lower spinal pain. However, women with endometriosis are much more likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia, both of which can cause severe pain in the limbs and joints.Source:Endo Resolved: endometriosis symptoms...


endometriosis- Mirena and Seasonique

A: Hi. Although one would not normally suggest a double contraception, it is probably justified in your case.Mirena is a third generation IUD and releases a hormone locally, that is used to treat endometriosis. Howeverit might not control a few symptoms and would not have any systemic effects/ side effects. The birth controlpills also help with endometriosis and in symptomatic management and have systemic effects. Hence acombination would be best suited in your case. Hope this helps. Take care....


My wife has endometriosis, and had a cyst burst recently that was causing her sepsis. She went the

A: The common symptoms of endometriosis are dysmenorrheal, heavy or irregular periods, black or brown dischargebefore or after periods, passing clots, bladder and bowel problems and dyspareunia.Brown discharge is a common symptom of endometriosis, but as you partner is just recovering from an attack ofsepsis, it is strongly recommended to get a pelvic examination done by a OB/GYN specialist along with bloodwork to check the status of recovery from infection. Best....


Will endometriosis go away with menopause?

A: For most women, endometriosis will go away after menopause. However, a lot of that depends on how severe the endometriosis is to begin with, and how imbalanced your hormones are when you experience menopause. According to the National Institute of Health, most women will stop having symptoms at menopause because the monthly cycle has stopped. However, taking hormones to treat menopause can, ironically, continue the painful endometriosis cycle. Having a hysterectomy does not even prevent 100% of endometriosis cases. Although not even menopause is a cure for endometriosis, it is a major stopping point for most people suffering from it.. ...


endometriosis pain back a month after surgery?

A: Dear Laura, Thanks for writing.  First, let me say how sorry I am that your pain has recurred, and so quickly at that. Unfortunately, it appears by your experience that your disease was largely left untreated.  I know how extremely upsetting it is for you to now be going through such rapid recurrence. It seems, though well-intentioned I am certain, that your surgeon was inadequately or otherwise ill-equipped to truly and effectively treat your stage 4 disease and corresponding endometriomas through the gold standard of excision.  Hence, failing to thoroughly and meticulously excise all disease from all areas and completely remove the cysts only leaves the patient with residual disease, active endometriomas, and of course, the associated

do you have to show all symptoms??

A: Dear Courtney,   I do not think this problem is related to endometriosis since my daughter and 100"s of women I have talked to here have never had any of this type of discharge... I feel your problem is related to the Bartholin cyst and it is probably infected or if not it sounds like it is time to intervien with getting it taken care of....  There are many treatments for reducing and getting rid of this cyst and you need to get your doctor to start one of them.... thank you,   karen...

endometriosis affecting the sciatic nerve

A: Dear Jodi, Sounds like you"ve been through endo hell on earth. I"m sorry that you experience so much pain and know and understand your pain. Endo has been found in (rare)locations such as kidneys, small intestine, elbow, forearm,thigh, axilla (armpit),heart. It"s possible but rare to have endo on the kidney. The symptoms would include, extreme pain when urinating, and urinating blood- bleeding not associated with menstruation but also urinating blood between periods. They can do a simple x ray to rule out any abnormal growth involving the thigh or kidneys. The pain you"re experiencing in your right hip and lower back is most likely due to endo pressing on the sciatic nerve and is most often aggravated by the back flow of menstrual blood and (clotting). This pain...

endometriosis without pain ?

A: You would like to know whether or not you should do the laparoscopy or not. endometriosis is a condition that appear when cells from the fine uterus endometrial lining grow in unusual and abnormal places such as the ovary, vagina, peritoneum or skin and form a separate lining there. During the menstrual cycle this lining grows and transforms as just the same as the lining in the uterus. If not treated properly endometriosis might cause internal bleeding. In fact, the major symptom of endometriosis is abdominal pain during menstrual bleeding. A laparoscopy is a medical procedure where a thin tube connected with a camera is placed inside your body through your umbilicus. During this procedure, your doctor can see all...


endometriosis detected with an ultrasound

A: How your endometriosis was diagnosed was not indicated. endometriosis is usually detected with an ultrasound but it can be proven only with a laparoscopy with biopsy which is the only secure method. Pain during the menstruation (dysmenorrhea) is the most common symptom of endometriosis. Pain, during and after sex, is also possible, but not so common as dysmenorrhea. You should consult your gynecologist about this....


Birth control pills - are my symptoms normal and will they go away?

A: 15 Jun 2011 Hi dawn I should think the cramping and spotting you are experiencing is due to changing over to a different pill,it should go away once your body gets used to the new pill.When you are taking pills back to back it stops you getting your period but once every few months you might notice some small spotting. That is what i was told by my doc,i have recently come off the depo shot and started taking my pill back to back also to stop my period. Hope this helps Votes:+0CommentVote upReport dawn72 16 Jun 2011thanks are you going on lo loestrin fe? I was on junel before but had really bad migraines Im hoping the lower dose pill will work! dawn72 16 Jun 2011thanks are you going on lo loestrin fe? I was on junel before but had really bad migraines Im hoping the lower dose pill will...

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