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What should I have in a first aid kit for my home, car, and purse?

A: Just go to Walmart and buy their first aid kit. It will have everything you need. Most kits comes with the essentials needed. Check with your local Ambulance Service and they will be able to advise you more. Anything really serious, unless you have a certain life threatening condition, should acquire medical help. By life threatening I mean allergic to bee stings and such things. The bigger the kit, the more you get. Purse, band-aid and Aspirin. Hope you find what''s best for your needs. flashlight,batteries, bandaid, disinfectant, gouse pads, snacks, jack, can opener, screw driver, pepper mase, phone card(need to refill regurlary), extra cash, picture or ide, gloves,water,dust mask, moist...


What are the first aid for fracture?

A: rest, immobilization by splinting, cold compress, and elevation of the affected area. You immobilize the fracture with a splint and check for circulation by pinching part of the appendage and asking the victim if they can feel, then look and see if blood returns to the capillaries after you are done pinching the appendage. You should take a first aid class; because, it has not been to long since I have taken one and I am a lot foggy. You hardly ever use first aid in every day life but if you need first aid it would be nice to have the confidence in knowing that you have just recently went through first


How To Overcome Emotional Stress From Providing first aid

A: People are emotional beings. With that said, if you are an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) nurse, or any other kind of first aid caregiver, there are emotional hazards of which you may not yet be aware. Emotional stress can wreak a lot of havoc on a person before they even realize what is going on. A traumatic experience is a shared experience between the injured victim and the caregiver. If you have ever had to administer first aid at the scene of a major accident, you know to what I am referring. It is not easy to see a fellow human being suffering from the result of an accident. Often, the circumstances are tragic and confusing and it is your job to provide not...


first aid ABCDE, what does it mean?

A: ABCDE = Airway, Breathing, Circulation, (D = Deformities, disabilities or defibrillation. E =Emotions, environment, escaping air or expose and examine) The first three are the most important and have been around for more that 30 years.Nearly all first aid organisations use ABC. As you can see different groups have produced a number of different D+E options. ABC are the the 3 that matter most, fail with them and the patient is deceased. So ABC are the most commnoly known A=airway If the patient''s airway is blocked, oxygen cannot reach the lungs and so cannot be transported round the body in the blood. Ensuring a clear airway is the first step in treating any patient. Common problems with...


What Are the Best Tips for Snake Bite first aid?

A: The best tips for snake bite first aid are typically the same whether a person was bitten by a poisonous or non-poisonous snake. Initially, the first thing that should be done is to calm down and reassure the bitten person, because panic can actually cause any venom that was injected to spread faster through the bloodstream. It''s also a good idea for a person to try to get a good look at the snake that did the biting. If a doctor knows what kind of snake a person was bitten by, she can better determine what type of antidote should be used to treat the bite. Another beneficial snake bite first aid tip is to remove any tight clothing that may be covering the bite,...


How Do I Give Proper Burn first aid?

A: Treating a burn victim can be a frightening experience, but it''s important to stay calm and act quickly. Learning how to give proper burn first aid can be critical in determining the amount of scarring there will be and possibly the survival of the burn victim. Since a burn is an open wound, proper first aid and immediate medical treatment is extremely important to prevent infections that can lead to more serious problems. Burns can be from electrical, thermal, chemical, or radiant sources. Thermal burns are caused by heat, flames, hot objects, or steam. Electrical burns are caused by electrical current passing through the body. Chemical burns are caused by contact with chemicals such as...


first aid.?

A: no alot of good people put good advice like myself it its somebad i put call 911 and get to the hospital. my uncle is paramedic and firefighter so use the stuff he tells me For snake bites, cut and tourniquet are obsolete?... Come on... poison will spread quickly without tourniquet. Fro some advise on first aid...go to; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/first_aid If people are stupid enough to get medical advice from the yahoo answers, than take a trip to the emergency room. The choice is up to them. As Bill Engval would say... Theres your sign. The advice given in the first aid forums is just as good and bad as it is in...


Does anyone know what is the basic first aid procedures for a given common injury in a given animal ?

A: You don''t say what given injury in what given animal! Basic first aid principles would be ABC - i.e. airway, breathing and circulation. I imagine the same applies to any animal. Sorry are you asking a question, in code?? first of all you would need to tell us the injury and the animal. A dog with a cut paw would need different treatment to a mouse who''s had a stroke Never put your hand in the mouth of a great white shark nursing a wobbly tooth! canyou please explain the quetion a little better Human or animal - in any emergency, life means breathing, the heart beating and any bleeding stopped. Those are the basics of first aid. If it is an internal injury and u...


When is a business required to have a first aid kit?

A: ........... Are you hiring? Any reputable first aid company could tell you what size you need for the amount of employees you have any business need one even if you have one person work there it is a good idea and tax right off . Contact the American Red Cross for information on the size of the first aid kit and schedule your office for classes on emergancy first aid and cpr. Anyone can save a life if they know what to do I don''t know about requirements per employee - but speaking from experience in my profession (paramedic) I''d say all businesses should have 1 - it''s a tax write off and if someone does get hurt you''ll have equipment in...


Any idea where I can send sterile but out of date first aid dressings? Any charities or similar?

A: basically once out of date they are not considered fit for use. Give them to St john or the red cross and they can use them for training purposes They are never "Out of Date" You can sprinkle alcohol on them to boost the sterilent. Not what you are thinking but whjat about red cross or a college that teaches care / nursing. They would be ideal to practice first aid as they would not need to be sterile. You could also offer them on freecycle. Iraq for the soldiers to use. If they truly don''t deteriorate, maybe Doctors Without Borders would accept them. Try contacting your local hospital or pharmacy. A lot of hospitals and pharmacies pack the outdated supplies that they have and ship them to third world countries. Some nursing...

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