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Possible endometriosis?

A: I forgot to mention I also get cold/hot sweats and feel like I''m going to pass out and get super dizzy almost every time.. The cramps are a combination of a knife stabbing pain and a deep deep achy pain.. and the stabbing pain is always worse on the first day and pressure helps control my pain too, if I press on that area with the heating pad then it really helps.. what does that mean? I also get a backache in the lower part of my back every month..I read that''s one of the signs of Endo too I had endometriosis, and it is only discovered through laproscopic (sp.) surgery. It is worth looking into with your doctor. Best of luck. Thanks for the reply! Were your endo. symptoms the same as mine listed above? anyone else have any advice? The...


endometriosis and Acupuncture...?

A: Hi Jam, According to the World Health Organization, acupuncture is known to help with many gynecological conditions such as endometriosis. Acupuncture helps by regulating your menstrual cycle and also reducing the pain and other associated symptoms. Herbal medicine, in conjunction, with acupuncture is also an effective treatment approach. Many herbs have been shown to regulate blood flow and reduce pain. Both acupuncture and herbal medicine are more natural and holistic methods to addressing endometriosis and are a great alternative to taking birth control pills. Acupuncture does not hurt and is often painless. You may feel a slight prick with insertion of the needle but that sensation often goes away quickly. A...


Menstration an effect of endometriosis.

A: Hi Amber, Thank you for writing to me. I would suggest going to a doctor just to be on the safe side and find out about the "pieces of something". This is not a sign of Endo so I wouldn"t be too concerned about that. Although having something coming out of you when menstrating is not something I would consider normal either. It may be of no great concern but it is better to have things checked out. If you start having a lot of pain with your period then I would start looking into an Endo diagnosis. Usually pain is the most common symptom. There have been studies linking Endo and heredity. It is possible but it is not known for sure. So many women have Endo it is hard to tell if it can be passed on from family or not because it is bound to be that a mother and daughter will both...

What What are the symptoms of endometriosis?

A: symptoms could include: Pain Abdominal Pain Pelvic Pain Low Back Pain Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding Lower Abdominal Pain Painful Menstruation Pain With Intercourse Menstrual Irregularity Menstrual Spotting Abdominal Cramps Heavy Menstrual Period Infertility Depression Fatigue Headache Back Pain Nausea Vomiting Gas Dizziness Tired Vaginal Bleeding General Weakness Fertility Problem Muscle Pain Malaise Abdominal Bloating Depressed Mood Pain With Bowel Movement Abdominal Distension, Gaseous...

Hi, I have Underactive thyroid, endometriosis, Ulcerative colitis and Arthritis. I am a 26 year old female who has beendisplaying symptoms of headaches, eye pain, blurred vision, tremors, fatigue, muscle weakness, pins and needles andjoint pain. I have

A: Hi, Most likely your symptoms are due to the underlying diseases you mentioned not because of MS. As there maybe several possibilities, I would suggest you to consult with your doctor to narrow down the diagnosis. Hopethis helps....

Anyone with endometriosis that had no idea until trying to conceive?

A: I have symptoms of my endo, but I know women who have had absolutely no symptoms and had it. Do you know for sure if you have it or do you just suspect it? With no symptoms you''re probably fine! If you have some then don''t wait to talk to your doctor....


3 endometriosis surgeries in a year and a half

A: I don"t see a case here.  I am sympathetic to all you have gone through but where was the negligence? What could the doctor have done differently? At first he wanted to be conservative and not do a bigger surgery than seemed necessary at the time. Eventually he did the TAH that was probably what the situation called for. Again, what more could he do? I was not aware that an endometrial mass can keep growing back so quickly and maybe you are a very rare case. But again, what more could he do? He took everything out that he could and even then, you get another mass. I don"t know enough about endometriosis to know if something more could have been done.  I seem to recall that even a few cells of endometrial tissue if left outside the uterus can grow but is...

could I have endometriosis?

A: Hi Karisa, From reading yor question I would have to say, sure, there is a chance that you could have Endo....painful and irregular periods are symptoms of Endo. Many women who have Endo have no pain at all and only find out they have it when they attempt pregnancy and have problems. The fact that Endo runs so rampidly in your family would also be reason for concern. Endo is not always passed down from mother to child but has been found that if you have a parent or sibling with Endo, your chances to have it are even greater. For your question regarding trying to get pregnant, try an ovulation kit. That will narrow down the times that you are ovulating if you are at all. I would suggest that you get checked out for Endo and also make sure that your tubes...

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endometriosis Board

A: Hello, Maria - I found your post in the "question pool" and wanted to respond in the hopes that I can help.  I suggest visiting http://www.centerforendo.com to learn more about excision surgery, which is the gold standard for disease removal.  As long as endometriosis remains behind in the body, it will continue to cause symptoms; meticulous surgical excision may well bring you the relief you need and deserve.  Do let me know if I can be of further assistance; you can email me anytime. I also recommend http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/erc for support and further information....

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  i have endometriosis and im on the depo-lupron shot. My pain is getting worse,imhaving urine retention,weight gain(tenlbs in one wk) and the urogyn thinks thatthere is something else going on. due to the fact that the shot is supposetostop the pain and

A: Hello and sorry for the late reply. Hope your symptoms are better now. The pain could be due to endometriosis.It could also be due to growths in the uterus like polyps, fibroids and uterine hyperplasia. Will need to ruleout pelvic inflammatory diseases, pregnancy related complications and ovarian cysts. Please discuss theseissues with your primary care physician. Regards....

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