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How to Make a first aid Kit in 5 Steps

A: You already know how important first aid can be to provide initial treatment in case of accidents or falling ill. In addition to your knowledge having a well stocked first aid kit can prove to be extremely useful. You can either purchase readymade kits from stores or can make one to include all the list of medicines as approved by the Red Cross. Alternatively you customize a kit to suit your own particular needs. The following 5 steps will guide you build a first aid kit for yourself. * Container: You must choose a suitably sized sturdy plastic container which must be waterproof to protect its contents should it get wet. Choose one that will...


2 Important Points For Women Who Want To Learn first aid Training

A: first aid training should be an important component basic staff care in a business environment, but it is all too often side lined and not seen as the necessity it is. In today`s modern world of stress and strains related to having to care for your family while still going out to earn a salary, of having to meet deadlines and of having to find time out from the workplace for errands and even down time (rest and relaxation), not to mention spouse and children and other fam time, there are so many instances where employees simply cannot go on and succumb to various medical complaints. The result is that various medical emergencies take place in offices, stores and factories and other places, countrywide, with an enormous number of symptoms...


Do You Need first aid Training?

A: Medical emergencies can arise anywhere, at anytime and to anyone. And during such situations, it feels good to be useful. These days, a lot of people are signing up for first aid courses. Awareness of the basic medical aid is proving to be very helpful. But for some, it is a part of their job, a necessity. Check and find out if you are required to be trained in first aid procedures as a part of your job. 1. If you work with children Children, babies, young people, they are all very susceptible to injuries and come under a high risk crowd. It is mandatory for teachers and caretakers in daycare centers, schools, colleges and hostels to have a good training in providing...


How to Recognize and Provide first aid for Bone Fractures

A: The word fracture means to become broken. In the true sense of the word, a fracture and a break of a bone are the same thing. There are different kinds of fractures that one can sustain but the first aid treatment for each is about the same. The most common place for a fracture is in the extremities. The arm or leg is most the susceptible area and a break occurs most often in men under 45 or women over 45 years of age. The reasons are that there are more men in sports and physical labor jobs. In women, when they enter menopause, the body stops producing estrogen, which weakens bone density as bone loss increases. Types of Fractures There are many types of fractures that require first aid.


first aid kit locations

A: Subject: first-aid Kit Locations Question: In my workplace they lock the first-aid kit in a room where only two people have the key and you have to walk around to find them to open this room.  Is this legal? Answer:  Short response, locking away the kit is probably not.  The following is from ?The supplies must be adequate, should reflect the kinds of injuries that occur, and must be stored in an area where they are readily available for emergency access.?  Now what is ?readily available for emergency access? and what specifically does it mean?  In my book, locked in a room accessible only by finding the person with the key is not ?readily available?....

Are the New CPR Guidelines for first aid Training Necessary?

A: Are the New CPR guidelines for first aid Training necessary? DRS ABCD Check for dangerCheck for responseSEND FOR HELPOpen the airwayCheck breathingGive 30 chest compressionsAttach an AED (defibrillator) As a first aid trainer, I wish I had a dollar for every time someone asked me has CPR changed since the last time they completed a CPR course. Most people who come to our one day first aid courses believe CPR continually changes! Now whether this is an inconsistency amongst trainers I cannot be sure, as each time I have attended a CPR course they appear to be consistent, or maybe people don''t renew their CPR qualification as often as they...


How To Conduct Secondary Survey of the Head: first aid

A: Fundamentally, first aid is a medical intervention that trained emergency rescue personnel perform on people with physical conditions that may need immediate treatment. When an individual suffers an accident, first aid is practiced. After applying the immediate first aid as required, the next step is to conduct a secondary survey. A secondary survey focuses on monitoring the patient. This monitoring process is normally done to assess the injuries sustained. The secondary survey focuses on the vital parts of the injured person. In this article, we will discuss the manner of conducting a secondary survey of a patientís head during


Could anyone give me sites where i can learn all types of first-aid?

A: check out the American Red Cross. 6.11.06 Could Anyone Give Me Sites Where I Can Learn All Types Of first-aid? I am giving you one of the sites where you can learn all types of first-aid http://learnandimprove.esmartdesign.com/ Please contact me if you need any further information. webmd.com yahoo! health AOL health google http://www.firstaid.com, an internet source is the best to get into that field firstaid.com i dont know try it the best thing to do is take a first aid class, but you will be suprised on how lmited yoru informaton is going to...


Could someone help me acquire a decent first aid kit please?

A: I would also say the red cross website as you know any profit will be spent in a decent way, Either that or make up one of your own ,mine is in a plastic kitchen tub. you will need wipes, plasters, gauze, tweezers, gloves(if any one else needs treatment) thermometer, safety pins, sterile dressings, bandages, tape. I can''t think of anything else off the top of my head. Go to Boots the Chemists, they always stock first aid kits I would think that most larger drugstores would probably carry them already assembled. If you would like to make one yourself, here''s a good site with information. http://www.essortment.com/all/firstaidkites_rsfx.htm I would definitely make your own - that way you can...


Every individual must be trained in first aid(CPR)..it can save one Life..do u agree?

A: I have to very strongly disagree. As a paramedic I have been in a position to "save a life" with CPR on numerous occasions. This includes not only CPR but a high tech airway, drugs and a defibrillator. I have NEVER saved a life in the field. I have witnessed a save in the ER when all this high tech treatment was applied immediately and under the right circumstances but that was on a single occasion. Check the statistics. Only 2% of heart attack victims are saved by CPR and when they are it is usually because the heart stopped as the result of an outside force and not from heart disease. The patient also is in a younger healthier age group. Sorry, but this whole CPR thing is a lot of hype. An don''t be fooled with the AED thing either. It only works for certain conditions and...

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