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Sherrine- exact link for magnesium/malic acid?

A: On Puritan.com, I found one that is called Malic Acid 825 mg. It says that each tablet has 150 mg. magnesium (from Magnesium Malate) and 825 mg. Malic Acid (from Magnesium Malate). Based on those numbers, I figured it was the one Sherrine was talking about. My order just arrived today, so fingers crossed. thanks! I guess I should have looked at that one. I should have waited, but I found a good one on another site. It has both and was only $7 and is all natural. Crushfibro, that is what I take.  It just says ''Malic Acid'' on the bottle but it has easily digested magnesium in it, too.  I hope they help you a lot!  Their price is good, too...3 bottles with 180 pills in each bottle for $18.99.   You can''t beat that! thanks... mine is called Olympians Gold or...


Is there a link between breast cancer and Jewish origin?

A: This page has information about the risk of inheriting a breast cancer gene fault if you have an Ashkenazi Jewish background. There is information on About the Ashkenazi Jewish populationIf you are worried but don''t have an Ashkenazi backgroundFaulty breast cancer genes in generalFaulty breast cancer genes in the Ashkenazi Jewish populationHow much breast cancer genes increase your riskHaving a family history of breast cancerAbout genetic testing for breast cancer About the Ashkenazi Jewish populationAshkenazi Jewish people live all over the world now. But they originally came from northern and eastern Europe, mainly from regions in Germany, Russia and Poland. In the UK and America, most of the Jewish population are Ashkenazi. If you are worried but don''t have an Ashkenazi backgroundIf...

What exactly is Adiposis Dolorosa, also known as Dercum Disease?

A: This is a rare disorder which occurs in adults. More women than men are affected by it. It causes subcutaneous (below the skin) lipomas (fatty tissue growth) to appear on the trunk and the upper arms and legs. The lumps can often be painful, possibly caused by pressure on nerves. Some associated side effects may be weight gain, depression and lethargy. There is no known cause of Dercumís disease. The disease is chronic, often very painful to the point of incapacitation. It was first described by Francis X Dercum in 1892. Here is a link with a lot of information on the disease and many links with further information. I hope that if this is what your family member has, he/she will get to the right doctor for the best help....


What Is the link Between Prozac and Suicide?

A: Studies have found that there is a link between Prozac and suicide in patients under the age of 25. While the exact reason for this increase in suicidal thoughts or tendencies is still unknown, the connection between Prozac and suicide has earned the drug, generically known as fluoxetine, the most serious warning label awarded to prescription drugs. Prozac is nonetheless considered by many health professionals to be one of the best medications for children over 8 years old. This connection does, however, require that young patients taking this selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI) be closely monitored, especially during the first four to six weeks of treatment. Several studies have been conducted on patients 24 years and younger...


What exactly is a portion?

A: I don''t know about “statutory” requirements, but the diet where I lost 80 lbs says 1 Cup equals a serving, except lettuce is 3 cups. As for dried fruits, they discouraged them because the calories are so concentrated that you end up with a lot of sugars and not a lot of volume for your calories. Better to have canned (without sugar) than dried, and best to have fresh or frozen. Best if you grab a website or tool that spells it all out as each fruit/ veggie is different. I wish I could remember the source, but I once read or heard that about the size of your fist is good for most fruits and veggies. Lettuce is pretty low cal, so I didn''t worry if I did more of it. When I do nuts, it''s a handful. For any packaged foods I just read the label. You might try looking up the RACC...


Is there a link between television and attention deficit disorder in children?

A: According to some, yes: http://www.whitedot.org/issue/iss_story.asp?slug=ADHD%20Toddlers . But, I would also put money on a correlation between the amount of prescription drugs available for ADD and diagnoses of ADD. I never even heard of ADD when I was a child, they just called it “being a child”, and I had tv as a child (I''m not THAT old). But nowadays it seems there has to be a name for everything. Everything is a disorder nowadays. I actually saw an article in the newspaper detailing how a guy was being defended on murder charges due to a narcisstic disorder. I mean please people. Take a little responsiblity for yourself here. But, I digress… I think that television is one of the few things that can help an ADHD patient focus. The compulson to watch TV is an attempt...


My one year old will have to get the shots form the MMR and tentus...isnt the MMR linked to autism?

A: I have 2 sons with autism - both at the high functioning level. I didn''t know anything about autism when my older son (now age 7) received the MMR vaccination, but I did a lot of research before my younger son (now age 2 1/2) was vaccinated. From what I''ve read, there really is no link between the MMR vaccination and autism. Children oftentimes first manifest the symptoms of autism at around the same age (18 months or so) as when the MMR is given but nothing I''ve read indicates that there is a cause and effect relationship. Also, there was a concern about mercury used as a preservative for the vaccines, but that is largely moot now as it is no longer used. Just to be safe, I would check with your pediatrician to make sure that mercury isn''t being used in the...


How does a pain reliever like aspirin or Tylenol know where exactly to relieve the pain?

A: That is an absolute great question, I wish I knew the answer to that one. here''s a really simple way to understand how it works Your whole system will be "treated", because the Aspirin enters the blood flow, thus targeting the troubled areas of the body. Aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid is a drug in the family of salicylates, often used as an analgesic (against minor pains and aches), antipyretic (against fever), and anti-inflammatory. It has also an anticoagulant ("blood-thinning") effect and is used in long-term low-doses to prevent heart attacks. Low-dose long-term aspirin irreversibly blocks formation of thromboxane A2 in platelets, producing an inhibitory effect on platelet aggregation, and this blood-thinning property makes it useful for reducing the incidence of...


My husband had an affair. His mistress has told me she has HPV. What exactly is it?

A: Human Papaloma Virus...I may have the middle word mispelled. I''m a guy so I don''t know a lot about this. The only DNC I''m aware of is the Demonratic National Committee. It''s full of a bunch of lunatics but I won''t bother to explain that at this juncture. I have hpv, and it''s a form of the herpes virus that can cause a woman to develop cervical cancer. There is no cure, but there is a vaccine for it now, but that does you no good if you already have it. 80% of the population has it and has no idea. I did get cervical cancer from this at the age of 29 , so I had surgery to remove the cells then got preg two more times because I knew my time was running out for having kids. It did come back when I was preg with the last one, and needless to say I no longer have a uterus or a cervix. I...


What exactly causes cancer?

A: When the part of your body (which gets cancer) dies. It basicly just lets go. it gives up so it begins to act differently and it gets cancer on it. Cancer is mainly tumors but even when not, its like a liquid that just keeps on getting bigger and if it gets onto any other part of the body it will affect it aswel. If you have cancer in your leg, the only option is to cut your leg off. If even the tiniest ammouht escapes and goes into your body, you''re not going to get rid of it. no this is cells with in your body that in some people develop into full blow en cancer they know things that may cause this eg smoking but in most cases they don''t know yet that is my interpretation anyway no virus, no external infection, nothing enters your body to cause it. It''s when your cells rapidly...

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