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What is an enzyme supplement?

A: An enzyme is a molecule that acts as a catalyst for some sort of chemical reaction. The vast majority of enzymes are proteins in nature, and virtually all enzymes used as enzyme supplements are proteins. With only a few exceptions, every process that takes place in a living thing requires a specific enzyme to catalyze it, with about four thousand known biochemical reactions across the spectrum of life. enzymes in the human body are responsible for regulating energy levels, cleansing the colon, breaking down fats, keeping cholesterol in check, and keeping the blood pure. While the exact mechanism of


Do Digestive enzyme supplements Work?

A: Digestive enzyme supplements are available in the health food store or pharmacy. They are typically used to improve digestive health by increasing the number of bacteria and enzymes used to break down food into its molecular level. This is a critical part of the digestive process. There are three reasons that people use digestive enzyme supplements: digestive diseases, indigestion, and compromised immune systems. The popularity of these products has increased dramatically in the last ten years due to an increased interest in alternative medicines and supplements. Digestive enzyme supplements...


Digestive enzyme supplements - Are These The Only Hope For My Food Digestion?

A: Most of us at one point in life will definitely suffer by having some form of digestion discomfort, some greater than others. This is why it is vital to seek to keep your digestive system as healthy and balanced as you potentially are able to, mainly with your diet and some routine exercise. Digestive supplements can help too, whether they are the digestive enzyme supplements or one more form of natural supplement. However first let`s study a little more about our digestion system. Digestive enzyme supplements Whilst these supplements are effective, just exactly how successful they are is doubtful. Recent researches...


is peptic ulcer remedy same as digestive enzyme supplement?

A: Natural Cure for Peptic Ulcer Peptic ulcer is a sore on the stomach lining that occurs when the acids and digestive enzymes attack the wall or the protective lining of the stomach. Digestive enzymes are the major cause of peptic ulcer and hence, digestive enzyme supplements or remedies should help in curing peptic ulcer but that's not the case. Peptic ulcers induced by the autoluytic action of gastric juices are worsened by the action of digestive enzymes such as protease. People suffering from peptic ulcers lack the normal gastric mucosa and so these enzymes should be avoided. Some of the other home remedies for peptic ulcers are as...

What Are Vegetarian Digestive enzymes?

A: Vegetarian digestive enzymes are dietary supplements which aid in the digestion of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. They are available in capsule and powdered form, and are usually taken at the beginning of a meal to aid in digestion. These supplements contain only natural extracts that do not contain any animal derivatives, and are safe to be used as vegan supplements. The different types of enzymes used in vegetarian digestive enzymes include lipase, protease and amylase. Many vegetarian digestive enzymes contain natural extracts from fruits and vegetables which help aid in the breakdown of macronutrients. These...


What is enzyme Therapy?

A: enzyme therapy involves the administration of enzymes into the body to treat disease, deficiencies, and other conditions. enzymes are macromolecules that speed up biological processes in the body and work to digest food, cleanse the blood, break down toxins, strengthen the immune system, reduce stress in the pancreas, and build protein muscle. In other words, enzymes make things happen. enzyme therapy, also known as systemic enzyme therapy, is used to treat a variety of conditions. It refers to the process of enzymes flowing through the body, producing beneficial, healing changes. Itís most often used by alternative...


What Are Metabolic enzymes?

A: Metabolic enzymes refer to various substances within the body that carry out a variety of functions. In short, they are a major component in the reproduction and replenishment of cells. These cells are not limited to any specific region of the body, but can include one of many bodily systems and functions.. The pancreas is the primary organ which produces and releases metabolic enzymes into the body. These enzymes are responsible for flushing toxins from the body, for helping to produce energy, and for ensuring the correct function of every organ. One of the most important functions of metabolic enzymes happens within the blood. It is the job of enzymes to process...


Are Digestive enzymes Safe?

A: You`ve probably heard about the need for digestion supplementation, but are digestive enzymes safe for everybody? Well, enzymes for digestion are supposed to help with digestion exactly, so if the body needs them to perform its tasks, they have to be safe. Safe though they are you cannot have too much, and especially not too little of any particular digestive enzyme. Are digestive enzymes safe? Well, lipase, an enzyme needed to break down and metabolize fat, is important, but too much lipase can be indicative of pancreatitis or the presence of stomach tumors that cause the pancreas to enlarge and cause the production of more lipase


What are Proteolytic enzymes?

A: Proteolytic enzymes refer to a group of enzymes that break down long molecules of proteins into shorter pieces that eventually become amino acids. These enzymes work to aid the body in digesting proteins. Proteolytic enzymes are produced naturally in the pancreas but may also be found in certain foods. supplements containing these enzymes may be used to address a variety of health concerns. Papaya and pineapple produce naturally high amounts of bromelain and papain, which are proteolytic enzymes. These enzymes are found naturally in the pancreas, but if digestive problems occur, it may be...


What Are Q10 enzymes?

A: Q10 enzymes are naturally occurring compounds found in every cell in the body. They are fat-soluble and are a vital part of the complex process that produces energy within a cell. This compound is officially referred to as coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), and it is a known antioxidant. Q10 enzymes can be taken like vitamin supplements and are especially popular in Japan. Many studies have been done on the effectiveness of Q10 supplements in treating conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure. Low levels of Q10 enzymes have shown to correlate with instances of heart failure, and the severity of the deficiency also seems to match up with...

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