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About first Aid?

A: Lots of good advise from several about what to take. There usually are others in an area that teach first aid and CPR other than Red Cross. Trauma with what you claim you are your going to have a hard time passing if you cant spell any better than you did in your answer The red cross offers first aid and cpr classes. I suggest you call your local chapter and inquire as to when the next class is scheduled for. first aid is done in slightly different ways in different countries so my first reccomendation would be to go do a first aid course! They are well worth it. do not do cpr or stop to help some one if you do not no what your doing in less your the only one around...


What Are the Different Types of first Aid Items?

A: Most people have had the need for a little first aid at one time or another. There are many different types of first aid items available, and one of the easiest ways to get all of the necessary ones is to get a first aid kit. first aid kits vary in what they include, but a few first aid supplies are common in most kits. Along with first aid information and training, first aid items can also be invaluable. There are many different options of first aid kits available. While some include only the most basic of first aid items, others can be quite comprehensive....


What Are the Different Types of first Aid Services?

A: There are numerous types of first aid services, ranging from unique disciplines to emergency first aid training. In order to gain first aid certification, training courses must be successfully completed. While first aid certification requirements differ from country to country, most first aid services remain the same. Generally, the term ''first aid services'' can be broken down into two distinct categories: emergency first aid and non-emergency first aid. Emergency first aid is applied when a person''s life is in danger. Airway obstruction, anaphylactic shock, broken...


What Is a first Aid Card?

A: People use the term “first aid card” to refer to two slightly different things, both of which are related to first aid. In the first sense, a first aid card is a certification card which indicates that someone has received first aid training. In the second sense, the card is an instructional card which includes basic first aid techniques. People carry instructional cards so that they can use them to refresh their skills before providing first aid, to ensure that they act appropriately for the given situation. These cards are also used as study aids by people taking


What would be the best items to have in a home first aid kit?

A: can''t live without neosporin! The most important thing you can do prior to putting together a first aid kit is getting trained in basic first Aid and CPR. There is no point having supplies that you wouldn''t know how to use in case of an emergency. Another important thing is to assess the situation. If it''s a minor incident, then FA kicks in. If you think you may be over your head, then consider seeking medical help. Remember, if the person is facing a LIFE THREATENING emergency, call 9-1-1 first, and then start your FA/CPR efforts. Generally, it is good to have the following basics: Band-aid of various sizes; Gauze - both the flat square kind for covering wounds and a roll of gauze for wrapping purposes;...


What Is Industrial first Aid?

A: Industrial first aid is an approach to first aid which focuses on medical emergencies which can be found in industrial settings. People who provide emergency medical response in such settings often learn industrial first aid as part of their training. This can include on-call nurses who work in factories, emergency medical responders such as paramedics, and supervisors who may be first on the scene of an injury. Since every second counts when it comes to catastrophic injuries, companies are encouraged to provide training in industrial first aid to as many employees as possible, and they may even be rewarded for a particularly good first aid...


What Is Advanced first Aid?

A: Advanced first aid is a combination of training, techniques, and knowledge of equipment required to administer immediate care for a person who has been afflicted by any number of illnesses or injuries. While the term first aid can apply to the same characteristics, advanced first aid will typically require a higher level of training, as well as the use of more specialized equipment. In some instances, advanced first aid must be used on a person simply to prevent further complications from a problem until professionals can assist. Other situations, however, require immediate life-saving first aid techniques that, if not applied, will most certainly result in the death...


What Are first Aid Procedures?

A: first aid procedures are medical steps taken to handle minor injuries or sustain victims of severe illness or injury until professional help can arrive. Many jobs require training and certification in first aid procedures in order to provide a safer working environment as well as prepare workers to handle emergencies. first aid can be crucial and even lifesaving in some situations, but is never a substitute for professional medical care. Instances where a person may die before care can arrive often call for careful first aid procedures. Choking, cessation of breathing, cases of poisoning, or excessive bleeding can all require immediate care. Common first aid...


What Is a first Aid Team?

A: A first aid team is an organized group of people who arrive at the site of an emergency, such as a house fire, or a natural disaster, and offer timely assistance and preliminary medical care. The first aid crew could be affiliated with the fire department of a city or a professional organization that provides trained first aid personnel for public events. The first aid team may be composed of volunteers from the community or a group of employees could form such a unit for workplace emergencies. The team’s responsibilities include finding those affected, treating them for minor injuries, and helping those who are severely injured get to a hospital. Typically, individuals who are part of the...


osha first aid kits in the dental office

A: Tina, first let me say congratulations on your new assignment!  Secondly let me say, please do not fall for any sales job from anyone trying to sell you an "OSHA Approved" first aid kit. This is because 1) OSHA never approves anything and 2) they have never stated what they expect to see in first aid kits in specific work settings, much less a dentist office.  I can provide you with a listing of required contents for 1st aid kits on a logging operation.  OSHA has specifically stated that the folowing supplies must be available on this type of jobsite.  Here"s what they say in 1910.266: The following list sets forth the minimally acceptable number and type of
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