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What Is Wilderness first aid?

A: Many people love to get away from it all. In fact they get so far away that they remove themselves from areas where they could get swift medical help if it were needed. While trekking into the wilderness may be an experience that feeds the spirit, it also needs to be undertaken with considerable thought. This is where the topic of wilderness first aid enters into the picture. Wilderness first aid is both the learning and practice of medical care tactics in environments of varying types that are far from traditional medical aid sources. It is always important when heading to areas cut off from the majority of civilization to understand how to perform some basic


What Are the Different first aid Techniques?

A: first aid techniques are those used in the process of administering temporary medical aid until professional care can be sought, or the patient''s condition improves. The techniques used are mainly dependent upon the type of emergency that is presented. Major medical issues such as choking, cardiac arrest, and broken bones all require the use of different first aid techniques, as do minor irritations such as cuts, insect bites, and minor burns. The standard first aid technique used for cardiac arrest is known as cardiopulmonary respiration (CPR). This technique involves both breathing for the afflicted individual, and...


first aid Cabinets

A: Hi Fran, This is a great question that has been the buzz for several years. The short answer is that OSHA does not list medications of any kind to be put in a kit. The exact wording is: first-aid Kits (Mandatory). - 1910.266 App A Regulations (Standards - 29 CFR) - Table of Contents ? Part Number:   1910 ? Part Title:   Occupational Safety and Health Standards ? Subpart:   R ? Subpart Title:   Special Industries ? Standard Number:   1910.266 App A ? Title:   first-aid Kits (Mandatory).    The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of first-

What are important first aid supplies that every home should have?

A: The most important thing you can do prior to putting together a first aid kit is getting trained in basic first aid and CPR. There is no point having supplies that you wouldn''t know how to use in case of an emergency. Another important thing is to assess the situation. If it''s a minor incident, then FA kicks in. If you think you may be over your head, then consider seeking medical help. Remember, if the person is facing a LIFE THREATENING emergency, call 9-1-1 first, and then start your FA/CPR efforts. Generally, it is good to have the following basics: Band-aid of various sizes; Gauze - both the flat square kind for covering wounds and...


What's some emergency first aid tips for gunshot wounds?

A: To seal the wound, the best thing to do would be to pour some diet coke in there until its full and then drop a mentos in afterwards. The reaction from both of these will cause a foam that will help close the wound. And even if it doesn''t help, at least it will be funny to see the explosion. This is as you know a serious situation. You will want to control bleeding by applying pressure with a abdominal gauze pad. If the wound is around the lungs you will want to apply a flutter valve. You can do this by putting a gauze pad wet with sterile saline over the wound and then tape saran wrap tightly on three sides. This way air can escape but not enter the chest causing a pneumothorax. Just control bleeding and get to the nearest medical facility as soon as possible. pressure on the...


first aid?

A: Here in the US the Red Cross and YMCA teach first aid classes like those you mention. Additionally, as a young man, I can remember being in the boy scouts. I know it sounds corney, but I learned SO much, including first-aid. Good luck! Check with your local Red Cross chapter. Hi I am a member of St John Ambulance, so of course there is only that organisation that I am going to recommend to you. If you are truly interested in first aid, then why not look on the website and find a Division that is near to where you live. You only give them as much of your time as you can spare and for that you will get free training in all aspects of


Is first aid training necessary to provide help in rescue operation?

A: To all those who responded by bringing up the possibility of lawsuits.....the good Samaritan law protects you from those. The fire department does not "chase you from the scene" because of better liability protection...we do so because #1 we work with each other on a daily basis and know what we''re each capable of and know what our certifications are #2 many times civilians do not know know the local protocols for patient care #3 often they are more hindrance than help and may actually harm the patient #4 they aren''t familiar with our equipment (where it is, how it''s used) Yes, you can help if there is a disaster. When trained professionals arrive they will take over patient care but may ask for your help. As long as you do as they direct the good Samaritan law will protect...


What Should be in a first aid Kit?

A: Injuries can happen at home or away from home at any time whether during an auto accident, in the event of a natural disaster, or as a result of other threats. If so, it is important to have a fully-stocked first aid kit readily available. One first aid kit must always remain in the home, and the other first aid kit is perfect for the car. The first aid kit for the home should be in a clean, large container that is simple to open and easy to transport. If it is too bulky or too hard to open, it could be detrimental if a significant injury occurs. By having it be large and roomy, it is easy...


What Should be in an Office first aid Kit?

A: Office environments do not usually engender serious accidents, so stocking an office first aid kit is not difficult. When stocking a first aid kit for the office, concentrate on what people are going to need most often. Office injuries are usually minor, including paper cuts, steam burns from the microwave, an occasional scalding from the office coffee pot and the like. What will be needed most often are over-the-counter medications and small personal grooming instruments such as tweezers. Medical items in the first aid kit should include: latex-free adhesive bandages in various sizes, antibiotic ointment, isopropyl alcohol, hydrogen...


What is the ABC of first aid?

A: The ABC of first aid is a mnemonic designed to help people remember how to respond to an emergency situation in which someone is injured. Numerous other mnemonics and variants on the ABC of first aid exist, but it is probably the most useful one for lay people to remember. The letters stand for Airway, Breathing, and Circulation, also referred to as the vital signs. If all of the vital signs are monitored and addressed, a patient has a much better chance of surviving until trained help arrives. Some emergency services prefer the variant DRABC, to remind people to check for danger in a situation before assisting someone. The DR stands for Danger and Response, and means that people should

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