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Save a future thumb -- help me assemble a first aid kit for my husband''s woodshop.

A: You should start by following the guide-lines that OSHA sets for construction workers first aid kits. Here is a basic OSHA first-aid guide Here is OSHA recommendations for what should be in a first kit...


Do you have a home first aid kit?

A: I keep an assortment of first aid tools around the house. These items include a first aid mask, Ace wrap bandages, drugs of some sorts (the legal kind) and the other usual items. Just as a suggestion, you might want to consider a first aid kit for your car before anything else. You`re more likely to be injured out and about, and especially while driving.. YES!! I believe that everyone should. You never know when you will need one. Keep one in your car, house, garage, office (if you have one), etc.. I need to! I can only use latex bandaids so I`m always struggling to find them when I need them. I think in a


basic first aid list

A:  Hi, not sure where you are but in Australia, you an buy a first aid book from the Post Office with a magnet back, its got most emergancies in it: CPR, spider bites, snake bites, burns, choking etc... Hope that helps, when things like that happen to your babies, all commonsense flies out the window! I have 4 babies and I have mellowed out since the 1st two bubs but I would get hysterical whenever they were in harms way. Luckily, their father is more together then I am and only gets hysterical on the inside! lol Hope she''s doin alright. Peace, Hannah The last first aid course I did last year was Basic Emergency Life Support (DECS) Course (BELS) for short anyway after training they gave...


first aid Recovery time

A: Good day, Frankly, without knowing what aspect of first aid you are referring to, and due to all of the factors that could potentially be involved in a first aid scenario, this question would be nearly impossible to answer.   Additionally, I do not believe (or I am unaware of) any clinical studies that would be able to adequately answer this question, either. Therefore, I fear that I am not able to give you a thorough, statistically relevant answer on this question. Thanks, Stephen...

Treating Bullet wound using first aid kit.

A: Randy, Thanks!  Interesting question.  As a general rule there is no indication to remove a bullet in first aid.  In the operating room, under very controlled circumstances, bullets and fragments are removed for numerous reasons, but mostly surgery"s goal is to stop bleeding and repair damage.  A stable bullet is basically a sterile object due to the heat created by the friction of the firing process, and the incredible speed bullets usually travel.  In fact they many times self-cauterize, stopping the bleeding by the burns they create. Back to you question....  I assume that you mean he was shot in the left side of the abdomen, in which case there is absolutely no reason to try to remove a bullet....

Do you have a first aid kit in your car? Have you considered getting one?

A: In our car we have not only a first aid kit, but also an emergency survival kit. It has about three days worth of food and water for two people and two dogs, matches and a candle for lighting a fire if needed for warmth, playing cards so we don''t get bored, a compass, pencil and paper in case we need to leave a note at our car and hike to find help, toilet paper, a wash cloth, and other stuff I am probably forgetting. It all fits in a daypack, except for the water. That we rotate every week with water in the house that we also keep for emergencies. We fill empty 2 liter soda bottles from the tap. We live in the desert, so it would be silly for us not to at least keep an emergency water supply in the car. More important even than the


first aid notice?

A: your first aider is and there are locate here with telephone number by the side of there names, and there the first aid kit is. Billie RDN,ILS,FAI This depends where in the world you are. If you are in the UK, please reply and I can give you further guidance, as there is a specific template required by HSE. If you are not from the UK; you will need to check with your local government or Health/Safety Advisor as there may be a specific style that is required (so it is easily recognised). You can ususally buy templates and signs from any sort of Health/Safety and Workplace companies/magazines. Tom There are a number of commercially available notices tha tallow for a named person and loation of...


What should I keep in a first aid kit?

A: Keeping a stocked first aid kit is key to treating injuries early. Make your first aid kit portable, so you can store it in your backpack or in the back of the car. Take care to label everything carefully and clearly. Carry plenty of insect repellant and sunscreen, as you will use these all the time. Increased blood flow to the skin during pregnancy causes that characteristic glow, but it also makes you more likely to burn and more susceptible to insect bites. Your first aid kit should also include some basic treatment gear, including pregnancy-safe medications in case you feel ill (such as with nausea, motion sickness or diarrhea) and wound...


At what age do you teach a child about first aid basics, or is it possible to teach them at all?

A: I think at the age of 6-7 children are ready to absorb such things. You do not have to tell them this is "first aid" and no need to tell them about any firs aid medicine. And start telling them about commonly found children injuries. Like if some child falls from a high wall there could be chances that he or would have broken some bone of led or arm. And if any your friend is caught in such a situation should help him to lay properly and in natural position.. That is you have to give them knowledge in informal way in a story like method. And at the age of 10 or 11 there are proper first aid courses for children in different countries. You now get them admitted to...


first aid for oil,steam,and fire burn victims

A: Hi Balaguru, This is a little beyond the scope of this forum, but let"s cover the high ponts of Emergency Medical Technician level first Responder care. For any burn the first priority is always "STOP THE BURNING." This means two things: Remove the victim from the heat and/or cool the area burned. Cooling the area burned means cool CLEAN water. It does NOT mean ice, as this can actually do more damage than good! If the burn is chemical/corrosive in nature dry chemicals should be brushed away and them flooded with cool water. In most cases rapid high volumes of water is better than attempting to neutralize acids with bases or vice versa. Next is "Protect The Burn." What we mean here is any open burn is very vulnerable to infection...
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